William masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

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william masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

portray the work of pioneering sex researchers Dr. William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson. (The pair demonstrated that women can have. Dr. William H. Masters, 78, and Virginia E. Johnson, 69, have always been full of Their marriage, in , officially sealed the pairing. The Masters and Johnson research team, composed of William H. Masters and Virginia E. . Masters and Johnson randomly assigned gay men into couples and lesbians into couples and then observed them she believes that people must understand the cultural and personal construction of sexual experience to make the.

But when Virginia Johnson, at the time a student in sociology, joined the team as a junior researcher, he was able with her help to expand his research to include more everyday women. Some of the greatest contributions made by Masters and Johnson were in the understanding power of female sexuality.

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In their long-term study, Masters and Johnson found that women are capable of multiple orgasms, that they can grow in intensitythat a man is not necessary for a woman to have an orgasm and that females can fake orgasms.

Masters and Johnson also found that with adequate physical health, there is no age at which the ability to have sex disappears.

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Treatment of sexual dysfunction: Their research lead to a new outlook on the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Masters had secured funding and permission to study human sexuality and had been observing prostitutes in local brothels — hardly representative of the average, as one of the workers apparently pointed out.

He decided he needed a female research partner to be able to reassure and thus attract volunteers to allow him to assess their physical reactions while they had sex or masturbated. Over a decade, Masters and Johnson studied women and men aged between 18 and 89, wiring them up and filming them to measure a range of reactions.

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Written in deliberately dry and scientific language to allay accusations of being smutty, their first book, Human Sexual Responsewas nevertheless a sensation.

Among other things, their research laid to rest Sigmund Freud 's idea that female orgasm was either clitoral according to Freud, immature and thus bad or vaginal mature, given by men and thus good.

william masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

The polygraph-like instruments Masters and Johnson designed and created showed that female orgasm, whether stimulated directly or indirectly, was clitoral. They identified the four stages of sexual response — excitement, plateau, orgasmic and resolution — and showed that these occurred in both sexes. They demonstrated that the size of the male member is not linked to performance; that women can be multi-orgasmic; and that there is no time limit on sexual desire, as sex among elderly people is common and normal.

william masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

Johnson's approachable manner and accessible language meant that she and Masters were in great demand to appear on chatshows and featured in magazines, including on the front cover of Time. Their book became a bestseller and words such as clitoris, orgasm and masturbation were suddenly out in the public domain. Using what they had learned about the sexual response cycle, Masters and Johnson began offering therapy designed to help couples affected by sexual dysfunction.

Instead of long-term psychoanalytical therapy, their suggestion was a short, focused course to help people recognise their own triggers, blocks and preferences.

william masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

This became known as sensate focus: Sexual response in the aging person[ edit ] Masters and Johnson were the first to conduct research on the sexual responsiveness of older adults, finding that given a state of reasonably good health and the availability of an interested and interesting partner, there was no absolute age at which sexual abilities disappeared. While they noted that there were specific changes to the patterns of male and female sexual responses with aging — for example, it takes older men longer to become aroused and they typically require more direct genital stimulation, and the speed and amount of vaginal lubrication tends to diminish with age as well — they noted that many older men and women are perfectly capable of excitement and orgasm well into their seventies and beyond, a finding that has been confirmed in population-based epidemiological research on sexual function in the elderly.

They provided their observations in Homosexuality in Perspective: Assigned male homosexual study subjects A, B, and C Usually, the discussion consisted of just a question or a suggestion, but often it was limited to nonverbal communicative expressions such as eye contact or hand movement, any of which usually proved sufficient to establish the protocol of partner interaction.

william masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

No coaching or suggestions were made by the research team. While initial stimulative activity tended to be on a mutual basis, in short order control of the specific sexual experience usually was assumed by one partner.

william masters and virginia johnson personal relationship

The assumption of control was established without verbal communication and frequently with no obvious nonverbal direction, although on one occasion discussion as to procedural strategy continued even as the couple was interacting physically.