Novato gymnastics meet 2013 spike

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ERRP fish observers have seen Sturgeon regularly sinceand the lamprey are experiencing a major resurgence with thousands distributed throughout the watershed.

Resident native fishes, such as the Sacramento sucker and sculpin, are rare in some reaches of the Eel River because of heavy predation by the non-native Sacramento pikeminnow. ERRP conducts pikeminnow surveys and plans to assist with managing the population so native fishes can fully recover. Round Valley Tribal elder Ernie Merrifield will talk about the relationship of the Eel River native peoples to the fish and the environment before their cultural traditions were disrupted.

Mendocino County Today: Sunday, April 16, 2017

Northern California Indians shared a Harmony-based culture and believed that everything was imbued with a spirit and that all creatures had a right to exist. Ernie will talk about the rhythm of Nature and the importance of coming into Harmony with Nature. Time will be allotted for folks to share their experiences of fishing the Eel River, their observations of fish runs, habitat conditions and trends, both recent and historic.

There is no charge for admission. Following the sound he arrived in the kitchen on the run and spotted the problem right away, dispatching it with a swift slap of his hand. He bundled the mangled remains in a paper napkin and tossed it into a wastebasket then looked at the startled woman standing in a backward lean against the counter, the back of one hand held to her mouth.

Then one day, down at the corrals, Alejandro said 'racha' and it just sorta caught on. Not half bad, he thought to himself. It's usually a good idea to turn on a light for a spell before you go pokin' around in a cupboard.

Do they have teeth? You learn to use your bare hand because they are so quick. If you want to get 'em, you have to go right at 'em. I wouldn't know how to do it, or where to look. Why didn't they tell me I'd have to put up with a horde of hideous primeval bugs before I came here? We don't have anything like that where I came from.

The circumstances surrounding her arrival on Maui are as farfetched as winning a lottery and she chooses not to talk about it, fearing people would think she was either bragging or fibbing.

I don't suppose no one thought much about it, no way. Bugs give me the creeps. It was just an adventurous impulse at the time, but he became enamored with the beauty of Maui and would readily admit that he didn't miss the Wyoming winters and sub-freezing temperatures that came with them. The Upcountry pasture-land was absolutely dazzling, a gently rolling landscape that carried up the slopes of Haleakala with stands of exotic eucalyptus and koa dividing the pastures.

The whole vista was accented by the most colorful flowering tree she had ever seen, all thirty feet of it covered with vivid purple blossoms. There were several mares with their foals in a nearby section of pasture enclosed by a crisp white rail fence, giving the entire panorama a storybook quality. Then, as she reached to tighten a lace on her riding boot, her temporary serenity was replaced by another reality: It was armored with broad semi-circular body sections of dark iridescent colors that bled into brighter shades of red, indicative of its toxic bite.

It had uncountable legs and fierce mandibles that looked capable of piercing leather.

Smart Meter Health Complaints – EMF Safety Network

A cry escaped her throat as she recoiled, throwing her arms skyward and backing up as though to escape, but the centipede held to her boot and came right with her. She caught a glimpse of the paniolo, close-by, wheeling his horse and riding hard in her direction. She felt darkness closing in on her as she went into a faint.

His dismount was a single effortless motion, executed while reining his horse from a gallop. He caught her in the arc of her swoon, halfway to the ground. She came to consciousness looking into the dancing light of his azure eyes, crystal pools reflecting kindness and concern. She heard him speaking to her as though from a distance, his voice reaching her with a reassuring warmth and confidence.

It'll not bother you again. It's these Kona winds, you know, that sometimes brings them out. Winds that blow from the south and southwest. The prevailing winds here are trade winds that come out of the east and northeast. But this is a south wind, a Kona wind. It fools the insects, Ma'am. They think the season has changed when it blows Kona. They crawl out of their homes and start building anew to protect themselves from the south wind.

Most of the big storms, Ma'am, are blown in with the Konas. She again noted the clean, rugged lines of his visage, brown from the sun. The brim of his hat threw a shadow across a broad forehead, his face clean-shaven but for a trim mustache lightly speckled with gray. It makes me ill thinking how it is harming our children and elderly right now. But he had not left. Moments later, he entered our gated yard again and I heard pounding at the side of my home, where the 4 meters for our townhouse are located.

He left a card on my door with a number to call. I begged him to stop—telling him repeatedly that I was not well, and I was not giving my permission for Smart Meters to be installed on my home. I explained why I was calling, then he had to speak to his supervisor. I was told that nothing could be done. Recently, staying at a hotel she had no trouble sleeping through the nights.

Since installation, our high-speed internet connection has slowed, been interrupted often, dialing out we have static on the phone lines, similar to taking a cordless phone too near a microwave oven in use. We have trouble sleeping. Our son experiences nosebleeds and attention problems.

My Mother feels that her health has declined in many aspects since the installation of her meter she lives next door. We all have noticed our immune systems are weaker. The biggest complaint is difficulty sleeping. I have had to sleep in a heavily shielded area to get more than a couple of hours of sleep.

I have also had pain in my sinuses and pressure in my face, and increased bleeding episodes. I do not want an SMeter of any kind. An injury 6 years ago left me hypersensitive to the electromagnetic fields these and other devices emit. I had a lot of pain when appliances with switching power supplies were plugged in like my computer.

A doctor suggested I buy filters for this. Please help me and others. I have since looked into the research. This hypersensitivity is caused by over-exposure. Wireless and the high frequencies produced by switching power supplies affects many people. Please help stop this criminal use of compulsory technology. I did not know what a smart meter was when the man with the hard hat knocked on my door to tell me that my power would be turned off for about 10 minutes.

I thought nothing of it. The headache persisted through the night and was unresponsive to medication. The next morning I also experienced nausea and began to think that I was coming down with the flu. However, when I left my apartment and went to another city no meters my symptoms cleared up. I was perplexed when they returned that evening after I returned home. This pattern continued for the next 3 days: After 5 days I could no longer tolerate the symptoms and left my home of 23 years, to live out of my car and sleep in the homes of friends and family to avoid the unbearable health issues.

I am disabled and, try as I might, I have been unable to find subsidized housing in an area that is free of meters. I am exhausted and despair at what my future holds. I have told Burbank Water and Power about my problems.

A board member told me to move out of Burbank. I contacted the CPUC and was told that they have no jurisdiction over my utility company and was instructed to contact my City Council. It is the most of vicious of circles.

There is no remedy. There is no advocacy. Several of my neighbors are experiencing similar symptoms, complaining of insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating. The mesh network and the meters are a scourge, depriving us of our human rights and our civil rights. On July 31,I went into the living room, about 6 feet from the wall that holds the Smart Meters, and felt a sudden zap of energy that instantly had my chest and throat aching, sending my already delicate health into immune collapse.

It took several days before the aching in my chest, and the intense fatigue and brain fog that accompanied it, abated. We hired an electrician to come to our home with his radiofrequency radiation meter, to determine the frequency and strength of the Smart Meter radiation in our home.

At the time of his reading on Wednesday, August 4th, the meter was pulsing about 3 times a minute, and inside the house the radiation from the Smart Meter was definitely high in the living room.

I am writing to request that the Smart Meters at our home be removed immediately, and that action is taken to remove these meters from our area. A couple of weeks or so after that, we noticed that our old analog meter was gone and a smart meter had been installed. I have had brain fog and trouble sleeping. When we leave our home for a day then our systems return back to normal.

We went to visit our family away from our home for 2 days to celebrate Thanksgiving and again felt much better. When we returned so did the problems. We have our own business and have to work out of our home.

It seems that America was a country of freedom of choice and not a country where things can be shoved down our throats and when we ask for reasonable changes we are turned down. We should have the choice of what goes on our house that is reasonable and safe to our health.

If you are normal or of normal health than a smart meter may not effect you but to the percentage of people that have medical issues please do not discriminate or destroy their ability to function normally or lose productivity. I am also deeply concerned about the health effects of the meters. This should be among the top priorities for our legislators, as exposure to electro magnetic radiation impacts children and the ill the most, but will also make healthy people ill.

Meanwhile, doctors are not properly trained to diagnose or treat related illness. It occurred only in the front part of my house. After a few days I remembered the EvilMeter, and checked to see where it was located. It was on the outside of my living room wall, only feet from my sofa, where I often used to sit. I tried taking my pulse many places, and my pulse was normal everywhere except in the front part of my house.

My irregular heartbeat was worst when near the EvilMeter. Over the months since then, I have tried to stay out of the front part of my house. I did spend as much time as I could in my bedroom, e. However, a month or two ago I noticed that my skipped heartbeats were getting worse — my heart would only beat times, then skip a beat, beat times, then skip a beat, etc.

That would go on for hours. This was much worse than at first, when it would go back to normal within a short time of going into my bedroom or leaving the house. It may cause me to have a stroke, a heart attack, or eventually heart failure. I think that is extremely Evil. And please make the utilities replace all installed EvilMeters with analog meters.

I am ill from the smart meters two of them, one gas, one electric on my property — one at each end of my home.

The electric smart meter, the worst of the two, is located on my bedroom wall, right by the headboard of the bed. My head was less than a foot, about 8 inches or less, from the smart meter for six months, as I slept and read in bed, sitting up. I developed numerous symptoms, including very shrill painful ringing in my ears, severe headaches, skin cancer, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to rf radiation and more, all following the exposure to the smart meters.

Finally my doctor told me about the dangers of smart meters and diagnosed me with radiation illness. I moved out of the bedroom, along with my husband.

I now sleep for the past year in the living room very uncomfortably and he sleeps in another bedroom. The living room is far enough away to lower the headaches, the other bedroom is not.

Getting anywhere near the electric meter, especially, inside or outside, produces extreme illness that lasts for three or four days. Neither one was helpful. They both incorrectly insisted that it was mandatory to have these horrible meters on my property. I wrote and called all elected officials. They have ignored me… This is the worst thing I have ever experienced or seen.

I was not asked permission prior to the SmartMeter device being installed on my home. My family was never consulted about the program, or even notified in advance of installation. I hereby demand that the SmartMeter device be removed from the premises. Since the installation, I have had headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion and memory loss. I now understand that there are health concerns related to the wireless network that the SmartMeters use, and I do not want this device on my home or in my neighborhood.

My old analog meter worked just fine, and I do not want to risk the health of my family with this SmartMeter. This is so outrageous and plain inconsiderate. I have felt more tiredness,stress and aggitation since they were installed and I want them out of my home.

Did no one do any research on the effects on Health before considering installing these on our homes. I cannot believe the ignorance of such an act! My MS symptoms now have progressed to feelings of numbness in my hands, burning sensations in my left arm, weakness in my left arm and a sense of confusion and memory loss intermittently from week to week.

Both symptoms disappeared immediately months later when I was able to leave my home for more than a day. They returned within 24 hours when I returned to my home. I had not heard about the health concerns at that point. My objections were ignored so the meter was installed. As stated above, my symptoms began about a month later and have continued non stop since…except when I was able to leave my home for more than 24 hours. Two and a half years ago, I had major surgery for cancer.

It was removed and my follow up treatment worked. I was feeling very well just before the smartmeter was installed. When the hives and ear ringing began, my feelings of well being totally disappeared. Between the time of installation and this writing, I have developed tinitus—a constant, faint, ringing in my ears that negatively affects my sleep and my overall quality of life.

I had no idea why I developed this condition I have suffered no head injury or severe illness this past year until I learned today that tinitus has been associated with the emanations from these smart meters.

She was informed by the local electricians that it was illegal for them to remove the smart meter from our property. This situation is intolerable. The idea that a private company is somehow entitled to place a device on my home that is harmful to me and to my family flies in the face of my understanding of property rights in this state and in this country.

I would ask that you give rapid consideration to a method by which homeowners can opt out of having a smart meter. Given my personal experience, I will be taking these more seriously in the future. I and numerous others in my community will also be watching to see how quickly and successfully this issue is addressed in considering how to vote in the next election. Since then I have experienced sleepless nights, anxiety, ringing in the ears and headaches, my children have as well.

When I called to have the smart meter removed I was informed that I will be charged to go back to the analog and will not longer be able to use the Time of Use plan which I have been a part of before the smart meter…this is a cost saving program as to when the peak and off peak hours are for usage Their reasoning is that a technichian will have to come out monthly to read meter. So I am curious why my NEW monthly tehnichian fee who will come out to read my meter will not be able to do the exact same service I had prior to the having the smart meter installed!

This last summer I was away for 5 weeks, when I returned to my home in mid September I began having sleepless nights. I would awake about midnight with my heart racing and be unable to go back to sleep at all.

After a week of this I went to visit a friend and slept perfect at her house, that has no smart meter. When I returned the same sleeplessness happened. It finally dawned on me to check the meter which is on the outside wall of my bedroom. The smart meter had been installed against my opt out wishes. When I pressed the representative about this, he changed his story. I need this meter off, I am missing work and my health is suffering from lack of sleep. I happens especially during the night awakening me and keeping me awake, without being able to fall asleep again.

I also started suffering from Hypothyroidism, a problem I never had in my life until now I am This is an intolerable decay in environmental quality.

Smart Meter Health Complaints

Since now, I have conducted a very healthy life style, rarely have I got sick form common things such as colds and flu. How is that eating only organic foods, not smoking, having low stress level got me into an autoimmune disease? My pregnant wife has had chronic headaches for months.

I usually keep abreast of health dangers that most people are unaware of, but somehow I missed this one. They come and threaten my health and the health of my family like this. I never gave my permission to install a smart meter on my home. One day a company representative showed up at my door and said he needed to replace my meter. I did not realize that it was going to be a totally different meter than what I already had.

I was not given any information about the smart meter at all. I demand it be removed immediately! Since the smart meter was installed i have been suffering from debilitating headaches. On some days it is so bad that I cannot function at all.

I have also been having severe difficulty with sleeping. After doing research on my on I found out that there are considerable health concerns involved with smart meters. The problems that I have been having are among those health concerns. I demand that my smart meter be removed from my home immediately. I have called my utility company, Georgia Power, and informed them of these problems and requested by old meter back.

I was told that those meter were being phased out and I would not be able to get it back. I was told that I was going to have to deal with the smart meter. They were sorry that I was having problems but there was nothing that could be done. This is not satisfactory! My health and the health of my family are very important. I demand that my smart meter be removed immediately!

The Smart Meter was already installed for our apartment. Ten out of twenty apartments here have smart meters installed. Our apartment is about 90 ft. The past year has been pretty painful for me. On average I would normally wake up once through out the entire night. Now its times a night if I can even fall asleep! I keep my cell on speaker away from my head at all times and out of my room at night.

Not to mention my young indoor cats used to be very active and out in the open of the living room at all times. If all smart meters in my complex are not removed with in the next 3 months, I will have no choice but to move once my lease is up. Im sure I will be pushed into backwoods because all of this. I have changed my bedroom twice, and now I am sleeping and living in my kitchen where it is the furthest from the SmartMeter.

This constant switching on and off the power is making my husband crazy too. He cannot go to sleep until I go to sleep because I need the power off entirely in the house. They told me there would be an opt out option in the future, but we cannot wait for finalization the opt out program. I do not feel it is fair that I have to suffer when I did not want the SmartMeter on my home in the first place. I am certain that the SmartMeter is causing other health issues for myself and my family because ever since the installation of the SmartMeters, I not only cannot sleep well but my back and leg hurts all the time.

I do not want to wait remove this SmartMeter. I would like it removed now! He sleeps fine at his grandparents house. He sleeps fine when we are staying elsewhere. He is generally awake and crying every hours when we are at home. This was even after we put our home electronics on a power strip so that we could completely power everything down.

I am also very concerned about fires, as my house was built in and, while the wiring has been updated since then, there are still some areas of the house that may not have been.

I have always lived with cats, and upon moving in here I developed allergy symptoms sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes. I also found that whenever I needed to work at my desk, I became extremely lethargic within minutes of sitting down. Soon I discovered information about the negative affects SmartMeters can have on people sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies.

The next time I was doing laundry which is located in a room directly on the other side of the wall of my living room and desk I noticed 4 SmartMeters.