King of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

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king of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

Doug, Carrie and Arthur are thinking about the first Thanksgiving they (and Arthur's second wife Lily) spend together. Kevin James, Leah Remini, Victor Williams. Doug Heffernan. Douglas Steven "Doug" Heffernan is a fictional character in the American situation comedy The King of Queens. In the episode "Hi, School", Doug says to Carrie during an argument: "Oh I see what's going on; you're Doug first met Carrie's father, Arthur (Jerry Stiller), at a Thanksgiving dinner that went horribly wrong. The King of Queens is an American television sitcom that originally aired on CBS from . Meanwhile, Doug and Carrie find trouble with their new hot tub when Arthur starts Doug also meets up with someone he does not know but claims to know him Note: This is the only episode in which Grace Zabriskie plays Spence's.

He has a Pug named Alan. In the series' penultimate episode, "Single Spaced", Spence shows interest in romancing Carrie when it appears she and Doug will divorce.

He was quietly written out of the show in season three so Romano could work on another sitcom Kristin. During that season, he only appeared in one episode, called "Paint Misbehavin".

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He mostly addressed Doug as "Moose". Richie was known as the ladies' man among Doug's friends, even admitting to sleeping with Doug's sister.

Richie is an FDNY firefighter. He is also somewhat of a con artist. His last appearance on the show was in the episode "Paint Misbehavin'", in which he has sex offscreen with Doug's sister Stephanie Ricki Lake and afterwards she promises to call him, although she has no intention to.

He was also briefly seen in a few clips during the flashback montage at the end of the series finale. In the show's early seasons Doug has a negative view of Danny bordering on hate due to the latter's overeagerness to spend time with the former, but at the end of "S'no Job", they become friends and co-workers and regularly hang out along with Deacon and Spence. Danny even becomes Spence's roommate in a small apartment.

The two fight like a married couple, and many of the jokes revolve around what looks to their friends like a romantic relationship. At one point, they legally marry in order to get a free TV from a sales pitch for which only married couples are eligible.

king of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

Danny also used to own a pizza place, and he is divorced from a woman named Eva. He once had the nickname "Stumpy", which was given to him by Doug.

Gary Valentine and Kevin James are brothers in real life.

king of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

They both created last names for acting. Valentine is their father's middle name. Holly Shumpert seasons 3—9; played by Nicole Sullivan is a polite, yet timid dog-walker who along with the Heffernans lives in Queens, where she was hired by Doug and Carrie to walk Arthur. She is often seen arriving at the Heffernan house to pick up Arthur but is also a family friend of the Heffernans. She is often viewed as strange because of her habits, the men she dates and her habit of overdrinking, to which she openly confesses.

Holly is a gentle soul, especially as she puts up with Arthur's antics, and is kind to Carrie despite the fact that Carrie often mistreats her.

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Holly was written out of the series at the beginning of season eight, but she later returned, pregnant, for one last appearance in the series finale " China Syndrome ". Sullivan appeared as a different character in the season 3 episode "Pregnant Pause".

king of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

Sara Spooner season 1; played by Lisa Rieffel is Carrie's younger half-sister, an irresponsible aspiring actress. She appears in only five of the first six episodes. She was only mentioned one other time although not by name in episode 52 "Roast Chicken" by Doug as an excuse to his boss to get out of performing a roast. After the show became more popular, Kevin James was asked to explain what happened to Sara during an interview.

According to James, the producers could not think of any storylines to develop Rieffel's character, so she was discontinued.

During the pilot she was on camera for roughly half the episode. However, in the other episodes in which she was included, her character did not have much to say or do. Subsequent dialogue suggests that Sara Spooner never existed, and that Carrie is an only child.

She has two children with Deacon. Kelly and Deacon experience some serious relationship problems, much more serious than the petty arguments between Doug and Carrie. On one occasion, Deacon mentions being hit in the head with a frying pan.

She was absent from the show in because she needed to take a break from the series; during this period, her character was estranged from Deacon and engaged in a brief affair. Lou Ferrigno seasons 3—9; himself is the actor known for his role as The Incredible Hulk. Ferrigno and his wife are neighbors of the Heffernans.

A running gag on the series is that the neighbors including the Heffernans are fascinated by him and it gets on his nerves. Lou does not like people telling him Hulk jokes. Other characters often make reference to his previous role as the Hulk. For example, at one point Doug is angry and Lou tries to calm him down; Doug retorts with the famous line from the Hulk series "Don't make me angry; you wouldn't like me when I am angry".

Also, in the episode "Gym Neighbors", it is revealed that he has a video game addiction.

king of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

He is Doug's boss and friend throughout most of the show, whom he mostly refers to as "Heffernan". He is in most IPS scenes throughout the show. He is also a recovering alcoholic and gambling addict. O'Donohue appears in an episode from season one "White Collar", Romano's appearance was successful enough to warrant all other lead characters Patricia HeatonBrad GarrettDoris Robertsand Peter Boyle to appear as their respective characters as well.

She is portrayed by Zabriske in her first appearance in "S'aint Valentines", but portrayed by Meara for the rest of the series. Meara had previously appeared in "S'aint Valentines" as a woman who flirts with Arthur. Arthur and Veronica marry in the series finale, but divorced a year later.

Departure Time

During its run, it brought in solid ratings usually ranking in the Top 40 for the most part and was a Monday night staple, competing with shows such as the long-running drama 7th Heaven. Inwhen scheduled against The West Wing and Nannyit began to drop in the ratings.

The final episode aired on May 14, Veteran comedian Jack Carter was then cast and a pilot was shot. Soon afterward, Stiller changed his mind and took the part, which required re-shooting of scenes featuring Carter. The sequence was filmed in black-and-white and the audio quality including the audience matches a s style. In the episode "Hi, School", Doug says to Carrie during an argument: After graduation he went on to junior college Nassau Community Collegelocated on Long Islandbut dropped out after eight days, without any clear plan.

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He tried out for the Nassau County Rebels, a semi-professional football team, but ultimately quit, because of politics. He later acquired a job as a bouncer at a bar. While dating Carrie, Doug inadvertently landed his final, and longest-standing, job as a truck driver for the fictional International Parcel Service IPS. Doug's trademark phrase is "Shutty!

king of queens episode where doug and carrie meet

Marriage[ edit ] Early in the series it was stated that Doug and Carrie had known each other in junior high. That story was re-written; the new plot stated that Doug and his friend Richie met Carrie at a club, then went on a double date that did not go well until the end. Doug first met Carrie's father, Arthur Jerry Stillerat a Thanksgiving dinner that went horribly wrong. Doug was nearly scared away by Arthur, who disapproved of the relationship, but later in this episode he and Carrie declare their love for one another.

Doug and Carrie got engaged at a Jets game and married inprior to the start of the series. Initially, they lived with Arthur while searching for a house. After finding a house, Arthur's wife died and his home burnt down, and he was forced to move in with them.

In Season 6, the loving couple decide to renew their vows to show their love and affection for one another. The idea came to be during a romantic dinner where Doug becomes inspired and courageously proclaims his love to his wife Carrie. Carrie is touched by the kindness of her husband and suggests to Doug that they should renew their vows.

As the days roll on, the couple's initial enthusiasm towards renewing their vows quickly dwindles, they soon find that planning the wedding is becoming a hassle and much more troublesome that they had initially expected. Through mutual agreement, they call off the wedding, the couple call their friends and relatives to let them know of the cancellation, however to their surprise, the reaction of the relatives and friends is unexpected.

Doug's mother is worried that there is something wrong with her son's marriage. Doug and Carrie's frustrations grow as rumors of their marriage complications are spread. They decide that the ceremony will go ahead and despite further complications finding a chimp to serve as Doug's best man proves to be tough Doug and Carrie renew their wedding vows.