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kegispringfield the day we meet

May 17, Fanart: When a man meet a robot by KegiSpringfield on DeviantArt Simple, you love it and hate it at the same time, like an indecisive man. Page 7 Their daily life, Pitifull Kaito get abused physically and Haku get abused Mentally The Day We Meet Pg 7. RWBY Fanfic's Fanart: When a man meet a robot by KegiSpringfield. RWBY Comic: Papa Jaune Journal: I got a baby!! by KegiSpringfield. Winter day ~ Mei once dye her hair all white in the snow by ookaminoki · RWBY FanfictionRwby.

I hope these two meet each other It is nice to see the impact of the Digimon on the children during their adult years. Takato's proposal was great and again Jeri and Takato go so well together because a romantic like Jeri needs someone like Takato. Aww Ichori and Hana hooking up like that reminds me of Love's labour lost…everybody falls in love!

I love the mood of hope and the sense of a renewal. The fanfic was short but it was still a very good fanfic…This one is better than the prequel in many ways and I hope you continue to write like this and capitalize on your strengths: You could have delved more into the mother and son relationship and how Naoki copes with this and I just realized the story is complete I have potatoes for eyes, yeah sorry about that…. I think you really shine as a writer when you write longer stories especially in the prequel, but the story is still pretty good.

kegispringfield the day we meet

I like the theme of the cost of loving someone because it was a mini theme in Tamers and it is an appropriate theme here. Usually in situations like this things like pride and pain get in the way and the path of forgiveness and acceptance cannot be paved even though loving a person means that you have to embrace all of they flaws. I like how Hana is not like the typical evil chick your supporting characters are getting more complex: I love dramatic moments like this.

This is even better than the long lost twin brother thing in Frontier. I knew that the moments of depression where going to be contrasted with absolute and awesome moments of happiness! The elated pay off is always good in your stories. It is my favorite Script song! Anyways, I like jeri's romanticism because that is so like her and it goes very well with the story.

I think your love for romantic movies is also coming through here. I like how ambivalent Jeri's feelings are and I will say this again, the variation and slow build up in your story is good. It is awesome that you are taking your time to flesh out and develop the romance whilst starting the healing process. You have written quite a bit so far and since I have the time I will catch up on the reviewing.

The Day We Meet Again Lyrics

Takato Matsuki and Jeri Katou. This was really cute. I actually had thought that Ichiro and Hana would have something for each other eventually by the start. Pinned by swords to the wall of an abandoned dwelling.

Her remaining swords hovered over critical organs bringing the unspoken threat of death should the Nevermore masked Faunus - no, human - refuse. The source of the anger she was trying to suppress.

The betrayal at the realization of false sympathy for her desire to be acknowledged. He can't understand me. Immobilized and unconcealed, it was easy for her advance sensors to make out the cosmetic animal traits - the painted lines and fake fur unveiled by her prior assaults.

She continued staring impassively, waiting for his response. Always soft and kind, throughout their fights. Praising her for her skills. Encouraging her as she sought new tactics to use against him. The same tone he used when he told her she was a real girl.

I can't give up anymore than you can. Reinforcements are inbound and you are no longer combat capable. Soon, her opponent would be in custody and her could return to Father. He would make everything better. Explain everything to her and set it all right again - away from the horrible world and its lies. Before you lied to me about what you were! I never said I was.

The man before him never actually said he was a Faunus - only talking about the similar plight of Faunus and her, no, of machines. Of unique, intelligent machines.

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Faunus or human, are you? Something Father would be delighted to know of. There were more like her! No, that didn't matter. What mattered as preserving the specimen before her. Securing advanced technology was a high-priority standing order from Uncle James.

They see only what they want to see. How could she have been so blind! She could now see her counterpart was only emulating life skindeep. He didn't even bruise or bleed from her attacks after she critically depleted his aura.

Her sensors had trouble getting scans on him before so she was forced to rely on just optics. Her logs showed she received more detailed returns after she managed to cut if off. She immediately launched a few blades to retrieve - gently - the cloak for further examination.

Of course, you can meet Father. They would have so many questions for you. Please tell me your name and who made you. I'm afraid I'm not ready to meet them again. My orders are to detain you. You would only continue to fight back and I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore. Wringing her hands with remorse, she struggled how to help him and keep her orders. Please, don't you see that my combat skills are superior?

An infiltrator model - that would explain all the stealth and computer hacking abilities. But I don't think I'll be able to meet with your Father. She had already defeated him once and if she made sure to prevent any major mobility repairs, she was sure she could contain him. Retracting the blades pinning him, she was stricken as she watched him collapse to the ground face down.

This isn't exactly digified. And I know Father will want to meet you. She didn't think he would go against his word but his tactics in combat had proved he was a skilled and crafty opponent. Eyes widening, she gently set him against the wall ignoring his elevated temperature. Only touch contact had allowed her to feel the heat - adding a note to Father that his design seemed to have multiple layers of sensor cloaking.

To be honest, I've never been in a fight was difficult as this before.

kegispringfield the day we meet

She knew what heat and limits meant. She had read about its effects on other combat robots. In fact, Father himself had told her how her design was so much greater than plain robots to prevent it. You must have prepared something. In absence of anywhere else, she should be able to find supplies there. She vaguely realized he was quite light - of course, stealth not combat.

kegispringfield the day we meet

His temperature was getting warmer. I can save you! I don't have much time. Coolant supplies for mining equipment. Where do I add coolant to your platform?

His temperature was still raising!

kegispringfield the day we meet

I don't use coolant like you do. Every model with any combat application had coolant. It was necessary to prevent meltdown of any weapon subsystem. Could it be that the demonstrated high energy abilities he used weren't him? Just a team member on the White Whale? Wind manipulation was reported from either the ground while he was in the White Whale or a darkened room with Ms.

Lightning was from such a great distance that even her sensors would have had trouble seeing him without his stealth abilities. She had only directly seen him perform melee combat.

Tapping him briefly, she noted the temperature had stabilized but still far outside the safe limits for any computing machine she knew off. You can remove it.

And I want to see you with my own eyes.

RWBY Fanfic's Fanart : When a man meet a robot by KegiSpringfield on DeviantArt : RWBY

She could tell this was too important to him - to John - to be distracted by technological curiosities. Reaching over, she gently took the Nevermore mask off.

kegispringfield the day we meet

Brilliant green eyes of a shade that she's only seen on one person before. The face failed all facial recognition software. Suddenly, a blue window appeared appeared before her eyes. She's never seen a message prompt like this in her systems before. How could she possibly have a file on John? In fact, the format looked a bit - "The Cricket is at Pleasure Island. The Cricket is at Pleasure Island. None of this should be possible. It would be a security breach of the highest order to know the contents of that file.

Father told her to respect them as much as himself. But looking at John's expecting face, maybe it was alright. It was about him after all. It was in her systems, so it must have been Father who placed there. John knew so much about her, it was only fair to know a bit about him. Confident in her analysis, she inputted the pass phrase.