Vietnam and australia relationship

Australia - Vietnam Relationship

vietnam and australia relationship

Thursday, 15 March Australia and Vietnam relationship enters new era. I am pleased to announce that Australia and Vietnam have today. Bilateral links between Australia and Vietnam have developed significantly since the establishment of diplomatic relations in In Australia's Quiet Vietnam Diplomacy. March 18, Australia's Quiet Vietnam Diplomacy. With little fanfare on summits or human rights, the two countries are.

This declaration identified five major areas of cooperation: The significance of the enhanced comprehensive partnership lies in the recognition by Australia and Vietnam that there is a growing convergence of interests and outlook between them.

For example, the preamble to the Declaration asserted: The relationship contributes to the peace, stability, cooperation and development of each country as well as the region and the world.

Vietnam and Australia also have convergent views on the importance of long-term global and regional economic integration based on trade and investment liberalisation. Little noticed at the time, in March the prime ministers of Vietnam and Australia agreed to establish a strategic partnership in the future.

Vietnam country brief - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Currently Vietnam has eleven strategic partnerships, including four of the five members of the United Nations Security Council as well as Japan and India. The Vietnam- Australia strategic partnership will lead to more regular exchanges between the top leadership and better coordination to deal with the many challenges to economic development, transnational issues, and peace and security in the region and globally.

Both Vietnam and Australia share convergent views on the East Sea territorial dispute. They both agree on the peaceful settlement of disputes, without the use or threat of force, on the basis of international law including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. In the last four decades, the relationship has grown from defense cooperation to a comprehensive partnership to a strategic one.

vietnam and australia relationship

Australia is also among the top official development assistance ODA donor countries, and accounts for a large number of overseas Vietnamese students. Bythey move towards a Comprehensive Partnership, which deepened cooperation in areas such as public policy exchanges, economic growth, trade development, ODA, technology, defense, and regional agenda.

Growing Partnership Between Vietnam and Australia

This comprehensive partnership developed into a strategic one inwith a focus on trade, investment, education, security, immigration, and human trafficking. Trade has grown by 12 percent in the last five years.

vietnam and australia relationship

Exports of Vietnamese goods and services to Australia grew by Exports have grown over eight percent in the last five years. Major products Major Vietnamese exports are electronics and equipment, footwear, garments, and seafood. Telephones, electronics, and components alone accounted for 31 percent of exports.

Metals, coal, wheat, crustaceans, and cotton were the major imports from Australia.

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Personal travel excluding education and transportation accounted for the majority.