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Any link post not featuring wrestling itself, or in relation to a wrestling show or .. Punk returns at the end of HITC and says he's the real champion and he just re- signed. .. Yeah MITB was July 17th and Punk returned on July 25th .. realize what an asset punk was until I started disliking John Cena. Money in the Bank () was the seventh of thirteen professional wrestling pay- per-view The main event featured CM Punk defeating John Cena to become the new WWE Champion. on July 17, immediately after the Money in the Bank PPV ended; Punk vowed to win the championship and leave the company with it. Money in the Bank results, live retro blog: John Cena vs. The featured attraction is a WWE Championship match between John Cena and challenger CM Punk. attorney, and WWE Vice-President of Talent Relations John Laurainatis. WWE unveils the Year-End Award winners · Should we.

I think Brie was dating husband Daniel Bryan by this point. Brie works over Kelly for the majority of it thanks to some heel tactics. The crowd is dead for this move.

Terrible bulldog because Brie sold it before she should have, basically driving her own head into the mat. Brie goes on offense again, but Kelly won with her K2 Rocker Dropper finisher. They messed up some spots. The crowd was dead. This feud needs to end now. I forgot this match even took place. Watching it again was a painful reminder of how bad it was. They do the video package for Big Show vs. Henry got a big push as a heel while Show was a face at this point.

Mark Henry The early portion of the match focused mostly on Mark Henry working on the injured left knee of Big Show until Show made his big comeback. Show knocked him down with a shoulderblock as both guys are down for the ten count.

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That was very impressive. Henry gave Show two big splashes. Henry pinned Big Show for the pinfall victory at 6: It was given the right amount of time and the angle worked. I think it was obviously going to be a Henry win. It was clean and it makes Henry look very impressive. Then he squashed it by jumping off the second rope and putting all of his weight right on the knee. He gets carted off. This really put over Henry strong with the win and the post match attack. Taking out Big Show was good in terms of making Henry look more credible.

Henry signed a contract extension in and got a main event level push out of it. Vince tells the fans not to blame him because he did everything he could to keep Punk on the roster. Raw MITB match next.

Order of entrant for the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match: Each guy brought a ladder into the match. My pick is Del Rio. Del Rio was the obvious pick. Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Miz and Truth have a faceoff with two mini ladders. Swagger takes them out. Riley gets close, Cole goes nuts and Miz stops it. Riley takes out Miz and Swagger with a leap over the top. Truth hits a somersault plancha onto everybody on the floor. Then Rey and Kofi leap on the guys.

They each take out two guys. Evan Bourne goes up. Shooting Stair Airborne off the top of the ladder onto the heels! That ladder was huge. The match came to a stop when Miz took a nasty fall. Trainers are check on him. He walked out with the help of refs and trainers. Swagger put the Ankle Lock on Kingston while he was trying to climb. Kingston had some strong moments. Then Mysterio hit a around the ladder onto Kingston. Mysterio gets the on Truth.

Cole gives out some Facebook and Twitter facts. Lawler questions how he knows. Maybe because somebody told him, dummy. Four ladders are up. A bunch of them are reaching for it. All seven guys are close as the briefcase floats around due to them touching it. Good false finish there.

They both fall off the ladder. The crowd rises as The Miz limps his way back to climb up. Crowd wanted Miz to do. Rey hits a sunset flip powerbomb off a ladder. That was likely the finish, but Del Rio went down. Del Rio went back up. Del Rio wins after Alberto Del Rio Analysis: The Miz injury thing was obviously a work. Del Rio winning was predictable. Lots of people called it. It was nearly ten minutes shorter and they were able to work in some cool spots. The finish was well done even with that minor botch at the end.

As I mentioned earlier, Del Rio winning was very obvious since he was pushed so heavily in We all knew it was coming. Backstage, Josh Mathews interviews Del Rio.

Alberto says he was already 1 contender because he won the triple threat two weeks ago. His destiny is to be WWE Champion. Christian comes out first. Orton gets a huge pop as the face World Champion. The best nearfall came at the eight minute mark as Christian hit a top rope headbutt vintage Benoit for two. It looked picture perfect. Christian gets the Killswitch. The crowd believed that one. Christian goes for a spear, Orton moves and Christian goes into the turnbuckle.

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Orton hits his Gutwrench into a neckbreaker. King called it a RKO. Orton goes for the punt, Christian avoids it and Orton hits the powerslam that Cole calls a scoop slam. Orton hits the DDT off the ropes. He signals for the RKO, but Christian stays on the mat. Orton pounds on him until he gets to five seconds. Orton kicks Christian in the groin. Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Christian via DQ Analysis: It moves the belt onto Christian without having Orton take a pinfall loss.

The idea of the match was that the spit was so disrespectful that it drove Orton mad enough to kick Christian in the balls and it got Christian the win. In other words, Christian outsmarted him to win their battle of mind games. They wrestled singles matches at four PPVs in a row. I thought the match at Over the Limit was the best of them. SummerSlam was second best as well as a fitting end to this rivalry. Post match, Orton attacks Christian. He smashes him in the head with a TV monitor.

The Spanish table comes into play of course. He gives Christian a RKO on the table. The announcers act like Orton has never been this angry before. The babyface announcers said that Orton got screwed. Orton came back to the ring.

He gave Christian another RKO on the table. How many RKOs does it take to break the Spanish table? More than two, apparently. His facial expressions were great. I guess this feud must continue huh? The feud continued leading to another match at SummerSlam. He did many other reprehensible acts as a heel. Why do they treat us like idiots that have to forget these kinds of things? Why treat it like it never existed?

I hate when they do that. This was one of those examples where their announcing felt bad to me. This crowd is going nuts for it.

One of the best reactions you would ever hear. Punk sits cross legged in the ring to soak in the ovation. What an incredible ovation that was. At this point, Punk had been a heel for a few years, but the combination of the epic promo a few weeks earlier and being in his hometown made him a huge face on this night. Punk was clapping at ringside with friends Colt Cabana and Ace Steele in the front row. Referee Scott Armstrong, in my opinion the best in the company, is doing the honors for this historic match.

The excitement level for this match was huge. A lot of us legitimately had no idea what was going to happen during the match and after it was over. Punk goes for the Anaconda Vince, Cena counters into an armbar to slow it down. Punk gets a hiptoss and dropkick followed by a side headlock. They each attempt their finisher, but neither guy hits it. Not a whole lot has happened although the story so far is the awesome crowd reactions.

Cena hits a big clothesline and then grabs a headlock. Tell me a story. Punk gets a backdrop for two. I guess there are kids in the crowd since some are chanting for Cena.

Two count for Cena after the Fisherman Suplex. These announcers are terrible. I miss Jim Ross calling the action. Punk misses a charge into the corner. Punk grabs another chinlock. The crowd is quiet for the first time all match. Punk hits a crossbody for two. Cena selling a knee injury now. From the apron, Cena suplexes Punk over the top and all the way to the floor.

Cena hits a modified powerslam for two. Just passed 15 minutes.

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They do a dueling punch off with the crowd chanting favorably for Punk while booing Cena. Punk breaks out of the abdominal stretch and then they do a double clothesline to do the ten count. Cena gets up with the shoulderblocks, but Punk counters with a rollup for two. Cena hits his slam. Cena goes for Five Knuckle Shuffle, so Punk kicks him in the face, then knees him out of the ring and hits a dive out to the floor as they crash into the barricade around ringside.

That was an awesome sequence. How many guys counter Five Knuckle Shuffle? My kind of people. Punk misses his springboard clothesline. Henry versus Big Show was later announced for Money in the Bank. During the bout, Sheamus slammed Sin Cara through a ladder propped between the ring apron and the announcers' table with a powerbomb.

The ladder was bent in half and Cara was stretchered away from ringside. Near the end of the match, Barrett, Rhodes and Bryan were the only three in the ring. Bryan put Rhodes in a guillotine choke submission hold on top of the ladder in the middle of the ring while Barrett sneaked up the other side of the ladder. After Bryan knocked Rhodes off the ladder, Barrett got Bryan onto his shoulders and tried to throw him off.

Bryan countered with repeated elbow strikes to Barrett's head. Bryan then kicked Barrett in the head and unhooked the briefcase to win the contest. Kelly won the bout after performing her K2 maneuver on Brie. Henry then performed the move again and two running splashes for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Henry wrapped a chair around Big Show's ankle and jumped on it, causing an injury to Big Show. During the match, Evan Bourne performed his signature Air Bourne aerial maneuver, diving from a ladder and landing on the other wrestlers at ringside. Bourne and Miz went for the briefcase but Del Rio toppled their ladder, and Miz was taken backstage with a knee injury.

The seven remaining wrestlers simultaneously climbed four ladders in the ring, but fell off one by one. With nobody left in the ring, Miz hopped down to the ring and climbed the ladder with one leg, but Mysterio stopped him by slamming him off the ladder with a sunset flip powerbomb.

As Mysterio and Del Rio battled on top of the ladders for the briefcase, Del Rio distracted Mysterio by unmasking him and then pushing him onto another ladder, which tipped over and sent both wrestlers to the mat. Del Rio regrouped and unhooked the briefcase to win the match. Christian opened the bout by bringing a steel chair into the ring and trying to goad Orton into getting disqualified.

Orton balked and threw the chair to the floor. Christian performed his signature Killswitchbut Orton kicked out of the pin at the two count. An enraged Orton kicked Christian in the groin and was disqualified, so Christian became the new champion. During the match, two separate signature Attitude Adjustment moves by Cena failed to score the victory. More than 30 minutes into the match, Punk performed his Go to Sleep maneuver, striking Cena's ribs and causing Cena to fall out of the ring.

Punk did not submit, but McMahon signaled the referee to award Cena the match and sent Laurinaitis to ring the bell. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded the Cena—Punk main event five stars out of five, [38] the first WWE match since to receive such a rating. The main event won the Observer award for Match of the Year. He criticized the ladder matches as "dangerous spectacles" where many wrestlers "took plenty of painful-looking bumps" but often failed to score "a corresponding crowd reaction".