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The high-coverage pigments distribute intense color, while conditioning agents like rose hip oil and vitamin B leave lips feeling conditioned and protected. Sephora Favorites Meet Your Match™: Beauty. When it comes to makeup, Sephora is like the mothership for beauty junkies. . lines on their face where two colors meet (unless that's the point of the look, of course!) making the face look slimmer and more defined but heavy contour ( and a making it easy for women of color to find their perfect match.

Get your SPF another way. This will prevent flashback and the cakey look of too much makeup.

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Higher concentrations of SPF in foundation also tend to give skin a white cast also known as flashback in photos. If you have darker skin, that white cast can also appear on your face sans photography. So we cut any products with SPF. We also cut any formulas with just average shade offerings. Historically, women of color have been systemically underrepresented in the beauty industry. From a lack of spokesmodels of color to limited shade ranges, people of color have been left out or only nominally acknowledged in the beauty space.

But the scene is shifting. But shade ranges are complicated. This forces women of color to mix shades in order to achieve their match.

The Best Foundation

Created in by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, the Chair of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, the Fitzpatrick Scale is commonly used by dermatologists, aestheticians, and tattoo artists to gauge how susceptible skin is to sun damage or hyperpigmentation.

Any formulas with less than six shades were eliminated straight off the bat, as this means at least one overarching group of skin types is not been represented. Holding underrepresented dark tones to the same standard as light tones would unfairly disadvantage those product lines, so we decided to split available tones into categories according to the Fitzpatrick Scale.

We found the average number of shades for three categories: The shadow comes in six shades for those who like their eyes to be bursting with glitter, and this one is a rich and deep purple that is guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone around you.

The names are, of course, part of the fun Question 17 Which famous tattoo artist created this makeup brand? Hannah Aitchison Kim Saigh Sara Fabel This makeup brand was launched by a tattoo artist after Sephora approached them about making a lipstick - and of course, after they became famous on reality TV! Now, the brand is famous for creating bold and rich colors, and foundation that can conceal tattoos - so it works wonders on blemishes or uneven skin tone.

The brand is also entirely cruelty free, as the artist behind it is an animal rights activist an a vegan who wanted the makeup to reflect those beliefs. Question 18 When would one put this makeup product on? First After contour and blush Last Most makeup junkies have their own routines when it comes to putting on makeup - and there can be big debates in the beauty community over the right way to do it, too!

Whether eyeshadow should be done before foundation, or if concealer goes on first But there's no doubt when you should be putting on this product - or any similar to the Smashbox photo finish. Put it on at any other time, and it just won't work! Question 19 Which is darker, highlight or contour? It's not the shade, it's the finish Highlight: A little light contour and highlight brings out the bone structure, making the face look slimmer and more defined But which of these two products is the darker, and which is the lighter?

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The primer smooths out the surface of the skin and helps the makeup adhere more effectively - and Smashbox makes one of the most popular ones available at Sephora! Photo Finish Foundation Primer even has a range of options, including color correcting primers - but how much do they cost?

Question 21 Can anyone name this Huda Beauty palette? Desert Dusk Genie In a Bottle Aladdin's Cave Everyone loves a great palette - a range of colors and finishes all grouped together, so that you can create amazing looks without having to collect dozens of full sizes of eyeshadow shades.

And of course, they are just stunning to look at, like little jewel boxes! This popular palette from Huda Beauty includes eighteen different shadows, with four different textures, including "one dazzling glitter, eight creamy mattes, six shimmering pearl shades, and three duo-chrome toppers" - but what is its name? Question 22 What product is this brush used for?

Eyeliner Lipstick Contour Some brushes are huge and fluffy, designed for spreading product evenly across the whole face This tiny angled brush is designed to pack product into a small area with neat edges - and the angle helps give you control and a smooth application.

Of course, it's possible to use this brush for any number of things, if you want to get creative, but what would you be most likely to use this little angled makeup brush to do?

Question 23 What is the name for these fun falsies? Knickerbocker Glory Bubblegum Dreams Amerian Sundae Mascara is an amazing part of any makeup bag, but there are times when it's just not enough These beauties allow you to create huge and dramatic lashes, and they don't always need to look natural, either.

It's fun to add lashes that are obviously fake, with bright colors, feathers, or jewels - like these amazing Sephora Museum Of Ice Cream lashes that have multicolored feathers at the base. What is this particular lash named? Question 24 What is the name of Rihanna's makeup brand? RiRi Beauty Shine Color For All This makeup brand was only launched inby singer Rihanna, but it has already become one of the biggest brands in beauty - and it's easy to see why.