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meet other au pairs in france

Find Meetups about Great Ways to Meet Other Au Pairs and meet people in your local community who Internation au-pairs and nannies | Paris, France. An au pair who adapts and takes over as soon as we leave: the rhythms of a beautiful soul to accompany our children and discover other cultures and other horizons! Avignon is a city where you can go out, meet people while being safe !. So if you are an au pair, was an au pair, or thinking about being an au pair or you share similar interests with us and you're looking to meet new people/other au.

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My time in the city was highly enjoyable, slightly crazy and above all a brilliant experience, however things may have gone a little more smoothly had I found more varied information before setting off on my travels.

Although I finished my time as an au pair a while ago, I am now making the most of my new skills by studying languages including French at university in England! It is nice to have a simple Anglophone resource readily available!

Like a little piece of home. Do you have a funny story as an au pair to share?

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When I first arrived in Paris, my host family demonstrated how everything worked in the house for me in simple French. The 9-year-old really picked up on this and, trying her best to help out, spent the first week showing me how to pull tissues out of tissue boxes and how to answer the phone… What is the first piece of advice you would give to someone who arrives in Paris and wants to be an au pair?

To not get too stressed.

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Most people have already found their au pair family before arriving in Paris and everything is so new that adjusting can be really quite stressful, especially in a new language. What is your best memory? Why did you choose to come to Paris? I found my original au pair position through a family friend, who lived just outside the Paris transport zone 5.

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The town was so small that I ended up spending all my free time in Paris, making friends and exploring. That meant that, when I eventually changed families, I made sure to find one in the centre of Paris as I had really fallen in love with it.

meet other au pairs in france

Are you fluent in French? At first it was a little difficult, but I quickly realised that making mistakes is ok and I consider my self almost fluent now. All you need to do is post on the AuPairWorld Facebook timeline that you are searching for other au pairs in your region.

meet other au pairs in france

Simply type in "au pair in" and then your host country, region or city and you are bound to find somebody. For your own safety online, make sure that the group is private, though.

meet other au pairs in france

Making new friends in your host country, face to face Attending a language course is definitely the best way for au pairs to establish new relationships. What are your hobbies? Singing, dancing or a certain type of sporting activity?

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Find out if there are any clubs or fitness centres around your host family's home. When dropping off your host kids at the school or nursery, you may meet persons with similar interests to yours, including other au pairs. Ask your host family if they know another families around who are also currently hosting an au pair. Do not forget to ask them about typical leisure activities in their country.

You may wish to learn more about any of them.