Leo libra love relationship

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leo libra love relationship

Are your signs compatible? Read your Leo and Libra love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. Yes, in the fairy-tale kingdom of Leo/Libra there's songs, laughter and excitement a-plenty. It's a stellar if not slightly chaotic relationship, supported by mutual. Together, they will love the glamorous lifestyle, enjoying extravagant spending, When the relationship is going well, Leo and Libra compatibility seems a.

Decisions and Problem Solving When life gets tough, decisions must be made or problems solved their lovely romance that can quickly run into difficulty. Leos are born to avoid compromise at all costs, and can't see the point in discussing things. They want to be completely in charge and will dogmatically assert their idea as the one and only solution.

Librans are born to compromise, they are thinkers who weigh many options, have discussions, then after a proper exploration make a final decision. Can they do this?

Leo and Libra - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Here again, it depends on their astrological synastry. The Dark Side Leo has a dark side and Libra has a dark sideand fueled by their idealistic love for one another, this is a coupling can also have a dark side. The dark side of their love for one another can be jealousy, possessiveness, bitterness, and resentment. A clear example of this is the turbulent and dramatic marriage of F.

Leo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility The Leo woman is truly blue-blooded, if not in this birth, sometime way back in one of her past lives. Like all of royalty, she expects to be treated with respect and be wooed with great pomp and preparation. The Libra man has loads of charm to go with his dimples.

He has been trained by none other than the love goddess Venus in the art of love and romance. He is the best there is and so can never let her down. It is never-ending parties, friends, world tours, and moonlit walks. As both of them derive love from each other, their bonds grow deeper and deeper with each moment they share together.

Leo and Libra Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Sex between the two is nothing less than sizzling. The she-cat is feral in bed and the Libran is innovation and excitement incarnated. There's never a dull moment, neither in the bedroom, nor outside.

leo libra love relationship

She is territorial and protects her territory by hook or crook. Unfortunately though, even without reason for the jealousy, the Leo female will take matters into her own hands and leave the Libran male's poor lady friends traumatized and scarred for life.

Libra and Leo Compatibility: The Idealist and the Royal

Where's the Libran male you ask, oh well, he is right behind lady, not wanting to step in and get burnt himself, of course. For those of you that do not know, Leo women come with a 'too hot to handle, stay away, stay safe' caveat on their disclaimer tags. If you get my hint, Leo males tilt a tad towards the lazy side, are definitely territorial and have worse tantrums and table manners when compared to the females.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some, for the confused Libra female finds a good, analytic decision maker, a smart business mind, and a strong protective arm to hold on to, in a Leo male.

leo libra love relationship

Libra females are such beautiful creatures, many a Leo male mistake them as just arm candy. Well, let's see who's at the top.


The rows and arguments over this will upset gentle Libra no end, as discord makes Libra emotionally ill. When the creative, luxurious, bon vivant lifestyle goes, so too does a good measure of Libra and Leo compatibility. Leo is a fire sign, and Libra an air sign. Fire and air is generally a good mix in astrology compatibility, because fire needs air in order to thrive.

The Royal rules his or her court, and no amount of effort from the Idealist is going to change the way Leo rules. The to and fro of intellectual ideas if vital for Libra, and Leo compatibility is based much more on a decisive, impulsive base.

leo libra love relationship

The key to long term Libra and Leo compatibility is for both partners to dig deep and try to understand one another better during the good times. Sadly, if this couple wait for a crisis in order to do the hard work, they could just find their luxurious dreams vanishing into thin air under the stress.