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Targets are those end goals being sought price, cost, quality, specific logistics details, order cycle times, time to market, etc. Means types of measures are those manageable sub-component activities that add up to accomplishing targets. For example, an order cycle time target has within it a transportation transit time as a means measure.

A common fault here is to over-require means measurements of suppliers. A simpler approach is to expect the supplier to perform to certain end goal targets. Whether target or means measures are used, stakeholders have specific ones that impact their performance and that of their groups. What type of relationship will work toward that? What do you need to measure to assure that it will happen? These define the roles.

Some key issues here are: To the left are activities common in basic sourcing. As the needs from suppliers increase, so do the needs to measure, control and develop the supplier in overall supply assurance.

The increased, more hands-on SRM needs are shown as the relationship moves to the right, with medium and more advanced levels of interaction. Where to Go With It? SRM is often a part of the rollout of strategic sourcing. Here, it can be the management and leadership end of working with strategic suppliers or ones that are preferred or simply transactional see footnote. Each SRM initiative is about determining and communicating needs and expectations to a supplier, measuring performance, and invoking actions for compliance.

In the end, SRM is about categorizing the supply and markets of products and services and following through with how to interact with the selected suppliers to meet measurable performance goals. SRM is about identifying and measuring suppliers via oversight, measurement and management.

Much closer collaborative supplier relationships are more two-way, involving suppliers that possess capabilities the buying company does not have yet strategically needs and wants.

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These are found with above-listed relationship numbers 7, 8 and 9. Many CPOs cite that the cost and time involved in strategic relationships allow no more than about 25 of them. Alopecia areata, black dots, dermoscopy, tapering hair, yellow dots How to cite this article: Utility of dermoscopy in alopecia areata.

Indian J Dermatol ; However, in some cases, the clinical diagnosis may not be straightforward, and in such cases, invasive punch biopsy techniques are often required, which are frequently not well accepted by patients, especially children.

Recent studies have shown that dermoscopy can be a useful tool for the clinical diagnosis of AA by the presence of cadaverized hairs black dotsexclamation mark hairs tapering hairsbroken hairs, yellow dots and clustered short vellus hairs in the hair loss areas. Materials and Methods Dermoscopic analysis of AA was carried out in 66 patients. Diagnosis of AA was clinically established and ambiguous cases were confirmed by scalp biopsy. In all patients, the clinical diagnosis was made by standard clinical observation, positive trichograms, positive pull test carried out in the involved areas, and past family history.

Oil was used as the immersion fluid. N0, no nail involvement; N1, some nail involvement. Age, gender, occupation and marital status There were 46 males and 20 female patients.

Utility of dermoscopy in alopecia areata Mane M, Nath AK, Thappa DM - Indian J Dermatol

The mean age of the patients was There were only eight children below 14 years of age. There were 17 students, 14 laborers, 12 housewives, 4 clerks, 3 masons, 2 each of stationary shop owners, drivers and 12 others 1 patient each of attendant, cook, driver, farmer, mill worker, peon, tea vendor, milk vendor, mechanic, painter, medical transcripter, hotel worker.

Out of 66 patents, 40 were married, whereas 26 were single. Age of onset and duration of alopecia areata The mean age of onset was Prolonged disease duration was noted in both patients with universal type duration of 5 and 8 years and one patient with diffuse type duration of 8 years of AA. Diffuse AA was seen in five patients males: There was no statistically significant difference in age and age of onset among patients with different types of AA.

Sites In patchy alopecia, 47 had scalp involvement one each also had moustache and eyebrow involvementand 9 had beard region involvement only. In the scalp, most common sites involved were occipital 28 patients and parietal regions 24 patients. Other sites involved were vertex 21 patientstemporal 17 patients and frontal 8 patients.

Grading of alopecia areata Grading of AA in our study is shown in [Table 1]. Grading of alopecia areata Click here to view Nail changes Fine pitting was seen in four patients; whereas ridging and thinning of nail plate were seen in two patients each.

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Associated systemic diseases Autoimmune urticaria alopecia universalisdiabetes mellitus patchy localized AApsoriasis vulgaris patchy multiple AAacanthosis nigricans patchy multiple AAvitiligo vulgaris patchy multiple AAand essential hypertension diffuse type AA were seen in one patient each. Treatment and response Intralesional triamcinolone acetonide was used for treatment in 49 patients. Oral betamethasone minipulse therapy was given in 10 patients.