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In a joint operation in the Darfur region of Sudan, government troops The only difference is that the janjaweed uniforms have a breast pocket. Much of the violence in Sudan, which has created over 1 million refugees, Foreign Relations Committee in June , a field researcher with. Despite persistent Sudanese government characterization of the Darfur conflict as a “tribal conflict,” and repeated denials of state coordination of abusive militia.

Human Rights Watch said many janjaweed fighters are organized into battalions that have the same structure as those in the government army. They use the same weapons as regular soldiers and their leaders wear stripes on their uniforms that are identical to those of the regular army.

An increasing number of janjaweed fighters wear the same uniforms as government soldiers.


The only difference is that the janjaweed uniforms have a breast pocket badge depicting an armed man on horseback. Operations carried out by the janjaweed often enjoy air support from the government of Sudan, both aerial bombardment before operations and helicopter reconnaissance afterwards to ensure the area is empty.

In many villages, regular troops and janjaweed forces establish a joint presence—often in the local police station—before going out to burn and pillage. On the same day as the two massacres, March 5, nine Fur omdas chiefs who had been arrested a week earlier were shot dead in government prisons in Garsila and Mugjir. Their families reported their deaths after being told to collect their bodies for burial.

Villagers from the Garsila area told Human Rights Watch that they woke up on March 5 to find an area encompassing 32 villages surrounded by government troops and janjaweed. It's the Government's concern. They're the ones that gave the PDF the guns, they're the ones that recruited the PDF, they're the ones that pay their salaries, they give them their ID cards.

They can disarm them or they can leave them alone, that's the Government's concern.

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Sudanese Government officials have repeatedly rejected allegations they're linked to the Arab militia. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Sudanese Foreign Ministry official has been quoted as saying, "Hilal must have been misquoted.

I can't say I'm optimistic, but I hope something like this video does put pressure on all sides to move faster.


A former US ambassador to South Africa and Nigeria, he says the video confirms once and for all what so many have suspected all along. That the Sudanese Government encouraged, supported and indeed supplied the Janjaweed in the attacks in Darfur. A few people have questioned the timing of the release of the tape. A Concentration of services in the areas of influence of the Community as far as possible; B- Not to put the sons of Zurga in jobs of importance and to work to put obstacles in front of those who assume administrative and executive functions whenever the circumstances prevail C To work with all means and ways to stop the stability of schools in the Zurga areas; and son, as the available space for the article cannot accommodate the rest of the criminally loaded messages of the so-called Arabs who are nothing but racial bigots.

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The foregoing is taking place while the Sudanese identity theft is underway and the worse is to comer when the Identity Abduction becomes the bitter rejected reality. There is no doubt when one goes in depth the Janjaweed is nothing but a ticking time bomb in Sudan. The Janjaweed, also spelt Janjawid, is an Arab militia active in Sudan, particularly in the Darfur region.

When the question as to who is the leader of janjaweed?

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The simple answers will pop up as Musa Hilal. In order to get the comprehensive background about the Janjaweed militias, I find myself referring to the most important scholarly written article by Dr.