Lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

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lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

One of the Federation Ships tried to get away, but Naleke tossed her sickle at it and pulled it back. . As part of the Ohana, I refused to surrender you to her. . Lilo, and Stitch got into the BRB with Penny Proud, Dijonay, off to Wizville to meet up with the friends and families of Penny Proud and her friends. Good luck Charlie is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on Disney at the . The best part is the cast of characters. .. Girl Meets World should be higher up in fact it should be number 1. . 24 The Proud Family The Proud Family is an American animated sitcom that 27 Lilo & Stitch: The Series Lilo & Stitch: The Series. The Proud Family visit Hawaii on an episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series as part of Disney Replay on October 1, and aired again on December 24,

It is also shown that Puff likes to watch drama shows. Dijonay Jones voiced by Karen Malina White: Penny's selfish, untrustworthy, and enthusiastic best friend. She has an obsessive crush on Sticky. She also loves to gossip and has gotten Penny in trouble many times. Eventually, Penny gets fed up with Dijonay mistreating her, and completely loses her trust in her, though they still remain friends.

Zoey Howzer voiced by Soleil Moon Frye: Zoey is nerdytimid, shy, kind, smart and one of the only white characters in the show. She is very insecure about her looks and wants to be accepted. Zoey is known for being a follower and Penny often has to talk sense into her.

LaCienega Boulevardez voiced by Alisa Reyes: Penny's frenemy and the daughter of Felix and Sunset Boulevardez. She is the most popular and beautiful girl in Penny's school, as well as an excellent student. Penny and LaCienega despise each other and Penny is usually stuck hanging out with her, since LaCienega is friends with Dijonay, and their parents and grandparents are best friends.

LaCienega is able to convince her parents that she is a very sweet and moral young lady, but in reality, she is very vain, arrogant, obnoxious, selfish, and snobbish. Despite her stubborn attitude, she is secretly envious of Penny deep down, but would never show it.

lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

Sticky Webb voiced by Orlando Brown: Penny's other best friend. He is shown as a cool tech nerd who is able to build or hack any type of device. He seems to have a crush on Penny and is constantly trying to avoid Dijonay's affection. He does have some affection towards Dijonay, such as when she ignores him, he gets jealous. Nubia Gross voiced by Raquel Lee: The neighborhood bullywho goes around stealing money from students, faculty, and even parents including her own. Nubia lives with her family in a rough housing estate in the city, so they have to do chores to support it.

Her catchphrase is "Hands up, cash out! Despite the constant mistreatment and abuse, Nubia is protective over her sisters and threatens anyone who might endanger or hurt them. Their names are a play on skin care products NeutrogenaNiveaand Olaywhich is ironic as their skin is noted to be dry, ashy, and blue. He has a Cadillac Eldorado that only plays one song and has hydraulics and also a parachute for some safety reasons as shown in the episode "Thelma and Luis" when Suga Mama and Papi accidentally drive it off the Grand Canyon and the parachute saves them.

Suga Mama favors him over Oscar. He often has Oscar do things that annoy him very often, but ironically lead to Oscar meeting beautiful women. For example, he gets Oscar to be an ice cream man at a basketball game, which leads to one of the cheerleaders asking Oscar out on a date.

Funkenstein and his band Parliament-Funkadelicalso known as P-Funk. Wizard Kelly voiced by Aries Spears: An incredibly wealthy and famous businessman who made his fortune playing professional basketball. He owns various businesses that are named after him. His face is never seen. An infant with a droll expression, who enjoys harassing Oscar.

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Despite him being a baby he is shown to be able to speak as if he were an adult. Whenever Oscar tries to expose him he responds as if he is just a regular baby, with a "Goo goo". Felix Boulevardez voiced by Carlos Mencia: Oscar's neighbor and best friend. He is the father of LaCienega and the husband of Sunset. He and Oscar often get into trouble together.

He and Oscar both have dominating wives, both have parents living in their home Oscar has Suga Mama and Felix has Papi and both have teenage daughters. The differences between them is that Oscar is tall and skinny and Felix is short and overweightand Felix is also richer and more successful than Oscar at everything, but that does not affect their friendship.

They are also very strict with their daughters hanging out with boys. Sunset Boulevardez voiced by Maria Canals: Felix's wife and Trudy's best friend. She is the mother of LaCienega, the wife of Felix and is a police officer. Papi Boulevardez voiced by Alvaro Gutierrez: Felix's father, Sunset's father-in-law and Suga Mama's love interest. He is the grandfather of LaCienega. He speaks only Spanish and as a result he can get away with insulting Suga Mama.

However, Suga Mama believes that he is sweet-talking her which increases her affection towards Papi. Everyone looked around before the Big Red Battleship landed. She and Oscar happily ran up to their now grown up daughter and embraced her while Sunset and Felix did the same with LaCienega. He looked up to Lilo and gasped. How much you've grown! She looked to Suga Mama and chuckled. You're still in your prime!

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She's going after you, and it's only a matter of time before Lady Nebula discovers where we are! She took out her Ohana Communicator to show everyone what Lady Nebula looked like and what she could do. Now, she wishes to target all the families and friends of Team Ohana… and that means you. That giant Land Shark who threatened to kill my Granddaughter?! She smiled at Penny. You exposed Happy Endings, you took down Dr. Carver, you aced your driving tests, and now you're going up against a danger that could threaten the lives of everyone," she said.

Everyone's eyes widened before they all looked to the side. Standing there was a younger version of Penny Proud, armed with a gun and aiming it at the families and Team Ohana.

The serum should have killed you after I took down Dr. Everyone gasped as the rest of the Clones of the Proud Family appeared.

lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

He lifted up a car nearby and threw it at the Proud Family's Clones. Penny's Clone, however, caught it easily and threw it to the side. She let out a scoff. He let water out of it and sent it towards the Proud Family Clones, knocking them all back. He leapt into the air and grabbed some cables from the power lines. Seeing that the ends were sparking, he stabbed them into the water, causing it to get electrocuted.

The Clones of the Proud Family all yelled in pain. Papi and Stitch both stopped their attacks, but the Proud Family Clones got back up again. Penny Proud stepped up and took out a pen. She aimed it at her Clone Family and clicked it. Immediately, green lasers fired out from them and hit each of the Clones of the Proud Family. This time, all of the Proud Family Clones fell down without even making a sound.

Everyone looked to Penny Proud as she sheathed her pen and made her way back to the Big Red Battleship. We need to find the rest of our friends… if they still even live here.

If Lady Nebula could do it too, we're in deep trouble! All three narrowed their eyes at the unconscious bodies of the Proud Family Clones, all readying their Ohana Communicators in Blaster Mode to shoot at them if they regained consciousness. They've got a metallic armor hidden under their skin that makes them almost invincible," Delores explained. It won't be long until they're awake. At that moment, Clone Penny's Arm clenched and broke some of the road. Everyone gasped before Oscar came out from the house, carrying a sack full of all of his own formulas.

Unbeknownst to him, the Proud Family Clones were advancing behind him, getting ready to take him down and take his formulas away from him. Carver even gave me his own Formula that can melt the Clones should something like this ever happen again.

I'm telling you guys, they'll be gone as fast as Sista Spice was when she was chased away by Suga Mama… running scared with their tails between their legs! He suddenly saw the cautious and shocked expressions of his friends and family, and the smile on his face immediately turned into a deadpan frown. I need a ball! Everyone looked to Penny as she tossed Stitch into the air.

He immediately transformed into his ball form before Penny formed a sword from her Ohana Communicator. With one swing, she slammed Stitch right into the Proud Family Clones.

All of the Clones were knocked back before Penny caught Stitch again and bowled him towards the Clones, knocking them into the air. Lilo and Stitch set themselves at the pilot's seat and soon, they flew off. Everyone got seated and rested once they were inside of the Big Red Battleship. They started to be recharged, saving up energy for the next battle. Oscar raised an eyebrow while Penny's friends looked to one another, also trying to find out how to put things.

That duck was harmless until everyone started picking on him. She adjusted the mirrors so that she was now focusing her attention to both behind the Big Red Battleship and to LaCienega's Mom.

Care to share it? She pulled up a holographic screen on her Ohana Communicator.

lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

Not know when Lady Nebula is gonna strike. Be on guard at all times. It's much bigger than their home now. Lilo and Stitch both looked to her before looking to the mirrors. Everyone's eyes widened with shock and surprise as Suga Mama threw her walking stick into her hand. I swear, if he were to come over with some sort of Space Fighter, I'd take him on while standing on the roof of this Ship! At that moment, the roars of two engines were heard from behind the Big Red Battleship. Her smile lessened into a deadpan frown.

We have to make every action against him convincing. No more hunting seasons. We kill all birds with one stone! All of a sudden, he started to fire back. She threw aside her papers and fired at Gantu's Ship, making sure that her shots were precise.

Oh no, there's been an error

The Proud Family and the Boulevardez Family all tried to hang onto the Big Red Battleship as it shook back and forth from the crossfire. Gantu fired a missile, but without even looking, Penny shot it apart, causing the Big Red Battleship to shake even more. Everyone gasped as the blasts they had just sent out all dissipated away and formed into the Dragon Wing's Dark Blast.

Penny and Trudy both looked to the jar and then to Oscar. Bethany Jones came over to the Chang Triplets and Duke. I thought they would've just noticed by now. You won't believe what's outside! Everyone ran outside and looked to see the Big Red Battleship land. They all gasped as it came to a complete stop. Everyone looked into the air with shock and awe at the sight of Gantu and Lady Nebula's Ships fly over them before they flew back around for another attack.

Stitch tried to regain his balance, but because of the crash, he started to stumble around the field. The Gross Sisters all looked to Stitch before Lilo came over and picked him up. The four looked to one another strangely before Lilo ran over to Penny and the rest of her friends, as well as the Prouds, Felix and Papi. We have a Terrorist Emergency here!

Everyone looked to each other, doubting whether or not if this was true. Not long afterwards, Gantu and Lady Nebula landed their Ships and walked out, causing everyone's eyes to widen. The three suddenly saw the surprised expressions of Penny's friends and they immediately made deadpan frowns.

Both of them crossed their arms before the Clones of the Proud Family leapt out of nowhere and joined their Masters. Or run away in shame? Everyone watched as Oscar was sent tumbling to the side. When he hit a pole, he stopped. Everyone cringed and oohed in pain before Oscar regained himself. Lady Nebula and Gantu both looked to each other as Oscar got back up again. He filled it up with the peanut butter and aimed it at the Clones.

I've destroyed at least two cities and laid waste to an army. No Earth Forces can stop me! Speak now… or forever hold your peace. Everyone looked to her as she looked to Lady Nebula and her forces. It was always about the mission. But something about that changed when you were with few people who cared about you, let alone respect you," she started out. You had a reason to be loved.

I'm not trying to get you to do what I want, but to do what you want," she went on. We won't stop you. If you want to become a part of the Ohana, the Family, to live the life that makes you Proud… you're always welcome. She summoned a flaming sword and spun it around before aiming it at Lilo. Everyone gasped as Gantu spun it around like a sword. An officer threw Sunset his gun, and soon, Officer Boulevardez was now armed with two guns, twirling them around.

Gantu leapt into the air with the Suga Mama Clone. Everyone yelled in horror as Greyhound Gore tore open a car and ran towards Oscar and the Clone Oscar. Both Oscars ran towards Greyhound Gore and punched at him. LaCienega dodged all of the bullets and kicked her away before Penny rolled over her back and punched her in the face.

The Penny Clone, however, blocked Penny's fist. She was just about to twist it until Dijonay leapt over Penny and landed a punch on the Penny Clone. The Clone of Penny Proud fell back, where Zoey waited to perform a sweep-kick on her, knocking her towards the fence.

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Trudy's Clone sent several jabs towards the original. Trudy Proud was pushed back, but she managed to fend off against all of the strikes sent at her. Sunset ran in and shot at the Trudy Clone, sending her back. However, as many times as Sunset shot at her, the Clone Trudy did not fall.

Instead, she cracked her neck and picked up two tires of a bike. Both Trudy and Sunset leapt into the air, where they both fired down onto Clone Trudy.

Puff growled as he ran and tackled Clone Puff, the two growling and rolling along the ground. Seeing his chance, Puff tackled his clone, sending him towards BeBe and CeCe, who caught him and placed him in a net. Suga Mama, her Clone and Gantu all landed on the ground and spun around their weapons like crazy. They all clashed with one another. Each of them held a grudge against each other from the past eight years and did not hesitate to kill each other. Suga Mama, the Clone and Gantu all continued to clash with each other before Suga Mama kicked her Clone to the side, breaking her ribs.

She used it to block the next swing from Gantu, locking with him fiercely. She roared like a lion and spun in the air once again as she and Gantu clashed with each other. Gantu spun around and blocked all of the attacks Suga Mama sent at him, but it was now tougher when she was now using two weapons at once.

Gantu took out his blaster and shot at Suga Mama. Everyone gasped, but Suga Mama used her two weapons to deflect the blasts before she grabbed the lid of a trashcan.

She spun it around, causing the blast to be sent back at Gantu and knock him away. Stitch shot at Lady Nebula with four Ohana Communicator Blasters, causing her to deflect all of the shots before Lilo ran in and slashed at her. Lady Nebula blasted away Stitch and locked her own blade with Lilo. The two stared each other down before Lady Nebula kicked Lilo away, who punched back at her in response.

The two were knocked back from one another. Lilo converted her sword into a blaster and shot at Lady Nebula with it, who shot back with her own blaster. Both blasts met each other in midair and created explosions. Sticky shot away Greyhound Gore while Fifteen Cent slashed down at him. Oscar Proud and Oscar Clone lifted Greyhound Gore off of the ground and threw the cybernetic dog towards the Gross Sisters, but he suddenly let out a loud shriek, causing everyone to yell and cover their ears.

Greyhound Gore landed back on the ground and charged at the Oscars. Both Oscar Proud and his Clone held him back and held their ground, keeping him in place before Sticky and Fifteen Cent fired at him once again. Penny slashed at her evil twin while the Clone shot back. Penny dodged all of the bullets before Dijonay and LaCienega formed daggers from their Ohana Communicators.

lilo and stitch meet the proud family part 1

Clone Penny noticed this and slashed at the two with a sword, causing them to fend for themselves while Zoey shot at her from the air. Penny's Clone shot back, forcing Zoey to go back onto defensive.

Penny gasped and slashed at Clone Penny. Penny grinned and converted it into a blaster and shot at her Clone. Clone Penny shot back at Penny, causing the two to be sent back as a cloud of smoke was created. Penny was forced to cover her eyes. When she opened them again, Clone Penny sent a punch towards her, causing her to roll towards Radika and Bobbie Proud. All of a sudden, Penny's Ohana Communicator rang.