Relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

Tumblr Users Perfectly Summimg Up Your Relationship Goals

relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

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Justin tries to apologize by using snapchat videos to annoy her.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You enjoyed days like this when it was just the two of you. Your head was placed onto Justins chest, while the two of you snuggled onto the couch.

relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

You sit up, not being able to see who he was texting. You were beginning to become irritated. You look at him before walking away to the kitchen. A few seconds later, Justin walks over to you and you feel him wrap his arms around your waist placing his chin onto your shoulder. You turned away, giving him again the silent treatment. You continued to ignore him as you scrolled through snapchat.

As you were checking your streaks, Justin suddenly snatches your phone away from your hand. Justin grabs your hand with one hand to stop you from stealing as his other hand presses the record button.

relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

Justin rewatches it laughing. Justin looks at you once more and winks before posting it on your story. When you get terrible muddy colours from two bright colours overlapping, or the halftone shading goes over the outline.

Those organic mishaps are a huge influence on my style. I try to replicate them all the time. In terms of lettering, my favourite thing to look at is hand painted signage. But, not the good ones, I prefer the bad ones. I have massive respect for sign writers who can paint perfect lettering by hand, but the badly done ones always have a unique defect that makes it obviously hand drawn, and thats what I try to do with my lettering.

relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

Good but not good. Yeah, that seems like another lifetime ago.

15 Of The Worst Relationship Goals Texts Of All Time - |

That was one of the first projects I got starting at ilovedust. Ive recently finished a really cool project with Under Armour Basketball. As a guy that hits up his fair number of gigs.

  • Tumblr Users Perfectly Summimg Up Your Relationship Goals
  • Tumblr Users Perfectly Summimg Up Your Relationship Goals

Ive been a huge Sonic Youth fan since uni days so thats was amazing. I last saw the BJM ish so really looking forward to seeing them again. About 4 years ago a bunch of us did a road trip from Cape Town up to a ski resort in Lesotho, a land locked country in the mid western part of South Africa.

The idea came about one night out as pub talk about a snowboarding trip, and then it happened.

relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

The guys at Vans have been super generous with free product, and its always been such a pleasure working with them. Having done quite a bit of work with Vans in SA, I would love to work with the guys over here in Europe, or the states.

relationship goal on Tumblr

Im a huge fan of the brand, and feel like the kind of work I want to do fits in well with what they are all about. Ive done one or two book covers recently and really enjoyed the process. Do you have any particular favourite Bored t-shirt designs? My favourite Bored tees are the bootleg ones. Shant is such a pompey word for me.

relationship goals tumblr texts from justin

I also love the Southsea Supreme box logo tee and of course the classic Southsea Bronx design Bruce did. Its amazing how iconic that has become. Things you miss most about Southsea? I miss living in a small town sometimes. Having everything a short bike ride or walk away was cool.

Living closer to your friends made last minute plans possible.


You kinda need to make plans in advance with people here in London, cause its generally going to be about a 45 minute travel time.