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meet the shapes youtube

Meet Fable – designed for education. The Fable robot makes it fun and easy to teach 21st century skills and STEM. Fable is a modular construction set that. Beauty tutorials are big on YouTube -- a search for "makeup tutorial" and "hair tutorial" yields more than 5 million videos. In this weekly series. I think that YouTube is an untapped opportunity for personal promotion. art template to make sure that your template is the right shape and positioning. have the same skin-crawling awkwardness when they meet you, shake your hand, and.

Let me see if I can shade this in. So the base of this right over here is a square. That's where the square pyramid comes from.

If it's a triangular pyramid, then the base would only have three sides, but this is a square pyramid. Move this over there. So that is a square pyramid. Alright, let's do the next one. Which one is a rectangular prism? A prism you can view as a three-dimensional object, and since it's saying a rectangular prism, well, the best one here that is rectangular, notice, this shape right here is rectangular on every side, and it's three dimensions.

It is a prism, and so this is the rectangular prism. So let's move that over. So that is our rectangular prism.

Recognizing common 3D shapes

So this one is interesting. If you look at this shape right over here, it has sides that are triangles. You see this up here is a triangle and you see this down here is a triangle, although they're connected by these rectangular sides. This is actually what's called a triangular prism. In a square pyramid, the faces which are triangles all meet at a point.

In a triangular prism, you have two opposite-facing sides that are triangles. You'll see all of these in different orientations. Sometimes it'll be resting like this, sometimes it'll be on it's side, but this is a triangular prism. So that is a triangular prism. And so we have two left.

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Tran juggled art school and auditions. He took extra classes in improv and scene study. The nearest he got to a big break was an audition for a pilot on the Fox network.

The producers of hit shows Psych and Scrubs were in the audition room and he made them laugh.

meet the shapes youtube

I also auditioned for a lot of commercials. I was bringing my love of graphics in the piece.

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Prior to the channel, I felt like I had no purpose. I was waking up and feeling really unmotivated to do anything. Because, in acting, you have to commit per cent or else no one will believe you, not even you. Going on those auditions and to classes helped me to commit to the moment and just do it, no thinking.

But the success of the YouTube channel brought new problems.

meet the shapes youtube

I go to sleep anywhere from 2 to 5am. But most of my week consists of editing my videos and painting. He has a few key rules when making videos. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, he says, so he keeps footage under the six-minute mark. I never knew how to finish it, but one day I opened it up and let the story breathe.

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When he started at ArtCenter College of Design, he knew he was a capable painter but felt his work was too heavily influenced by his favourite artists. Then he painted a piece called Journey — a landmark in which he found his own voice and techniques. Using all Adobe software helps him easily switch between apps. A lot of my pieces sit there until I can see the piece turn into something unique to me.

You can learn from anything, any method, anywhere.