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ucf bap meet the firms

Beta Alpha Psi at UCF, the honorary accounting society for undergraduate and BAP leaves Hogwarts. 6. Meet the Offciers- Minute to Win It - Spring Over 30 firms will be present at this career fair to recruit for summer you have any questions, contact Amanda at [email protected] Meet the Firms Social, sponsored by BDO,. Deloitte BAP Informational Meeting for anyone interested in. E-Board UCF Tailgate Party.

A powerful, crippling word at the base of most of the fears that we as humans experience. Growing up I never really gave myself an opportunity to fail at anything.

Beta Alpha Psi at UCF – Epsilon Gamma Chapter

With sports, boys, academics, work, I was average. I never really put myself out there to rise above the rest of my peers because of the chance that I failed miserably. Half way through my undergrad at UCF I had the opportunity again to either play it safe or go hard and risk failure. I was between continuing in my current major or switching to a harder one, accounting. I knew what I wanted to do but I was scared.

BAP 2009 Best Practices

What if everyone was better than me? What if I failed?

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That last question was the question that drove me to make my previous safe decisions. But I decided the risk was worth doing something I enjoyed even if it was extremely challenging.

My first two classes in the major were difficult, but I got through. I was getting through a hard major and I was confident, sort of. Anyway, when I came back from the other side of the world, I had huge culture shock and it took a while for me to adjust back to school and America and extra curriculars and work and everything else. When the fall semester started, I was not ready.

I struggled through my classes. I had extreme anxiety.

It’s Time for the #UCFBusiness Failure Competition | Paul Jarley, Dean

Relationships were getting tough. Things were not easy at all. Despite studying hard, the things going on overcame me and I ended up having to drop one accounting class and I failed another.

Never failing a class before I started believing lies that I am incompetent and worthless and not good enough. My graduation date was pushed back. Spring came and that semester was harder than the fall, but I thought I was doing well. Taking 3 accounting classes at once made the spring a nightmare. My anxiety was getting worse and was making things in school a lot harder. Finals week came, and I was nervous. I passed the class that I had previously failed.

It was almost over. On the very last day of spring I went into the testing lab to take the test in the class I had dropped during the previous semester. I walked out of the testing lab feeling defeated, confused, extremely disappointed and so many other crippling, negative feeling.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or areas you would like to get more involved in or learn more about, please reach out to one of the officers. I look forward to getting to know you and I hope we have a wonderful Fall semester!

ucf bap meet the firms

The points are broken down as followed: Initiates must obtain 8 meeting points; members must obtain 6 meeting points. Each meeting is worth 1 points, unless otherwise noted. Initiates must obtain 10 professional points.

ucf bap meet the firms

Members must obtain 6: Initiates must obtain 12 social points; members must obtain 8 social points. Initiates must obtain 6 volunteer points and members must obtain 4 volunteer points from the following events: As a Mentor of the Student Accounting Society, it provides a unique opportunity to gain responsibilities of leading new initiates or members.

You will have the privilege to assist in implementing the basic standards of the club. During SAS events and sponsored activities, opportunities will arise for you to get to know these new initiates or members on a personal level to allow them to feel comfortable.

ucf bap meet the firms

This includes giving friendly tips on how to network during meetings, social, and volunteer events in order to ease their comfort levels with firms and helping them meet their point requirements for induction or retention in our club. Our pairing system is based on accounting knowledge and personal interest. In the initiate application packet there will be questionnaire of interest.

  • Fall 2015 President
  • Meet the Firms
  • It’s Time for the #UCFBusiness Failure Competition

Pairs will be announced at the initiate picnic. We encourage our pairs to form their own study groups and interact beyond the events of SAS. Our main objective is to ease the transition into and retain membership.

SAS funded events for our coaching program will be announced prior to the event. Although being a part of the coaching program is pre-assigned, the events are not mandatory. Attending the events however will be rewarded in bonus points.