Max steel season 2 episode 4 toxic relationship habits

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max steel season 2 episode 4 toxic relationship habits

Max Steel. TV-Y7-FV 2 Seasons. A teen with a special power called turbo energy joins a secret EPISODES Max Steel. Season Episode 4 of Season 1. The new series of How to Lose Weight Well started on Monday 8th Jan on Channel 4. 'I went to McDonalds for lunch the other day and I had a Big Mac and chips, large. Review of Series 3 Episode 2 We've lapsed into so many bad habits, and we need to change our attitudes permanently, and our lifestyle.'. A page for describing Characters: Max Steel (). ProtagonistsThe protagonist of the show. A normal teenager, who upon moving to a new town finds out is .

When things don't go his way, he starts showing his true colors. Inflicts an And I Must Scream on a guard for tipping off Extroyer about the tech deliveries, but an episode later, he's Trying to overthrow Dredd.

He tries to be threatening when he confronts Max and transforms into his robot form, but he gets dealt with by Max almost accidentally and very quickly, so he comes of as this instead. Though later episodes show that he can step up his game if motivated.

He's also a little sympathetic in the fact that he's working under the threat of death by Dredd all the time. Meaning that if he didn't get Dredd Turbo energy might actually mean his life. His bite is nowhere near as bad as his bark. Tries to obtain a powerful cursed sword so he could overthrow Dredd.

It doesn't end well for him. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: When not in cyborg form. His relationship with Dredd becomes much more strained after his attempted betrayal as the two are now prone to arguing. Tries to deal with Max personally. The key word is tries. Ends as well as you'd expect. Since his last defeat he's made upgrades, preventing him from being overcharged by Max Steel, and allowing Naught to go toe-to-toe with him. Andrew Francis I gave them my genius, and this is how they repay me?

They haven't heard the last of Tytus Octavius Xander. They haven't heard the last Formerly an environmental researcher at THI, Dr.

Xander was searching for a way to eliminate pollution from the world. Somewhere along the line, his sanity began to decay, to where he even held conversations with his plastic goldfish. Eventually this got him fired from THI. When he tried to poison the employees in retaliation, a confrontation with Max Steel caused him to fall into a vat of toxic waste, mutating him into the villain Toxzon, a mutant with the ability to manipulate various toxins.

He now seeks revenge against Max Steel.

max steel season 2 episode 4 toxic relationship habits

Wasn't really sane to begin with, but becoming Toxzon only made it worse. Crazy he may be, but his environmental geinus is quite real.

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Wore this before he became Toxzon. He created a toxin that he claimed would neutralize him, but later reveals that it would actually bring him under Toxzon's control. Beware the Silly Ones: Yes, he's a gibbering nutball who talks to a plastic fish, but his capacity for destruction is dangerously real and he should not be underestimated.

Goin Fishin reveals he survived drowning in the ocean by absorbing canisters of Radioactive waste. This not only gives him the ability to survive in water, but amplified his powers considerably. Both literally and figuratively.


He even lampshades this. They say chess is a game about biding your time, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Well, the same's true for life. His conversations with Fishy, especially from the perspective of everyone else. He tries to poison the entire THI building just because he was fired, then tries to kill Max for accidentally causing him to drop Fishy.

This dude really has issues. Turns Molly in The Secret Admirer in to a Distaff Counterpart of himself because in his mind, her firing him caused his downward spiral. Attempts to poison the oceans with radioactive waste in Goin' Fishin just to get Fishy back.

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These tend to be fairly reasonable, but there are a few amongst them that participants are clearly struggling to stomach. Series 1 Episode 1 The Master Cleanse Diet Stanley Burroughs A detox planthe Master Cleanse relies on 'lemonade' cleanse drinks made with cayenne pepper a day, along with a laxative tea every night. Mondays to Thursdays it's fruit and veg only, Fridays to Sundays you get to add some lean meat or fish.

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max steel season 2 episode 4 toxic relationship habits

In the mornings you have to drink a weird 'coffee' confection made with oil and butter - yum! Each of the four blood groups has a detailed list of what to eat and not to eat. Tester Emma, the poor soul who doesn't like fermented food and was put on this diet, commented that it was expensive. The Raw Food Diet As it says on the tin everything must be eaten raw on the Raw Food diet - though you can heat foods to a maximum of 48 degrees.

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The Bone Broth Diet Dr Kellyann Petrucci Bone broth is a low carb diet with the added restriction of drinking only 'bone broth' on 2 days of the week. The remaining 5 days have to be low in fat and carbs. Maxwell and Steel don't know a lot about their past and also they don't know about N-Tek, especially N-Tek's true mission that Forge Ferrus is hiding from Max and Steel.

Max has a friend named Kirby and has a crush on a girl named Sydney. Max wears a camouflage mode, so no one can see him with the Turbo Base Mode on which can't be removed because it's permanently on Max and he doesn't wants anyone to know that he is Max Steel. In the Turbo Charged movie, Max learns to control a new form of T. Energy featured by its green color. An alien made only of technology, known as an Ultra-Link.

Steel's memory core was damaged so many select memories of his time on Earth 16 years before the series are hazy, and battles with the Elementors insinuate that he had a connection to them.

His full designation is "N'Baro Atksteel X". Years ago he used to serve Makino, until meeting Jim McGrath. The two became the first Max Steel to fend off the first Makino Invasion.

An N-Tek commander, and a mentor to Max, his nephew. It seems that Forge and the rest of N-Tek are hiding a dark secret from Max Steel since Thrill of the Hunt, when they tried to acquire a damaged Ultra-Link from an Alien Spaceship and gave no answers to Max about why he wanted it.

He has a robotic left arm, having lost his real one in a battle. Part 1, Forge was ultralinked, and because of it his robotic arm now had three arms. But in Makino Strikes: Part 2, Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him. Max's father who is one of the founders of N-Tek and later revealed to be an alien being from Planet Takion. Jim McGrath was the best in N-Tek, and also very smart and wise. He was Forge Ferrus' science officer and he was the one who discovered T.

O Energy, a blue and powerful energy. He supposedly died when testing the Turbo Star, creating an explosion. Jim McGrath has a holographic monument of himself, and under it was the case that Steel was in since he was the alien Ultra-Link that was used in the experiment. It's revealed that Tachyons can also produce T.

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Molly McGrath voiced by Nicole Oliver: The secretive mother of Max. Naught is removed following Dredd's first defeat by Max Steel.

In the episode The Secret Admirer, Toxzon turns her into a toxic monster with all his powers called Toxziana, until she is reverted to her original form. Sydney Gardner voiced by Sarah Edmondson: A know-how girl who meets Max. Max instantly develops a crush on her. However she lost her memory of this after a blast from Elementor.

But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink her. In The Dawn of Morphos, she learns Max's secret identity as Max Steel for the second time, this time she was told by Jim McGrath and she also knew for a long time but she was just waiting for Max to tell her.

max steel season 2 episode 4 toxic relationship habits

Kirby Kowalski voiced by Richard Ian Cox: Max's best friend, who is loyal but incredibly gullible and laid back. But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him. Roberto "Berto" Martinez voiced by Sam Vincent: A friend of Max and Steel. He is one of the most intelligent scientific geniuses at N-Tek.

An N-Tek robot operative who was invented by Berto Martinez and is continuously being upgraded by him. His name stands for Cybernetic Tactical Robot Operative. A highly respected N-Tek agent. He, unlike any other pilot, owns his own Jump Jet which affectionately calls Lucille. It is hinted in the season 1 finale Earth Under Siege that he loves Kat. The highest ranking female N-Tek agent.

She is proficient at xenobiology, as well as medicine, and is a skilled fighter in both hand-to-hand combat and long range. The Black Star Council have been around for an undetermined amount of time and are a group of aliens that have survived attacks from Makino's soldiers and have united to defend others from them and make them pay for their crimes. Ven-Ghan voiced by Giles Panton: Also, he is after Steel and is not leaving without him.

Part 2, he decide to stop hunting Steel and presumably became Max Steel's field partner. A member of the Team Turbo. Berto's younger sister and a member of Team Turbo.

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Villains Miles Dredd voiced by Mark Oliver: The former owner of Trans Human Industries. He later turned against Makino when he was deemed unworthy and escaped his forces. Dredd equipped him with an ability to transform into a giant robot to defeat his enemies like Max Steel. He has been shown to have his own ambitions other than Dredd's, and is often abused because of it.

In X Marks the Spot, he was almost killed by Dredd for betraying him a second time. He later sides with Makino alongside Dredd, but quickly turned against him when Makino deemed him and Dredd unworthy.

An army of robots that work for Miles Dredd. They don't talk, but they are very dangerous and they have a gun as a hand. In Dredd Ascendant, when Naught showed Dredd their new underwater base it is revealed that they have upgraded Dreddnaughts. Makino voiced by Michael Dobson: Makino is an alien cybernetic being that has a Ultra-Link bonded to him, but it is permanent. He is the leader of the Ultra-Links and ruler of the planet Makino. Makino wants to devour Earth and possibly convert it into his second home planet, but he must first destroy mankind and Max Steel with an Invasion of Ultra-Links, which takes place in Season 2.

A special forces unit Makino has place under the command of Miles Dredd. Blast Link voiced by Brian Drummond: The sniper of the unit, ultra-linked with a THI plasma cannon giving it a powerful distance weapon. Prism Link voiced by Lee Tockar: The close quarters combatant of the unit, ultra-linked to a series of crystals he is a durable, agile and razor-sharp fighter.

Chomp Link voiced by Samuel Vincent: The brawn of the unit, ultra-linked with a venus flytrap he is equipped with long vines and crushing jaws.

A pair of Ultra-linked reaper hologram Halloween decorations armed with Scythe's and equipped with the ability to switch between solid and intangible at will, resulting in a pair of ghost like stealth operatives. Plaztek voiced by Andrew Francis: An Ultralink that bonded with Fishy and some of Toxzon's orange waste to become a large fish-like creature composed of super dense and strong plastic.