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Connecticut Conference Gymnastics Championship in a meet at Deary's. Gymnastics on .. She has been employed at Westview since August of and is currently a cook TOYOTA. PRIUS Harley Davidson. Wisconsin Center hosts Midwest Twisters gymnastics meet Midwest Twisters Hal's Harley-Davidson Invite on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel!. Meet the Team for The Capricornian from , after which she operated her own Photography business for three years whilst balancing family life.

Among those no longer with us, my father-in-law. He made the best Manhattan and I miss him dearly. Patti Clifford Chief talent officer, Havas Creative Group Sometimes, what it takes to shake up an agency is someone who has never worked at an agency before.

Clifford quickly rose through the ranks. In the last year, she has completely overhauled the agency's approach to talent -- changing how it thinks about its 10,plus employees and best practices when it comes to hiring. She is also behind the newly formed Young Executive Committee that connects unders at Havas with C-suite leaders so they can exchange ideas.

Clifford that presents women-focused training and events. One of its key features is hearing from women who've gone down different paths and how they've gotten themselves to a successful place. Shopping, spin class, the Jersey shore, church choir. Unfortunately not; if I could it would be French so that I can understand the side conversations that take place in Havas meetings!

Best advice you've ever gotten? Don't get out of balance with how much "emotional equity" you put into your work. We're working on some big ones for the upcoming year," hints Ms. It's a long way from her start at Toyota 17 years ago on its government-relations team in Washington, D. Colvin admits her career path has been "a little unique for the auto industry," but notes that "there are a lot of synergies between developing a political campaign and how you think about an ad campaign.

My parents taught me from a very young age about the value of hard work. Before I went to college I held a variety of jobs, from working as a pharmacy clerk to delivering firewood. My first job in the automotive industry was in public relations. I learned a great deal from my parents -- the best advice they ever gave me was to treat everyone with respect from the cleaning crew to the head of the company.

In business and in life, we can suffer analysis paralysis, but going with the heart is often our first and best option. A data-based foundation is critical but there is an important artistic aspect to listening to the customer in order to make a meaningful connection. This year ESPN veteran is leading content creation beyond the traditional platforms and has been at the forefront of building out ESPN's signature "30 for 30" franchise.

In college, I held an internship at "Days of Our Lives. Yes, Spanish and German. Have you ever lived abroad? Yes, in Hong Kong. She was struck by the brand's sharp marketing, strong point of view and articulate approach to its target consumer. So it was a "humbling" experience when she landed at the brand eight years ago -- at a time of change.

We lost that a bit and started moving away from our core," she said. Flatley, who oversaw the successful launch of G2 inhas seen the brand come full circle.

And making it last in your absence," said one of my professors at Harvard Business School speaking at a women's leadership forum. She added at the end, "and it's exhausting," which I feel is such a nice recognition. Danielle Gonzales Exec VP-managing director, Starcom Mediavest Group Danielle Gonzales is touted as one of the first "total market" media execs in the country, overseeing both multicultural and general-market media strategies for her clients at Starcomwhich include Kraft and Burger King.

Lately she's been focusing on the sizable Kraft account, and has worked closely with the client to build a massive treasure trove of data. Gonzales is working with Starcom execs to offer similar data offerings to other clients and build on the momentum with Kraft.

I have a cat named Shadow who ate my frog Sticker this weekend. Working the front counter at McDonald's. I looked amazing in that uniform. Only you create your happiness. This is truly amazing but it recognizes the power of the individual to create their position and emotion in the world around them. Hunter calls the Jeep's summer campaign with the late King of Pop the next chapter in Chrysler's marketing playbook.

He's not able to be here with us all the time," she said. Somebody has to make sure the ship is steered in the right direction, that things are happening back here on the home front. That's my responsibility, from the advertising perspective. Keep it all moving forward. I really like to cook, so when there's a break in the action you might just find me "creating" an awesome lasagna because for me, making lasagna is a form of artmaking a big pot of chili, or trying to crack the code on a good, homemade kale salad.

At a key turning point in my career, my dad told me something I've held onto ever since. In fact it was funny, actually he emailed it to me -- in Latin -- so I had to go translate it. It's written on my white board now and has been every day since, as a reminder: Hey -- I am just getting started here! I am only one year not even, one year is July officially in my additional job as the global advertising director for Chrysler.

I am amazed every day at what this team is accomplishing. I am proud to be a part of it. I am so lucky to be able to work with Olivier Francois -- who, arguably, is the best CMO in the world.

She's also forging rapid change, as more of the agency's clients come for work targeting the whole market, not just Hispanic consumers. LatinWorks' challenge is to do all that without losing its reputation for quality even while hiring as fast as it can. A former Dell client, Ms. Kranik joined 10 years ago when LatinWorks was the 24th biggest Hispanic shop in the country.

She oversees almost everything except creative and planning, walks the halls, and travels weekly to see clients. Last year she started a program called C. You have to be a LatinWorker. One had renal failure so last July I took my cat to the University of Pennsylvania, the only place that does kidney transplants in cats, and my cat got a new kidney in a hour operation. They matched his blood with shelter cats that would otherwise be euthanized. We adopted the donor cat, who we call the hero cat.

So now I have three! I understand enough Spanish to know if they're talking about me. If I had to do it all over again, I'd My goal is really to inspire women to stay on the ad-agency side of the business and show balance can be achieved along with continued success and upward mobility.

Women often get pregnant and never come back or go to the client side. I try to do so many things within our four walls to help inspire women. I bring my son to the office pretty frequently. It's good to remind people I have a family. I wrote our maternity policy. I work for all Mexican men whose wives don't work. In addition to selling standard display ads online and in print, it's working with advertisers to create bespoke ad campaigns and producing content on their behalf. Her job might be one of the most high-stakes in the media business right now.

Kopit Levien, exec VP-advertising at the Times. Kopit Levien, who was chief revenue officer. She had built a reputation as a pioneer in native advertising -- ad units that more or less mimic the editorial content surrounding them. Introducing an ad product at the Gray Lady wasn't easy: The newsroom staff, including some of its top editors, were wary of native ads confusing readers.

In January, the Times introduced its version of native ads, allowing brands to post clearly labeled stories amid editorial content.

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The publicly traded Times Co. Kopit Levien hardly paused to celebrate the good news. Dancing with my 3-year-old son to Katy Perry with reckless abandon, reading good literature; I'd say cooking but my husband would say I haven't done it recently enough to claim it.

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Best advice you've every gotten: Tell people what you want done, not how to do it. My Dad who I lost last year, so I could tell him one more time how every day I try to parent in his image.

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Barbara McHugh VP-marketing, MLB Advanced Media Baseball has the longest season in sports, starting with spring training, stretching through a game regular season and culminating with the playoffs and World Series. Or, as Reggie Jackson used to say, to put the "meat in the seats. MLB finished the regular season with the sixth-highest record attendance of all time.

Intern with the National League Champion, New York Mets, which led to my first job the following season Have you ever lived abroad? No, but I spent two weeks in Africa with college classmates and faculty members to rebuild a school in Kenya. She passed away when I was 12 and I would cherish a meal together as adults. Also, Steve Jobs and St.

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That means developing shows like "Burning Love," an online comedy series she oversaw in an earlier post as Yahoo's video head that made its way to TV. It also means bringing mainstream celebrities like James Franco into the digital fold alongside YouTube stars like Chester See. A self-described "recovering lawyer" who participated in theatrical productions while attending Harvard Law School, Ms. McPherson spent five years representing Hollywood actors, writers and directors. She knows where they're coming from and now guides where they're going.

If that happens, she'll be one reason why. Los Angeles First job: During high school and college, I worked at the Aspen Chamber of Commerce. I grew up in Aspen, Colorado, and I loved giving visitors ideas about how to spend their vacation time. Enough French to get a good meal and enough Spanish to get a mean margarita. Don't take things personally. What other people think of you is none of your business. Try to make decisions from love, not fear.

And if it's dinner, Julia Child would have to do the cooking. That's because a big part of her job is overseeing brewer's stable of about Clydesdales. Mize, a longtime A-B employee who took on the experiential role in latehas made it a priority to more closely link the iconic horses to the Budweiser brand.

That includes running a sweepstakes when the Clydesdales visit a local market in which the horses deliver beer to the winner's house.

Some of the Clydesdales recently went to China, where the brewer used them to celebrate Chinese New Year's celebrations commemorating the year of the horse. She also manages other consumer-outreach programs, including branded clothing apparel, brewery tours, and venues such as the new 26, square-foot "Budweiser Brew House" near Busch Stadium in St.

Mize also founded a networking and support group for women in the beer industry. I studied Latin, French and Spanish but not fluent. For a summer in college for school in Leuven, Belgium. When will somebody buy your shop?

Kelly Mooney's response is that it's not likely anytime soon. Resourcebased in Columbus and now with employees, has a new office in Chicago and new creative partnership with Ammirati, New York, to go with additional offices in San Francisco and Cincinnati. In the past year, Resource launched the first Google Glass app for a consumer brand for client, Sherwin Williams.

The team performed alongside 52 teams from all over the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

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In cycling Dunlewey girl Amanda Gallagher had a fantastic international result winning her first junior race in the Netherlands. Twice in October Chloe Magee lost international quarter-finals. At the end of October, Letterkenny brothers Sean and Padraig McGettigan were presented with their international caps at an awards ceremony in the National Basketball Arena after representing Ireland earlier in the year. Sean was on the international U17 side while Padraig wore the colours of the Irish U15 team.

In boxing Carrigart B. There was some consolation for St. He then went on to surpass all expectations in the Supertwin Class on the more powerful cc Aprilia, where he was giving away cc of power to the bigger bikes securing another strong podium finish. Later in October, Caolan and his younger brother Rhys had further success. Caolan had 2nd and 3rd places and Rhys two second places at the prestigious International Sunflower Trophy Races at Bishopscourt hosted by the Hillsborough Club.