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toby jenna relationship

I will be doing Jenna and Toby. Let's get started Jenna and Toby's relationship. Jenna and Toby's sibling relationship is kind of complicated. Toby has a complicated relationship with Jenna because she's abusive and manipulative. Spencer and Melissa have always fought and their. We first saw Jenna and Toby together when they went to Alison's funeral in And we learned that it was Jenna who forced Toby to be in a relationship with her !.

Jenna was known to be very quiet and has a sweet, kind personality. Whenever she takes off her glasses, it can be seen that she has small bruises and cuts reaching from her eyes to her nose. It was said it could be from her stepbrother Toby. Jenna was often the target of Alison and her crew, with jokes about her likeness to Snow White and pranks such as giving her apples dipped in toilet water.

There might have been some resentment among the group about her good looks, since Hanna mentioned she was "pretty in an annoying way.

Ali snuck into the Cavanaugh's yard, grabbed one of Toby's fireworks, and accidentally launched it into his tree house. Alison sees Toby and Jenna together and accidentally set the firework off into the tree house, blinding Jenna and burning it down.

Alison blackmails Toby into taking the blame for the incident and he is sent away. Later the girls would come to call the infamous incident "The Jenna Thing.

Jenna tells Aria that her parents gave Toby a warning: Their plan worked, but it cost Jenna her sight and she left Rosewood Day to attend a school for the blind in Philadelphia. By the time the second "A" wreaks significant havoc in the girls' lives, it becomes clear to Aria that Jenna knows vital information about the culprit.

Unfortunately, before Aria can ask her what she knows, Jenna is murdered by this "A" and found dead in a ditch in her parents' backyard. Television storylines[ edit ] In OctoberJenna moved to Rosewood after her mother married Toby's father and quickly became popular at Rosewood High School.

Alison invited her to join her group of friends but she declined. This led to a long-term rivalry between the two. Jenna is a very aggressive and manipulative person. She forced her step-brother, Toby, into a sexual relationship with her and threatened to accuse him of forcing himself on her. After being blinded by Alison and her friends, Jenna developed a hatred and grudge against all of them. Jenna seems to have been involved with the N.

Club before Alison went missing. She was not sorry for Alison's passing and has continued to keep the Liars on her radar to keep them from revealing her secrets. Season 1[ edit ] The character is officially introduced in the pilot episodebeing guided into Alison DiLaurentis ' funeral by her step-brother Toby Cavanaughmuch to everyone's surprise. Marshall is led out to a car by Toby moments after the memorial service concludes. Marshall later appears at the school cafeteria when Aria Montgomery invites her to sit with her friends.

At one point, Marshall breaks the silence by picking up Spencer's beeping phone, when she receives a text. Spencer turns paranoid after getting a text from "A" with Jenna in such close proximity. Marshall orders the item to send a text, then proceeds to turn around and face where Spencer's standing.

She makes a remark on their blabbing, saying "Almost feels like Alison's still here. After Em leaves, Jenna questions Toby about the reason why Emily thanked him but he assures his step-sister it isn't what she's thinking. Jenna enters the elevator and puts on her trademark lipstick. Marshall asks Hanna if she likes the color believed to be Jungle Red, Alison's favorite. It is undisclosed whether Jenna knew if she was talking to Hanna.

Emily is resting after having been hospitalized. Marshall comes under the guise of being sympathetic to Emily's plight, even going as far as bringing her cookies. Jenna found out that Toby's psychological profile is missing because the cops went looking for it, and knows the Liars took the file, having overheard them talking about it at Homecoming.

She wants Emily to return the document, so she can protect her secret of having forced her step-brother into a sexual relationship.

Emily is open to fulfilling Jenna's request, as she feels partially responsible for Jenna's accident, something Jenna does not fail to mention repeatedly. Fields tries to get the file back, but cannot contact the Liars while her mother is around. Aria later throws the file into the river. However, it seems the file makes its way into "A"'s hands anyway, when a figure is seen gingerly retrieving the pages from the water. When Jenna asks for the file after Emily returns to Rosewood High, Fields vaguely tells her that it's gone.

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Marshall is put off, after being placed in the position where she is forced to trust Emily. She shares only kind words, mentioning Ali's visit to her in the hospital, further claiming that she made her stronger and more in touch with her identity. Marshall is very upset when he declines her offer and chooses to go with Spencer instead.

Fitz as her guide, Jenna writes an essay to be submitted to a contest with vague references to the event that blinded her. The content leads Ezra to believe her brother is guilty, not the girls. Fitz about who the real perpetrators were. However, it's actually a flash drive that Jenna gave Caleb to place information on his girlfriend and later return to her.

Jenna Marshall

As the Liars put the pieces together, they realize that Marshall had been paying Caleb to spy on Hanna and look for a key in her house that she thought Ali had given to one of the girls. A hurt Marin slaps Jenna at the girls' bathroom in Rosewood High for what she did and Marshall proceeds to weep over it. The Liars decide to approach Marshall for answers. Knowing they have the videos, Jenna reveals that Alison visited her at the hospital, but threatened Marshall to never tell anyone about her role in the prank or she'd unveil footage of Jenna sexually abusing her step-brother.

Her supposed last words to Jenna were, "if you ever come back to Rosewood, I'll bury you". The girls then realize that, when Ali told them to "wait for it," she was referring to the video. Jenna dials Ian and warns him that the Liars hold possession of the video, although he assures her the situation is under control.

Officer Garrett Reynoldswho had reassured Emily that he was on the Liars' side, then shows up in Marshall's room, and the two share a kiss, revealing they're in a relationship. Aria pretends to be Anita, in order to seclude her identity from Marshall.

It's interesting to note that when she deduced Aria was Anita, she showcased a much vulnerable side than she usually does. Jenna has made a beautiful pottery piece, but is frustrated that she cannot see anything, not even the shadows it produces when lit.

Aria tries to comfort her through praising her work, but when Marshall discovers that it was Montgomery, she goes ballistic, screaming at her to get out. She assumes that her brother stole the item from the Cavanaugh house, but he asserts his sister that he took it from Garrett's apartment. This causes Aria to realize that Reynolds cannot be trusted. It could go either way, considering Garrett's parents live across the street. However, Reynolds heads for Jenna's place, and the girls follow to watch.

Inside, Jenna removes her robe to reveal the black lace lingerie she was seen buying in an earlier episode. She removes her glasses, and the two start kissing passionately.

Garrett and Jenna do a lot of spying together in his sports car. There, they constantly refer to "The Jason Thing," an ill-defined incident that may be linked to Alison's death. When Jason kisses Aria, Jenna expresses her fear that the two will hook up, and Jason will reveal his secret to Aria. The latest development is the possibility that Jenna will have a cornea replacement, which means that she may regain her vision at some point in the near future. Toby fills Spencer in on the details of the matter after she overhears Jenna discussing the possibility with a nurse.

During " I Must Confess ", Jenna teases the girls after the assembly, asserting that Alison could have used the lesson on bullying. Emily shoots the same accusation back at Jenna and snidely tells her to move her walking stick.

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Throughout " Over My Dead Body ", someone shows up to the precinct, prompting Garrett to say "you shouldn't be here. Garrett then leads Marshall to the other side of the glass of the investigation room. He locks the door, and Jenna laments that she cannot see their faces. During a conversation afterward, it is revealed that they wrote the note to Jason, making him suspect of murdering his own sister, and that Jason figured out that he is not the culprit. Garrett hands Jenna a note and instructs her to take it home and burn it.

Marshall asks whether it's page 5, and Reynolds doesn't contradict her assumption. Before kissing him goodbye, Jenna remarks, "she deserved to die like that". While unpacking some of Marshall's belongings from the moving truck, Cavanaugh describes her as someone who obtains whatever she wants.

Ali attempts to intimidate her into buying a different disguise, declaring that she picked a similar outfit.

Toby Cavanaugh

Marshall noncommittally agrees to think about a change of heart, but turns her attention away from Alison. Before walking away, Ali offers her name, to which Jenna replies that she already knows it.

toby jenna relationship

They smile pleasantly, if not falsely, at each other, and Alison strolls away. Noel, dressed as a gynecologist, goes right to her. Jenna is flanked by boys, but they all scram when Alison orders them to.

Ali then offers to befriend Jenna, thereby making her popularity in Rosewood a guaranteed thing. However, Marshall turns her down and says that she likes to pick her own friends. When Jenna saunters away victoriously, Mona declares her the best Gaga, and the two introduce themselves, seemingly starting a friendship.

Outside on the porch, a sulky Ali jealously calls Jenna a slut. Back at the party, Emily is seen slow-dancing with Ben on the dance floor. Jenna is seductively dancing nearby, and Emily ogles appreciatively at her curves and moves.

Alison turns her eyes from one to the other, and approaches Emily, alluding to her concealed sexual orientation. Reynolds states that it was a mistake for them to bring a third person in on their plan.

Later, she leaves for her eye surgery in Boston without Garrett. In " Eye of the Beholder ", Jenna's eye is bandaged, implying she got the surgery. During the episode, someone lures Jenna to the DiLaurentis residence and then sets it on fire, trapping Jenna inside with the intent to murder her.

She is rescued by Hanna, who happened to be nearby the household.

toby jenna relationship

Marshall goes to the hospital and stays there under observation. This marks the first time in the series that Jenna appears to be frightened. Marshall asks to see the Liars. While they're in her hospital room, Jenna asks if it's true that Hanna pulled her out of the fire. When Hanna confirms this, Jenna Marshall her why she did it and seems grateful for having been rescued.

Spencer is heartbroken and, throughout the season, this becomes increasingly obvious.

toby jenna relationship

Later, Spencer reveals to the Liars that Toby is a member of the "A-Team", and she has known about it for weeks. In Out of Sight, Out of MindSpencer follows Mona into the woods, where she finds a body on the ground surrounded by camping gear.

The person is wearing a biker helmet and a leather jacket. Spencer doesn't realize who this could be until she recognizes a tattoo on the mystery person's side: Thinking the body is Toby's, Spencer breaks down and begins to cry; however, before she can lift the eye guard on the helmet for confirmation, Mona calls out from the woods, "He's dead," taking Spencer's attention away from the body and prompting her to chase Mona.

Whether or not the body in the woods was actually Toby's was debatable and —at the time— unknown. Toby meets Spencer at a diner thinking she is Mona to say that Hanna got the babysitting job. Spencer says "I know" and raises her head to look at him.

The Jenna Thing Series The Jenna Thing starts in much the same way as the scenario in the book series; with the girls getting changed. This time, however, Alison claims to have spotted Toby at the window. This was later found to be false. So she decides to throw a 'stink bomb' into his garage- where he would spend a lot of his time. She tells the girls to run away from the garage, then the object that is actually a firecracker explodes and as the girls turn around to look at the garage they hear a girl screaming; Jenna.

This is the reason Jenna is blind, the explosion causes it. And again, similar to the books, Alison blackmails Toby into telling the police that it was him who set off the firecracker into the garage, blinding Jenna. Without her sight Jenna is vulnerable in a way. Toby became a sort of protector for Jenna even going to the hospital to check on her [as seen in the gif below]. He wants nothing to do with her romantically though.

Recently stating that he's glad to be away from her.