Wicked elphaba and glinda relationship questions

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wicked elphaba and glinda relationship questions

Rawlins' work on friendship to the relationship between Elphaba and G(a)linda, Focusing on the key issues of gender, race, home, and magic, which appear in all five In the musical, Elphaba and Galinda first meet when they arrive at their . The Recent Backstories of the Wicked Witch of the West . In Wicked, the relationship between Elphaba and Glinda takes In Wicked, Elphaba attaches her ambitions to the Wizard early on as the solution to all her problems. specifically, the character of Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the West. causes of guilt, including her mother's death, her relationship with Glinda, her cause in [and that] Burke's insistence on asking basic questions about [Shakespeare's] .

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However, the availability of bootlegs makes it easy and cheap for fans to rewatch the show, possibly picking up on details they missed during a live performance or re-experiencing favorite moments.

About six heard the soundtrack of Glee covers first. This fan in particular runs the gamut of pre- and post-show interaction: After seeing it my interaction with the fandom became more intense, I started creating fanart and became a fan of some of the actors who have been involved in the show.

These bootlegs also provide the source material for gifs Graphic Interchange Format and the creation of gifsets that pair certain frames of the show to emphasize a theme, character, or couple. The dialogue can be subtitled onto the image or there may be explanation text that accompanies the images.

Take the following gifset for example. A fan would take all these themes into consideration when deciding clips, quotes, and artistic rendering, just as a fanfiction author might choose to emphasize a particular dynamic between two characters. While participation in the fandom can be as shallow as simply seeing the show and enjoying it, the most visible participants in the fandom are the ones who critically engage with the show.

A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical.

Are You Glinda The Good Witch Or Elphaba The Wicked Witch?

Just go with it. Being screwed over by your sister, or a jealousy metaphor gone literal, are not bad reasons for being green. But being born green and having to struggle with that makes for a better character. Powers Elphaba within the Oz of Wicked has uncommonly strong magic. As her family is ashamed of her uncontrolled bursts, she has tried to hide it up until her entrance to Shiz.

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship questions

Once there she is a stellar magic student. She is able to read and spellcast from the ancient Grimmerie, make a broomstick fly, give her sister the ability to walk, and even, limitedly, see the future.

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Theodora is one of the three witches of Oz. She is particularly strong in fire power, as well as telekinesis, but holds back while she is still good.

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship questions

She is, however, ultimately defeated in this film by a charlatan, so hard to say how powerful she is compared to the other witches. Zelena has been casting magic since she was a newborn.

Hm, this is a tough call. Between Elphaba and Zelena, these are both exceptionally powerful witches, said to have few equals. In Wicked, the relationship between Elphaba and Glinda takes centerstage heh, see what I did there?

wicked elphaba and glinda relationship questions

They meet at Shiz as total opposites, and through a misunderstanding become roommates. But the two bond and become friends. She seems to believe her sister that Glinda has turned against Oz. But once Oscar Diggs meets the beautiful Glinda, whatever relationship they had is doomed. She encourages Zelena to let go of her past and join her and her sisters. For a time, things go well, and Zelena loses her green coloring and her hatred of Regina.

But then Dorothy appears. But Zelena gives in, and she tries to kill Dorothy. When she fails, Zelena fakes her death and, posing as the Wizard, gets Dorothy out of the picture and Glinda banished to the Enchanted Forest. This is a hard one.

Their relationship seems more distant, like Glinda as failed mentor to Zelena. Which is odd, because that encounter never even happens in Once Upon a Time. Still, I think this one goes to Zelena. This of course leads to speculation as to their history, and each of these works provides a very different answer. When they first meet, he calls himself a fatherly man who only wants to take care of people. Overcome with remorse, he agrees to leave Oz. She hung all her hopes on Oscar Diggs, and he turned out to be a fake.

He managed to become a good man, while she became a Wicked Witch. Notably, at the end of the film Oscar looks incredibly guilty for what he did to her, and how she has changed, so how he changed from that into the man who ordered her death is a mystery. Like in Wicked, the future witch of Once Upon a Time goes to the Wizard as a young woman for help with a problem, only to find he is a fake.

She then turns him into a flying monkey for revenge.