Kashibai mastani relationship help

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kashibai mastani relationship help

Dec 22, Kashibai took Mastani's six-year-old son Shamsher Bahadur (also named as Krushnarao) So you can see why we need to ask for your help. Ihere were complaints against Mastani-Bajirao relationship to Chatrapati Shahu. llie . Kashibai, with the help of Senapati Bapu Gokhale, imprisoned him. Dec 19, Bajirao, impressed by her style, agrees to help Bundelkhand. She nailed it in just one scene – Kashibai's faceoff with Mastani, depicting her and a significant control in Bajirao and Mastani's relationship but let me not give.

They were women who had a lot of power and agency and they were masters of their own fate for better or worse. Bundelkhand is under attack by Mughal forces.

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Maharaja Chhatrasal sends a warrior to visit Bajirao and seek his help in fighting the enemy. Suddenly the helmet drops and the warrior turns out to be Mastani, a female. Bajirao, impressed by her style, agrees to help Bundelkhand. Jump cut to the battlefield where Mastani and Bajirao are fighting with the enemy shoulder to shoulder, sword to sword and falling in love.

After the win Maharaja Chhatrasal requests Bajirao to stay at the palace for a few days and spend the Holi with them. There were little spoken words between the two lovers to actually convey the love. There were some tacky dialogues using predictable over-used words like Ishq, Ibaadat, Zakhm et all, but too much bling in between makes you too blind to see and feel the love. By now you begin to like Mastani, this brave, independent woman.

You want to know her more closely but her character building is already over.

The Love Story Of Bajirao-Mastani Will Amaze You Even If It Is 300 Years Old

Who Mastani really was deep inside? What were her dreams, hopes, aspirations? Why was she different than other Rajput women? A few less song and dance would have made space for a writer to explore these aspects and added volume to the character.

An extremely powerful poignant scene gone too soon.

kashibai mastani relationship help

Post-interval, Bajirao becomes noticeably like Ram of Goliyon ki Raasleela - Ram-leela and the love story becomes a variation of Romeo and Juliet, instead of exploring its own narrative. Bhansali's tweaks history in many ways. He imposes the modern notion of monogamy Bajirao and Kashi, which wouldn't have played much of a part back in the 18th century when more than one wife was standard practice. Characters like Kashi's younger son disappear without explanation while the elder son pops up conveniently, just in time to be a shadowy villain who has no part to play beyond flaring his nostrils.

At one point, Bajirao gives up the his title of Peshwa to be with Mastani. You'd think that would be a big deal, but not in Bhansali's vision, which is far more concerned with creating suitably pretty CGI clouds and moonlit sky as the backdrop for Padukone and Chopra's dance. Tragically, the biggest casualty of this campaign to force history into the mould of a Bhansali romance is the actual love story. Largely because of the writing, Bajirao and Mastani's relationship doesn't feel particularly compelling and it's Kashibai whose pain as the wronged wife becomes the heart of the film, thanks to Chopra's stellar performance.

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She delivers her dialogues with beautiful precision and fills her silent scenes with powerful emotion. You find yourself rooting for Kashibai, almost forgetting that Bajirao and Mastani are the team you're supposed to be cheering for and that the film is not titled "Kashibai". In contrast, Padukone struggles to bring Mastani to life. Bhansali's Mastani is a list of attributes, but without an emotional connection.

We're shown Mastani's beauty, her swordsmanship and her musical talents, but somehow, they don't all come together to give us a sense of a real person. She feels artificial and her relationship with Bajirao isn't really explored. We see Kashi and Bajirao's relationship build and break down, but in contrast, the love affair with Mastani is made of only bombastic dialogues and regular hugs.

Singh looks fantastic as Bajirao and it's difficult to imagine another man who would be able to carry off that thoroughly unflattering hairstyle as well Singh does. However, while Singh is charismatic as the Peshwa and warrior, when Bajirao Mastani turns its attention away from battlefields, Singh is less majestic. It probably doesn't help that Bhansali keeps making Bajirao walk into pools as though Bajirao was hoping he'd have a Jesus Christ moment and be able to walk on water.

Either that or Bhansali figured that rather than risk raising the censor board's censure, he'd show Bajirao and his lady loves literally get wet instead of showing their attraction towards one another. In addition to his three stars, Bhansali has some talented actors in the supporting cast, like Tanvi Azmi as Bajirao's mother and Vaibbhav Tatwawdi, who plays Bajirao's brother Chimaji.

Bajirao was at the peak of his career when a request for help came from king chattrasal of bundelkhand. Bajirao marched with his troops to bundelkhand and liberated the land by defeating Mohammed Khan bangash in Bajirao stayed in bundelkhand as a guest of raja chattrasal and this is where his eyes met mastani.

Mastani was the daughter of chattrasal and ruhanibai.

kashibai mastani relationship help

A princess of rajput clan, mastani was a skilled dancer, singer and well expert in horse riding, sword fighting and spear throwing. Bajirao was already married to kashibai and had two children — nanasaheb and raghunath.

kashibai mastani relationship help

Though he took mastani with him to shaniwarwada, the royal palace of peshwas, bajirao was well aware that his relationship with mastani will never be accepted. His instincts were true. To make matters worse, murderous attacks were made on mastani and her child, but it was bajirao who protected her from these attacks.