Zim and dib relationship test

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zim and dib relationship test

(+10) Is it something remarkably close to 'Zim' 'Dib' or 'G.I.R' (+8) Is it an Do they enter a relationship with any of the canon characters? (+9). What's your favorite inader ZIM character? A. Zim. because he want to destroy the annoying Dib. H. The Dib! he always fail and that funny Trivia Challenge · Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship?. interaction with Zim, and therefore a proper relationship can't be truly rid of her is harder than it seems, and he ends up needing GIR, Dib and Gaz to defeat her. during which their SIR Units would be put through a series of tests (like a dog.

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However, this has been used by fans as a romantic nickname for her in various fan fiction which is not canon. Despite Zim's demeaning views of his nemesis' sister, Gaz proved herself to be more than superior to the maniacal Irken during her escape from Zim's Space Station. During said escape, Gaz displayed her prodigious piloting skills, and was even shown to be capable of flying literally cockpit-to-cockpit with Zim's ship, even sparing him a smirk and mocking wave in the process, possibly earning Zim's respect.

zim and dib relationship test

Zim attempts to hypnotize Gaz with Pustulio In " Rise of the Zitboy ", Zim tried to hypnotize Gaz with Pustuliobut she was reading a book and didn't pay much heed to Zim's presence.

However, after asking if she was sure she didn't feel compelled to gaze upon Pustulio and being answered with a threatening growl from Gaz, he acquiesced to her wishes and leaves her be whilst beckoning the others to follow him.

The Hideous New Girl ", Gaz claims that Zim's voice is "making her sick", and then sprays him with soda however, it should also be noted she then sprayed Dib as well when he tried to thank her. Later when Zim takes her and Dib to his base, he threatens to "melt Gaz's face off or something" if she touches anything.

Interestingly, he leaves Gaz in the base without any restraints while he goes to stop Tak's plan, probably because he is aware that unlike Dib, Gaz doesn't care enough to interfere with his mission. Zim with Gaz on the elevator. In " Gaz, Taster of Pork ", Zim refused to help fix Gaz's ailment, though the fact that Dib was asking for the assistance probably had a lot more to do with this than his feelings towards her.

What's interesting is that his creation doesn't repeat these movements, instead opting to place a hand over his heart as if promising something. However, after Zim hysterically runs out of the cafeteria, she says that Zim's hysteria during his escape was "kinda funny". Miss Bitters actually mentions this herself when explaining how the indicators work, saying that this means that someone may find interest in what the other candidate has to say.

Additionally, after he gives his "salted nuts" speech, Gaz cheers along with the other kids, but is not seen wearing a brain monitor. In " Parent Teacher Night ", after Zim tapped the bottom of Dib's cup up to splash punch into his face she chuckled, and when Dib poured punch onto Zim's head she snickered again.

zim and dib relationship

Note that, despite the fact that Zim will die without his PAK, she only decides to help him when he tricks her into thinking Dib also stole her Game Slave 2. Later in the episode, after Gaz saves Zim's life unknowingly, upon discovering that Zim was the one who actually stole it in an attempt to convince her to save his life of courseGaz chases after him with the likely intent of physically or verbally abusing him.

In the unmade episode " Mopiness of Doom ", Gaz apparently wasn't at all bothered by Zim disappearing from Skool for a few weeks; in fact, she was much more concerned with how bizarre Dib was acting. An Irken-like doll in Gaz's room. In " Lice ", however, even though Gaz didn't come in any physical contact with Zim, she did call him a whiner whenever he - or in fact, anyone else - yelled in pain. It can be seen as the porcine spell is being cast on her. Invader Zim comic series Issue 16 is the first issue to show any significant interaction between the two characters.

Zim agrees to take Gaz to Arcadikonafter she grows depressed at having beaten every video game on Earth, in exchange for advice on how to scare Dib. He later states that he enjoys talking to her, and gets annoyed when she says they don't do it more often because she hates him, responding that he "hates her more".

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Notably, Zim also spends the whole issue calling her "Gus", indicating that he doesn't actually know her name, which is similar to the animated series, where Zim rarely called her by name, sometimes calling her "Dib-Sister".

It's odd, however, because it seems that he does indeed know her name since he did shout "Gaz! Zim and Gaz in each other's bodies In Issue 21an accident with one of Zim's machines causes him and Gaz to switch bodies with each other.

One consequence of this is that they start expressing aspects of each other's personalities - Zim becomes apathetic and obsessed with gaming, much to his own disgust, while Gaz gains Zim's drive to conquer Earth. She bets Zim that she could do a better job of it than him, with the loser to be banished to the moon.

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Zim smugly agrees, thinking that Gaz can't win, but in a matter of days she has the leaders of the world begging her to take over. While initially impressed, narcissistically claiming that Gaz must have stolen his ideas, Zim quickly becomes jealous, and confronts Gaz, who merely states that she's stealing his identity, before she assumes control of the world. But it is seen that Dib isn't always the nicest to Gaz, either.

In " NanoZIM ", Gaz helps him navigate the micro-suit throughout his body, albeit thinking the whole thing is an online video game and not actually Dib operating a microsuit in an effort to save his brain. In " Gaz, Taster of Pork ", aside from them holding hands although the series creator has stated it was an animation errorDib casts a spell on Gaz, but feels bad after he finds out the effects. He tries to reverse it to the best of his ability.

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Meanwhile, though he likely recognizes this on some level, Dib is somewhat obligated to watch over her and rarely seems to be intentionally trying to annoy her. Despite their constant clashes, they will occasionally work together, and there is the rare moment where they seem to get along like family. Dib, however, does sometimes seem to be irritated with Gaz's negativity, such as in " Bloaty's Pizza Hog " when he responds with a "Uh huh, whatever" when Gaz makes fun of his obsession with saving Earth.

In " Dark Harvest ", it's shown that Dib cares about Gaz and wants to take care of her when he sees her in the cafeteria and it looks like she's in pain even though she was merely playing her Game Slavewhich was placed into her body courtesy of a certain alien.

And in " Gaz, Taster of Pork ", after coming clean about his original intentions and fearing his sister has failed her test which in fact she passedhe begs the hog beast to spare her and punish him instead. Even though it turns out there's really no need for either of them to suffer, Dib is punished and recieves no mercy for his sacrifice - especially from Gaz. After hearing from her father about Dib having super powers, she says in a monotone voice, "I guess I'm sorry for being so mean to all those times".

However, this was only a dreamlike illusion created by Zim in the hopes of finding out if Dib was the one responsible for throwing a muffin at him during lunchtime earlier; she also, after aging, appears to help him take down the Irken Armadathough again this is only an illusion; in the unfinished series' finaleGaz would have secretly sided with Zim and his people instead, much to Dib's shock and horror according to writer Eric Trueheart.

As seen in " The Wettening ", Gaz seems to be purposefully mistreating her brother, reeling herself in after accidentally letting slip an interest in what he's doing. However, their relationship is mostly strained. Whenever Gaz is playing on her Game Slave, she doesn't like to be bothered, as demonstrated in the episode " Dark Harvest ".

When Zim's Dib Robot-Spy doesn't obey her, she beats it up, which unintentionally saves the day.

zim and dib relationship test

Their father does little to break up their fighting, especially since he is usually gone. Gaz isn't exactly on Zim or Dib's side when it comes to Zim's plot for world conquest, as she thinks they are both foolish.

zim and dib relationship test

In " Gaz, Taster of Pork ", she tells the Shadowhog that Zim is too "dumb" to take over the world, and that she shouldn't have to listen to Dib's constant ranting about him. Although they fight often, they do live in the same house, and try to act civil on some occasions. They also seem to be pretty much that each other has; seeing that Dib does not have any friends, and Gaz is usually seen alone it's unknown if she has friends.

They seem to always sit together at the same table at lunchtime. Despite her annoyance with Dib's obsessive nature and her generally mean behavior toward him, her actions in " Mopiness of Doom " show that she is unhappy when he stops pestering her about the paranormal, going so far as entering his room with a drawing she made about that night's Mysterious Mysteries episode to entice him into coming downstairs, stating that Dib should be "annoying" her right now.

While she might simply be irritated by the sudden change altering her routine, she also sees that Dib isn't truly happy when he isn't pursuing his real interests, and perhaps even feels lonely or ignored without her brother rambling on at her.

Although Gaz is mean to her brother and enjoys torturing him and causing him pain, she would also defend him if someone else caused him to go beyond an acceptable level of Dib suffering. In the first issueGaz is shown annoyed and disgusted by how out of shape Dib's become, and by his singing of his own workout montage music while trying to get back in shape; Gaz provides the music instead, just to help get him back to being less disgusting.

In Issue 3Gaz mocks Dib's obsession with Bigfeet by revealing she's already met him and taken pictures with him that are now posted online. When Dib decides to investigate Zim's newest plan, Gaz pretends to be excited about joining him, but then reveals she's just messing with him. In Issue 5Dib shuts off Gaz's online game to force her to spy on Zim with him.