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intergate immigration meet the team questions

You are here: Home / Meet the team Claus joined the Intergate Group in March Client management – Intergate Immigration Services Africa but also expert advice on insurance issues, investment questions and property matters. Competitive Intelligence for Intergate Immigration Service | Find insights about Intergate 10 Questions to ask yourself if you want to immigrate to South Africa It Read more Meet the Team: Sadé Solomon › The post Meet the Team: Sadé. Let Intergate Immigration make your application process as smooth as possible. Our experienced team of immigration experts and local representatives will help to ensure you 3. Meet and comply with the obligations imposed by regulations made under this Immigration Act. Supply the Land Title for the area in question.

We say it is: We say it is.

intergate immigration meet the team questions

The South African government is planning on making it easier to apply for SA visitors visas. Contact us today if you're an engineer and would like to find out if you qualify for a critical skills visa: Renewing your visa is probably the last thing you want to think about!

intergate immigration meet the team questions

You'll need an endorsement on your spousal or life partner visa to work, study or run a business: Get all the required information on our page. Here's how to do it: They'll need a study visa to go to school in South Africa: Here's a list of the cheapest and most expensive medical aids to help you decide which one to join: You can - right here in South Africa! The answer is simple - find out if you're eligible for one of South Africa's visas: Another win for the Mother City.

Download them all here: Here's a breakdown of all the best areas to stay in: Choosing where to stay is hard, especially without local insight. We don't want to be party poopers, but believe us when we say uninformed immigration can be both costly and frustrating.

After all your dream is at stake.

How to Apply for a Work Visa in South Africa | SA Permit, Application & Requirements Cape Town

As industry leaders in immigration we send out regular updates via Newsshots, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Our main goal is to keep you informed about changes in immigration law but also what's happening in South Africa.

In the news this winter "Don't assume you can arrive on a visitors visa and change your permit status in South Africa. Dealing with anyone else will mean dealing with someone not qualified to help you.

Always tell the truth on applications, it may take months or years but the authorities will find out and catch up with you.

Out-Market Your Competitors

Stick to the activity you have a permit for. If you are granted a work permit you can only work, what's more only for the specified company.

Relatives Permits for South Africa

Plan well in advance. The Department of Home Affairs is notorious for delays so whether it is a renewal, or a new permit or visa, allow plenty of time. People on this visa do not have the automatic right to work or run their own business, but this right can be applied for separately. To lodge an application under the life partner visa category it is necessary to prove two years cohabitation, and both partners must participate in separate, simultaneous interviews at a South African consulate or embassy in the home country of the foreign partner.

General Work Visa South Africa: The company will need to justify why you should be awarded a position over and above a South African and will be required to prove that they advertised the job in print media for a specific duration of time. Applications in this category are subject to approval by the South African Department of Labour, a unit that will further scrutinise the necessity of hiring a foreigner for the appointed job, before they can be reviewed by Home Affairs.

Do note, contrary to its name, this visa only allows applicants to work for the specified company. It is not possible to renew this type of permit.

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Business Visa South Africa: Retirement Visa South Africa: Note, you do not need to meet an age minimum. Applicants who receive this permit can also extend an invitation to their spouse or dependants biological children under 18 years of age. Study Visa South Africa: This visa also allows for part-time work not exceeding 20 hours per week.

intergate immigration meet the team questions

For how long is a temporary residence or work visa in South Africa valid? The length of validity varies depending on the visa category.

intergate immigration meet the team questions

Generally, visas are valid for between one and five years. What do I need to apply for a temporary residence or work visa in South Africa? Every type of permit application demands that applicants supply: If I have a criminal record can I still successfully apply for a temporary residence or work visa in South Africa?

For instance, the South African Department of Home Affairs often does not consider traffic offences or drunken driving charges reason to deem you an undesirable person.