Ncis tony and ziva first meet quotes

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ncis tony and ziva first meet quotes

Sweet Cheeks." Tony DiNozzo to Ziva David, Tiva NCIS quotes .. I hated her when I watched NCIS @ first, but I loved her when I got used to her. It was because NCIS quotes ik kijk altijd met mijn opa samen als hij er is. Rebecca Weller. A great memorable quote from the NCIS, Season 10 show on Ziva: No. No, you don't. Tony: Hm. Well, I guess she was the first woman to break. (Tony and Ziva are stuck in the elevator after the explosion): Tony: [holding Ziva up on his shoulders as she bangs on the escape hatch] I'm so glad we First he goes after innocent sailors, and then he comes after us where we live. . Tony: Ziva David, did you just quote a movie? . Ziva: Maybe he met someone last night.

You have to focus on the good. Harper Dearing took that away. First he goes after innocent sailors, and then he comes after us where we live. All I see is pain and destruction.

ncis tony and ziva first meet quotes

I don't see good. I want good back. Abby, if anyone can find the good, it is you. I have no doubt. What if this isn't over?

ncis tony and ziva first meet quotes

What if Dearing isn't done? A terrorist is only as strong as the fear he creates. Doctor Mallard, I've been holding on to the body for the family. No one ever contacted us.

Well, claiming the remains of wanted men has always been taboo, Mr. Forensic historians have shown more interest in their bodies than family members. That's why John Wilkes Booth has always been a fascination for me.

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You see, his -- Gibbs: Duck, you're not here, remember? Yes, but I am alive, and until I am embalmed and buried there will be stories to tell, and I look forward to telling them. Agent Fornell asked me to convey this message: Gibbs confronts Dearing at the house where Dearing's son Evan was born; he listens to tapes from Evan's Navy service Dearing: Evan used to send us cassette tapes to listen to, see how he was doing Trying to make you a nice cup of coffee.

I know you like it, but this How about something stronger? I'm glad you came, Gibbs. I was hoping you'd figure it out eventually - the house where Evan was born. I'm sure you have similar feelings for Kelly's home. You made one decision, I made another.

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We both did what we had to do. Do I have regrets? Maybe things happen for a reason. You can't tell me Midge didn't like me because I'm not a woman. Let it go, Tony. Midge liked you just fine, she just thought you were occasionally annoying.

You're more like high maintenance. You know, always switching from the hip holster to the shoulder to the ankle. Changing from the Glock 17 to the 23 and then back again. You know, what's high maintenance about that? I like a certain holster. I like a certain gun.

Ziva David's Top 10 Quotes from NCIS

The bullet that killed Midge. It's like way nastier than any standard. It looks pretty standard to me. Yeah, but look closer. It's covered in mold spores, and old mold, like sixty years, which means it's a very old bullet. Well, my first thought is this assassin from the past. He stumbles through a tear in the space-time continuum. Or from somebody's old gun. That was my second thought.


You've barely spoken since we left, brilliant chatterbox. Not feeling so brilliant, I guess. Well, if it's any consolation, your friend Judy did not seem the least bit spoken for to me either.

Vance was right to yell.

ncis tony and ziva first meet quotes

I'm off my game. I've lost my focus. It's like half my brain is still stuck in that elevator. The most remarkable thing about him was how unremarkable he was. And whatever the motive for his murder is. Sounds worse when you say it like that. Ziva begins to doubt Ari's innocence and agrees with Gibbs' plan to present Ari with the opportunity to kill him. Gibbs arrives at his house and to his surprise, Ari has been waiting for him, with Gibbs' rifle, planning to kill him before seemingly disguising the death as a suicide.

The two briefly converse, with Ari confessing to the killing and claiming that he had terrorized the team because Gibbs reminded him of his father, whom he hated. Just before Ari can kill Gibbs, Ziva who had been at the top of the stairs, listening to the two men talk, shoots Ari in the forehead, killing him instantly.

It is only after the encounter between the three of them, that Gibbs discovers why Ziva was so quick to defend Ari: It's also revealed that Ziva is escorting Ari's remains back to Tel Aviv. Each of Kate's co-workers leaves a rose on the coffin while remembering their time with her, with Gibbs imagining Kate telling him that he's late for her funeral.

A while later, the team leaves the graveyard with the song "The Viper" in the background and as they walk alongside each other, Gibbs finally smiles, happy that Kate's death has been avenged. Long-term impact[ edit ] Ari Haswari was a recurring character, having first appeared in the Season 1 episode "Bete Noir" as an unknown terrorist who held Ducky, Kate, and Gerald Jackson hostage.

It is later revealed that he is the child of an Arab mother and Jewish father, initially a Mossad agent sent undercover in Hamas, who later went rogue and became a terrorist, attacking both Israel and the United States. She is a distinctly more sympathetic figure, initially defending Ari and believing him to have been completely innocent of the accusations.

Ziva's choice to kill her half-brother after realizing that he was guilty of the murder in order to save Gibbs, who was, at the time, essentially a stranger to her, is often regarded as a "selfless, endearing act" and defining character moment. In the third season's finale, after Gibbs suffered amnesia in the aftermath of a bombing, she was able to help him recover his memory by reminding him of their connection through Ari after several other characters had made attempts and failed.

In the sixth-season finale, NCIS Director Vance causes Gibbs to doubt Ziva's motives for killing her brother, thus leading him to question the nature of their connection. This concern is later resolved early in the seventh season when Ziva assures Gibbs that the sole purpose of her choice was to save his life.

Production[ edit ] The episodes were written to show the NCIS characters grieving and dealing with Todd's death, as well as to provide closure for Ari's storyline.

We killed off Kate. We had to have Gibbs deal with that, and what we saw was a different Gibbs than we'd seen for two years. That was followed by a new director coming in, played by Lauren Holly. So, a lot of new people, and a new look at the show. You'll see how we were able to do that. New flashbacks style started this season I started to do flashes at the beginning of acts that give away the end of the act or at least give you a clue as to what's coming at the end of that act.

It may mean nothing to you when you first see it, but by the end of the act it will.

ncis tony and ziva first meet quotes

I want to bring in a new character who is working for Interpol or the Royal Australian Navy, someone foreign who brings a whole new attitude.

Kate was kind of uptight, and I want to bring in somebody who doesn't live by the three-button rule for women in business. The character was later revised as Israeli and the half-sister of Haswari. We made some headway over the past two years, and the fact we were replacing a major character made us all a little concerned. I watched her tousle the head of the dolly grip and hug the director of photography and continue right on.

It's just what she does, who she is. Cote did nothing other than what she'd do every day. It was a guest-starring arc that would be about six episodes. The role was of the new Director of the agency, and things were made complicated because she had a 'past' with the lead agent, Jethro, played by Mark Harmon