Fiance relationship islam

Love, Marriage and Relationships in Islam: All Your Questions Answered

fiance relationship islam

Does the religion of Islam permit the engaged man and woman to meet “See her, because this may make your relationship more permanent. Intimate Relationship with Fiancee I have had some intimate moments with my fiancee In Islamic jurisprudence, till the marriage contract is done, couples are . I am a Muslim girl. I pray and I fear my Lord a great deal, but I have a problem. I know a person who came and proposed marriage to me.

fiance relationship islam

The period of engagement is a suitable chance to lay the foundation of this independence. As a result, they start nursing a grudge against them and may harm their lives seriously. The memories of the engagement period linger on in the memory until the last part of life and affect one's future life both sweet and bitter memories. For instances, they say: Boys too must observe and recognize this fact, but this condition of shamefulness must soon go and their relation be based upon intimacy and love, accompanied by mutual respect.

It is not necessary that the gifts should be very precious, but it is essential that it must be concordant with the inclination of the other party. And more importantly, that it is presented in and elegant and fine way.

Presenting a gift requires a particular elegance and style.

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It must not be forgotten that presentation of a gift should not be one-sided. Not that only boys give gifts.

fiance relationship islam

Of course, he may present more than the girl. They should write the letters and at the time of visiting and departure, give them to each other. Of course, in case of travelling and being far away from each other, the letters should be detailed and more in number.

We have seen many spouses who retain the letters written during the engagement period even after the passage of many years. They read, cherish, and enjoy those sweet memories.

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These visits strengthen the hope, enthusiasm and love of them both. The visits not only are modest, but also strengthen modesty for the both of them.

  • Chapter Seven: Engagement Period

During these visits they should have warm and sincere dialogue and show love, affection and affiliation towards each other and talk about their future life and express hope and warmth of feeling for each other.

And they might proceed on journeys, recreation and sightseeing journeys during this period have a vital role and place. They can make use of travels and journeys to reach this aim.

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Journeys, even though short, are a suitable ground for the unconscious manifestation of positive and negative aspects of human morality and character. In popular-culture songs and music. In timeless, classical literary works. The story is more or less the same. Boy meets girl or vice versa.

Love, Marriage and Relationships in Islam: All Your Questions Answered

Many a fictitious love story has brought in thousands if not millions of sales for content-producing companies that cash in on the incessant demand in humankind for fictitious tales that set their hearts aflutter.

The desire for romance and dating stems from a basic human need, to love and be loved in return, which exists in every human, especially the young and more inexperienced singles. That is when they wonder: Dating in the Modern Day There is the kind of romance that society frowns upon and which elders forbid, depending on the prevalent culture, e. Engagement is the period between the proposal and the nikah and is a kind of marriage promise, not a marriage agreement. This fact is obviously mentioned in the ayahs and hadiths above: Those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and full submissiveness.

fiance relationship islam

And those who turn away from evil, vain talk. And those who pay the Zakat.

fiance relationship islam

And those who guard their chastity i.