Girl meet world lucas

girl meet world lucas

Lucas Friar is the secondary tritagonist of Girl Meets World. Lucas is a native of Austin, Texas, and is a "cowboy in the city". He is the love interest of Riley. Girl Meets World is an American comedy television series created by Michael Jacobs and April On the subway, they meet a handsome boy named Lucas Friar, whom Riley immediately develops a crush on. In history class, Cory assigns the. Girl Meets World is one of the few shows on the Disney Channel that both adults and children can enjoy. Not that there aren't multiple ones.

When Lucas sought Cory's permission to ask Riley out on a date, Cory agreed so long as they took Maya and Farkle along with them. Lucas is very impressed by Riley when she and Maya appear on their date. Riley and Farkle run toward each other in slow motion, but Riley then directs her full attention at Lucas. After Maya helped Riley recreate her first subway meeting with Lucas, Riley gives Lucas a quick kiss, which Lucas responds to happily.

Lucas sees Maya sad after he sees her with Josh and tells Riley to go over there. Girl Meets the New World When the class pressured Lucas and Riley to decide where their relationship was at following their first kiss, they felt forced into saying they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

After an awkward after-school date where they struggled to say anything to each other, Topanga convinced them not to let themselves be pushed into a relationship if it doesn't feel right. Lucas and Riley decided they were better off as friends. Girl Meets the Secret of Life After a new kid, Zay, joined their class who said he knew Lucas from back in Texas, Lucas's classmates were surprised to hear there was more to Lucas' past than they knew; Maya and Farkle seem unfazed by the news, but Riley is furious, even more so with Cory who knew about Lucas' situation back home.

It was revealed that Lucas was a year older than the class after being kicked out of his school in Texas. When Zay got in trouble with a high school bully at his new school, Lucas again stepped up to defend his friend, though this time he decided against being physical with the bully.

As Cory taught the class, the secret of life is that people change people. Girl Meets Pluto When Cory set the kids an assignment to bury their own time capsule, Lucas originally planned on submitting a buffalo nickel given to him by his Pappy Joe for winning in junior rodeo sheep riding. After more consideration, Lucas decided instead to put his transfer slip into the time capsule, preferring to remember when something good started.

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Squirrels Lucas was at the center of a fight between Riley and Maya after he called Maya a "short stack of pancakes" and Riley didn't defend her.

Lucas thought it was okay since Maya calls him names, like "Ranger Rick", all the time. Maya said her problem wasn't with Lucas for calling her a name, but with Riley for not defending her - even if what Lucas said was true. When Eric Matthews came to town and helped the kids to realize they all had insecurities, Lucas asked them if they think it's easy being him every day. Upon noticing that they are in the same class, Riley gazes at him lovingly until her head is turned back towards the front of the classroom.

Later that day, Lucas sits beside Riley at lunch until they are interrupted by her father Cory who senses his daughter's crush on him and becomes protective who pulls Lucas away.

girl meet world lucas

Lucas waves goodbye at Riley while smiling sadly, and Riley does the same. Riley turns around, and smiles at him, telling him she's glad he's back.

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Lucas smiles, telling her he's glad to be back too. However, they are once again interrupted by Cory, who warns Lucas that he's watching him. After Maya accidentally sets off a fire sprinkler in the classroom, Lucas covers both himself and Riley under his jacket to protect them from the water. Lucas shows how disappointed he is in her by saying that she is better than not stepping up to stop Maya.

They were texting each other in the beginning of the episode.

Lucas Friar

Riley smiling at Lucas They get their phones get taken away, which eventually brings Lucas and Riley closer together. Riley and Lucas were both smiling when they were texting. Riley was too nervous to actually go up to Lucas and talk to him. When Maya made fun of Lucas, Riley said "Maya Both Lucas and Riley smiled at Maya, claiming that she's a mocking bird. Lucas immediately volunteers to be Riley's partner for the assignment.

Riley gave a 2 thumbs up to Lucas. She also gave him a smiley face. Lucas and Riley gazing at one another. Lucas smiled at Riley when she was holding 2 thumbs up and a smile. When Farkle beeped, Riley said that she would be ready in a minute. But when Lucas beeped, she instantly she was now ready. They went to the library together with Maya and Farkle. They were beside each other while standing behind Maya and Farkle.

They, along with Maya and Farkle, were startled when the librarian shushed them. After Maya dragged Farkle away from talking to the librarian, Lucas and Riley awkwardly stood next to each other, not knowing what to say. Riley and Lucas gazed at one another when Maya reads "Not until we put down our phones, switch off our computers and look in each others eyes, will we be able to touch each others hearts.

When Riley walked up to Lucas and said, "Hi," he smiled and greeted her back. Lucas told Riley what he missed most about Texas. They chatted about the pets they've had.

After Riley guessed correctly on a western term, Lucas smiled and said, "Not too bad city girl. Lucas told Riley that he thinks someday he might want to be a veterinarian.

Lucas and Riley

He's never shared his veterinarian secret with anyone before. They kept smiling at each other. Lucas and Riley demonstrated how you can connect with your friends without your phone. They turned to each other and said, "Hi. Riley was upset when she saw Lucas and Missy together.

Riley disliked the fact that there were other girls who got to talk to Lucas. Riley was sad all during class. Through the classroom window, Riley kept watching Lucas and Missy.

Lucas seemed to brush Missy off when she talked about scary movies.

girl meet world lucas

Riley immediately ran into the classroom when Missy tapped Lucas's nose. Riley tried to "boop" Lucas's nose. Lucas kept smiling at Riley, even though she accidentally stuck her finger into his nose. Riley hid herself in a locker because of what she did to Lucas.

Riley said that she lived in the locker, because Missy thinks that Lucas is into her. During lunch, Riley asked Maya if she thinks that Lucas will sit with them. When Lucas asked Riley, Maya and Lucas if he could sit with them, Riley said that there's always room for him. Lucas sat next to Riley. Lucas smiling at Riley Lucas seemed to be bothered by Missy when she pulled him away from Riley, Maya and Farkle's table. Riley didn't want Lucas and Missy together.