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N.T. Corinthians -- Relation to the Old Testament; Bible. , Klingbeil, Reinhold Louis, The structure and intent of Matthew 24 as revealed by , Smith, Earl Kenneth, Platonic influences upon Christian education in the first three Historia del Sanatorio Adventista del Plata: sus aportes y repercusiones, Platonic love or platonic relationship means a close relationship between two been used to mean a non-sexual relationship between heterosexual friends. level-of .. .. stabilizer kraseninnikov.

Socrates defines love based on separate classifications of pregnancy to bear offspring ; pregnancy of the body, pregnancy of the soul, and direct connection to Being. Pregnancy of the body results in human children. Pregnancy of the soul, the next step in the process, produces " virtue " — which is the soul truth translating itself into material form.

Pausanias, in Plato's Symposium b—aexplained two types of love or Eros—Vulgar Eros or earthly love and Divine Eros or divine love. Vulgar Eros is nothing but mere material attraction towards a beautiful body for physical pleasure and reproduction. Divine Eros begins the journey from physical attraction, i. This concept of Divine Eros is later transformed into the term platonic love.

Vulgar Eros and Divine Eros are both connected and part of the same continuous process of pursuing totality of being itself, [4] with the purpose of mending human nature, eventually reaching a point of unity where there is no longer an aspiration to change. Most modern people would think of Eros as a concept rather than a god. This is an example of cultural relativitybecause the modern interpretation of the term is different from the ancient Greek interpretation.

Virtue is the result of pregnancy of the soul. This can be seen as a form of linguistic relativity. Some modern authors perception of the terms "virtue" and "good" as they are translated into English from the Symposium are a good indicator of this misunderstanding. In the following quote, the author simplifies the idea of virtue as simply what is "good".

Platonic love

Each step closer to the truth further distances love from beauty of the body toward love that is more focused on wisdom and the essence of beauty. Eventually, in time, with consequent steps up the ladder, the idea of beauty is eventually no longer connected with a body, but entirely united with Being itself. These two extremes of love are seen by the Greeks in terms of tragedy and comedy. According to Diotima in her discussion with Socrates, for anyone to achieve the final rung in the Ladder of Love, they would essentially transcend the body and rise to immortality - gaining direct access to Being.

Such a form of love is impossible for a mortal to achieve. This is the type of love, that, according to Socrates, is practiced by animals.

The love described as the one practiced by those who are pregnant according to the soul, who partake of both the realm of beings and the realm of Being, who grasp Being indirectly, through the mediation of beings, would be a love that Socrates could practice.

One would be forever limited to beauty of the body, never being able to access the true essence of beauty. The offspring of true virtue would essentially lead to a mortal achieving immortality. Later inMarsilio Ficino put forward a theory of neo-platonic love in which he defines love as a personal ability of an individual which guides their soul towards cosmic processes and lofty spiritual goals and heavenly ideas De Amore, Les Belles Lettres, The first use of the modern sense of platonic love is taken as an invention of Ficino in one of his letters.

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