How to restore the passion in a relationship

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how to restore the passion in a relationship

Oct 23, Like any other aspect of a healthy relationship, good sex takes time Typically, desire and passion are at their highest at the beginning of a. Jul 25, The following steps are based on my observations, interviews and analysis of mid-life couples who were able to retain or restore passion and. Jun 21, Yes, you read that right: All couples struggle with a stale relationship. “Passionate love is the love of arousal, excitement, newness and mystery.

If you want more passion, you will need to find more energy, more aliveness, more excitement, and more delight. You will have those moments in the bedroom, but will they be enough for the whole relationship? Generally, at the beginning of a relationship there is energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and passion.

The energy of who they are attracts you and you start to build a relationship.

12 Ways to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship

And those early days can be heady days. You can sit up all night with them.

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Your heart starts beating faster when you come close to them, you have energy, and you want to be with them and talk with them. That is real passion. And remember the excitement of looking forward to the first time you were going to be physically intimate. Hopefully that passion was present at the beginning of your relationships.

Then you start to get to know more of that person. At the beginning you only want to see the good stuff, but everyone has a shadow side. It is usually not too long before you find that they can be lazy, selfish, or quick to anger, or have dirty habits around the house, and so on.

They lose their lustre.

6 Simple Ways to Reignite Your Relationship

You want to tell them off, or criticise them for leaving the bathroom in a mess, or for what they said about your mother. You start to see the whole of that person and it is so easy for the passion to diminish in that seeing. So the challenging question is, how real and permanent was the passion you felt in the first heady days when you could see only the good stuff, or only the stuff you wanted to see?

What you felt was genuine in those moments, but did it have a strong foundation that would keep on growing and deepening, and keep on allowing you to live at a higher level of energy? Passion is not just something that happens in bed. It is what you bring into the relationship.

And what you bring will create an atmosphere and a context that allows the more physical and emotional expressions to be deeply satisfying and enjoyable. What if you could approach every day with a sense of newness and excitement - the sense you had at the beginning of the relationship?

What if you could wake up every day beside that person, look in their eyes, and have the same feeling of delight in their presence as you had at the beginning? Fight the urge to use pet names or speak to your lover in a way that turns them into something cute, like a child or pet or teddybear.

Remind your partner how sexy or hot or desirable he or she is.

6 Simple Ways to Reignite Your Relationship

Kiss on the mouth regularly, during sex and at other times. Have separate bathrooms, if possible. If you have to share, don't use it at the same time for functional purposes, like brushing teeth.

Sexy candle-lit baths and showers are OK Have separate closets, if possible. Either way, get dressed in private, except when you deliberately want to strip in front of your lover.

Keep some of the mystery and unfamiliarity alive. Plan to meet at a restaurant or date venue, rather than going there together. You did that at the beginning before you lived together and when you still had knots of excitement in your stomach. If you can afford it, hire a housecleaner. You can spend your Sunday afternoons in bed rather than arguing over who vacuums the living room.

Maintain healthy boundaries with family and in-laws. You can still have a healthy relationship with your relatives without you and your lover becoming siblings.

how to restore the passion in a relationship

Try not to spend every evening together. Go out and give each other space. Distance and space can increase longing. Remember the efforts you made for your lover at the beginning, especially around grooming and self-care. Those pyjamas with the worn-out hole in them may be really comfortable -- and even cute the first time you wore them.

how to restore the passion in a relationship

Sometimes forget making love. Scratch each others' backs. Pull each others' hair. Forget for an hour or two all the daily demands, the mess in the kitchen, the heap of bills, and making children's lunches. Go a little wild.

how to restore the passion in a relationship

Go on vacations together, alone. Even if you have children, try and get away for a night or two, or longer. Explore a new city. Wear provocative swimwear on a beach. Sleep in a new bed.