Xena and hercules relationship with his parents

Relations And Relationships Of Xena, The Warrior Princess

xena and hercules relationship with his parents

Iolaus' great-grandmother Althea had a relationship with King Agoraphobius of Attica. Their union created a new line in Iolaus' family that ended with King. However, the proliferation of Hercules: Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior and mortals and decided that Alcmene, wife of Amphitryon, would be the honorable mother. . His name, “glory of Hera”, reconstituted his relationship with her. Hercules was the son of Zeus, king of the Olympians, and the mortal Alcmene. was later rewritten and she lived but never had a relationship with Hercules.

As she travels with Xena, she records their adventures on a series of scrolls, with an eye for flair and drama. Occasionally her tendency to exaggerate and glamorize the facts gets her into trouble. In other episodes she wins a place in the Athens City Academy for Performing Bards, [22] is a famous playwright, is a theatrical director, [23] plays the pan pipes with considerable skill, [24] and is the only person able to recite a magical scroll with the correct accents. About a year into her travels with Xena, her scrolls about Xena's exploits begin to gain popularity, apparently helping, according to Ares, turn Xena into a legend.

After their year sleep, Gabrielle finds out that her stories had been read as far away as North Africa where they were popular among nomad tribes. The scrolls found their way to Hollywood, where they formed the basis of the television series. This leads into an entire small story-arc in which the modern-day reincarnations of Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer meet and interact. Xena and Gabrielle's reincarnations pair up to make their own names for themselves, instead of living in their father's shadows.

Joxer's reincarnation is a fan of the show. In return and to get away from the arranged marriage her parents set upGabrielle offers to follow Xena on her quest. Over the course of the series she goes from helpless farm girl to badass Amazonian warrior.

Her personality isn't the only thing that's tough about Gabrielle. Renee O'Connor actually did a ton of her own stunts herself! Though she still had some stunt doubles on duty for some of the more death-defying feats, she learned how to do her own fight choreography and did as many stunts as the showrunners would allow her to do. The most impressive of these was a backflip suspended over a deep pit in the "Abyss" episode of season six.

Warrior Princess may have been a great show, but it's just about the furthest thing away from what you'd consider "Emmy worthy. Yeah, the lore was well done and the stories were really well thought out. But in the end it was still a syndicated show that featured the main character screaming "Aiyiyiyiyi! Also, despite the stories being well written, the dialogue left something to be desired at times.

Yet, Xena can be listed under the category of " Emmy Award-Winning! He was finally able to snag the elusive award in for his music in the show's fourth season.

Despite the lack of Emmys under its belt, Xena was nominated for and won countless awards in its six year run.

xena and hercules relationship with his parents

Of course, being around each other for six years and facing life-or-death scenarios together forms a strong bond that can't easily be broken between friends. However, these two seemed much closer than "just friends" at times; the two have locked lips on multiple occasions both intentionally and unintentionally and seem to have a much more intimate relationship than most.

Lawless herself is even on board with the theory that the two were a couple. It is never said outright what kind of a relationship the two have together, and this was intentional on the part of the showrunners.

They claimed that they wanted viewers to form their own opinions on the matter rather than causing a stir by announcing it one way or the other. A queen's authority may also be openly challenged by another royal Amazon and her title relinquished if she is defeated in single combat.

Although several tribes are known in different countries, Xena deals prominently with the Greek Amazons and the Northern Amazons of Siberia. But she is careful to emphasize that she is not an Amazon, nor does she deserve the honor of becoming one. She turns down offers to join the tribes, preferring an independent, nomadic lifestyle to the membership of a collective. The series reveals that some of the Amazons do not trust Xena because of atrocities she committed against them in her past, although most respect her abilities as a warrior.

Gabrielleon the other hand, during her first encounter with the Greek Amazon tribe throws herself over an Amazon named Terreis to protect her from falling arrows. Terreis was the next in line to rule, and by giving Gabrielle the right, Gabrielle becomes an Amazon Princess of the Greek tribe.

This chance encounter leads to Gabrielle's acceptance into the Amazons, and with it she carries her title's duties and expectations. Although Gabrielle decides to continue to follow Xena on her adventures, she is occasionally called by her Amazon sisters in times of need or to fulfill her duties as royalty. The tribes also value Xena as an experienced warrior, and occasionally request her assistance.

xena and hercules relationship with his parents

Among the known Amazons are: Amarice portrayed by Jennifer Sky - She is an over-zealous young Amazon. She disputed Eli's philosophy of non-violence and criticized Gabrielle for following it.

Amarice vowed to live her life in memory of "The Warrior Princess". When Ephiny is killed in battle at the hands of Brutus while leading the Amazons in an attempt to stave off a Roman invasion, Chilapa leads the Amazons until the return of Gabriellewho is the true queen of that tribe; however, when Gabrielle decides to step down from her role as queen and remain with XenaGabrielle gives her Right of Caste to Chilapa to serve as official queen of that tribe.

Her sister Tereis is killed by an arrow and protected by Gabrielle who bestows upon her her right of caste.

The Real Journey of "Hercules"

Melosa upholds the right of caste despite protests from Ephiny. Killed by Krykus in battle. She was replaced by Gabrielle. Killed by Xena under Alti's influence. Although loyal to her tribe, she wanted to foster peace between her people and the Centaurs. She later marries a Centaur named Phantesand bears him a centaur son named Xenan in honor of Xena.

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She is the Queen of an Amazon tribe while the queen, Gabrielle, is away. She is later killed by Brutus. Killed in battle and her body fed to a shark to save the other Amazons from shark's teeth.

She is the queen of the Amazons. She was responsible for blinding Ruun, killing his parents, and abducting his sister Siri. She was later killed in battle by Hercules. Queen Otere portrayed by Sanelle Vosloo as a child, Sheeri Rappaport as adult - A child who as an adult became a queen of the Northern tribes.

Velasca declares her a traitor to the Amazon nation. She was killed at the beginning of the episode "Endgame" by Brutus' troops. Tura portrayed by Mia Korning - Varia's younger sister. Killed in Livia's attack. Yakut portrayed by Kate Elliot - The shamaness of the Northern tribes who revived Alti's spirit for good without the knowledge of the danger. Killed in battle, but her spirit continued forever. When King Thespius became the King of Athens, his oldest daughter portrayed by Nancy Schroeder and her sisters pursued Hercules so that he would sire children with them.

When they followed him to Traycus, they eventually turned their attention to Salmoneus. The lead sister asked Alcmene why Hercules was shy around her. When asked by Hercules on how her father is doing, the lead sister stated that King Thespius is doing well. She later dies of a weak heart.

Alti portrayed by Claire Stansfield - Alti is an evil shaman who sought revenge against the Siberian Amazon nation for expelling her from their tribe. She is repeatedly defeated by Xena and Gabrielle.

Amphion portrayed by Brad Carpenter - A warrior who fought many battles alongside Hercules and Iolaus.

During the Siege of Carthage, the men under his command disobeyed his orders and killed the women and children of Carthage. Because of this, Amphion left the warrior business and became a holy man of peace where he settled in Plurabus followed by him falling in love with Lea. The politician Tracius framed Amphion for killing Tallus and Shira.

When Hercules and Iolaus found the Sword of Veracity, they proved Amphion's innocent and exposed Tracius as the true culprit. Afterwards, Amphion and Lea got married.

Archivus portrayed by Tim Raby - The Argonauts' bard and recorder. In "The Wedding of Alcmene," Archivus attended the wedding of Jason and Alcmene where he even assisted in fighting off the mercenaries enlisted by Patronius. Domesticles portrayed by John Sumner - The Argonauts' master of the discus. He later assisted in fighting off the mercenaries enlisted by Patronius.

She told Hercules that Echidna can't come as she is pregnant. Phoebe later assisted in fighting off the mercenaries enlisted by Patronius. Atalanta portrayed by Corey Everson - Atalanta is a Greek athlete, blacksmith, and female warrior exclusive in Hercules: She fell in love with Hercules right from her first appearance.

Autolycus portrayed by Bruce Campbell - Autolycus is the self-proclaimed "King of Thieves" who has a kinder heart than he lets on. He is friends with Xena and Hercules, though they don't always trust him for his devious nature.

In Greek mythology outside of the show, Autolycus is a demigod son of Hermes and Chione. Bellerophon portrayed by Craig Parker - Believes himself to be a son of Artemis by a mortal father. He swore to exterminate the Amazons after they had abandoned Artemis as their Goddess of worship.

When Bellerophon recognizes Xena among the Amazons he is attacking, he makes a plan to trap and kill her in retribution for having killed his mother Artemis.

When Xena prevails in battle, she gives Bellerophon the opportunity to live by giving up his fight against the Amazons, but he believes he can't be killed since he is a half-god which sealed his fate.

xena and hercules relationship with his parents

Borias portrayed by Marton Csokas - A warlord who became good. He later became Xena's Lover and the Father of Solan. Brunhilda portrayed by Brittney Powell - A warrior woman who falls in love with Gabrielle during the ring trilogy of Xena episodes. Cyrene portrayed by Darien Talke - Mother of Xena. Tavern and inn-keeper, prominent figure in the village of Amphipolis. David portrayed by Anthony Starr - An Israelite shepherd, poet, and musician. With the help of Xena, he is able to determine the weak spot on Goliath's forehead and kill him with his sling, defeating the Philistines Deianeira portrayed by Tawny Kitaen - Deianeira was the wife of Hercules.

She gave birth to his three children; Aeson, Klonus, and Ilea. She was known to be feisty when she met Hercules. However, Deianeira and her children were killed by Hera. Draco portrayed by Jay Laga'aia - Warlord enemy of Xena.

Eve portrayed by Adrienne Wilkinson - Xena's daughter who bears Callisto's soul. When Xena and Gabrielle were believed to be dead, the infant Eve was taken in by Caesar and raised to become Livia, the ruthless and bloodthirsty Champion of Rome. The return of her mother eventually causes Livia to discard her role as the Champion of Rome and embrace her original name, Eve, and become the messenger of Eli.

Known as the bringer of Twilight, Eve's life has been targeted since birth as Xena has the power to kill the Gods so long as her daughter is alive. Falafel portrayed by Paul Norell - A traveling merchant who opened food stands all over Greece.

He was selling fast food falafels when he first met Hercules in "The Other Side. In "Promises," Hercules and Iolaus found that Falafel had set up a fast food stand on the path to Zebron.

Iolaus was so hungry that he went against Hercules' advice not to order from Falafel's fast food stand. The food later gave Iolaus stomach problems. Though Iolaus encouraged her not to eat the tacos, Princess Dirce did so anyway and later threw up when she joined Iolaus. Hearing about Jason and Alcmene's wedding, Falafel invited himself to it as a caterer where he made them a giant wedding cake. In "Doomsday," Falafel owed money to his creditors and disguised himself with a beard where he sold sea serpents with "Eyes and Fries" in Euboa.

In "Surprise, Falafel became a friend of Hercules' family and catered to his birthday party. When Callisto poisoned the guests, Falafel tried to kill Iphicles who he saw as a pig.

Hercules had to step in to save him when a rowdy villager tried to eat one of Falafel's egg-laying chickens. Gurkhan portrayed by Calvin Tuteao - A warlord with a reputation for being one of the most illustrious men in North Africa and he owns a collection of wives.

xena and hercules relationship with his parents