Veronica and logan relationship quotes

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veronica and logan relationship quotes

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Veronica Mars, Season 1 movie on I obviously know nothing about relationships. Keith. "Veronica Mars" Look Who's Stalking (TV Episode ) Jason Dohring as Logan Photos (3); Quotes (5) You really think a relationship should be that hard?. Logan Echolls is Veronica's on-again, off-again boyfriend, and Duncan Kane's While Logan loves his mother Lynn, his relationship with his abusive father .. is a running gag consisting of frequently changing famous inspirational quotes.

High school Vice Principal: Echolls, may I have a word? The show was filled with little moments like this. You were never really sure he was pulling your leg or trying to share a helpful thought.

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It was awesome … funny … a little wacky … and always relevant to the situation. It was real wisdom but dropped into the real life situations Logan seemed to constantly find himself in.

And, frankly, as good TV shows do … they parallel our own Life situations on occasion. High school is a great place for dream building. And at exactly the same time … Life, in general, is a tough place for those who have dreams.

Their real job is almost equally balanced between pragmatic teaching and hope building. And teens are getting confused. High school kids clearly understand reality. They know they will need a job. It drives me crazy that adults forget that shit. The lesson to us adults? They both have dreams. And Veronica is no more valuable, better or exemplary than Logan because of this. People find their own timing with regard to knowing what they are going to do in Life.

So while there are some things they can control … there is a lot that is out of their control. And that is a maddening type of adversity. You know … the truth is that the significant majority of the time teens are doing the best that they can.

To love and lose: Oh, and painfully at exactly the same time. Your first love is always that … the first. Almost everyone learns the truth of this quote at some point in their lives … but … the first is always the first.

I think this thought is even more powerful because it is being said by a teen guy … okay … a tough guy teen.

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A rape whistle, just in case. You have more faith in mankind than I do, my friend. So what, if anything, does that mean? The Pi Sig mega apocalypse?

Veronica Mars quotes

Will they let me in? I think all the glitter has come off my porn star tube top. Is there no honour left? One of the chief joys of my existence is the anticipation of tasting the contents of that bottle. But for tonight, I'm just getting drunk. Pour me the swill.

veronica and logan relationship quotes

For the around-the-world party. Every dorm room dresses itself up like a different country Most of Western Europe goes down fast. Since when do you side with management? Good thing we don't have any good stuff. Said he lived in anticipation of drinking it. So why, if he's going to commit suicide, does he drink the cheap stuff instead?

He had character, or was one, or something.

veronica and logan relationship quotes

I don't know, just I got an A, just in case you were wondering My example was, 'Goodbye, cruel world'. Think I'll get a code name? I'm ready to be wooed! Don't you want to hear all about how great you are? I mean, don't you want to see the look on some cute guy's face when he realizes that you're not only smokin'-hot but funny and smart? Why, you're the catch of the century, Veronica Mars I mean, do you?

veronica and logan relationship quotes

I haven't figured it out yet. The woman I love is getting married next week. I have no idea where or to who. I don't know her address, her phone number. I don't even know her last name.

Does she know who you are? So, about the one that got away, she was dressed as a Cylon, and you only knew her as Six, right? What will you boys come up with next? How did people find sex before there was an internet? Look, why not dispel any romantic notions? If we see each other, warts and all, and still like each other, that's a real connection. Maybe I don't care to see any warts, you know, yours or mine.

First Duncan, now Logan. You're running out of rich bachelors' heads to mess with. Is it some kind of weird sport for you, you know, breaking dudes' hearts? That can only mean one thing. You need a favour. Remember you told my criminology class about how you stole some guy's car and had it crushed?

veronica and logan relationship quotes

He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is quick-tempered exalts folly. Invoices have to go out today. See you at the office. You got to show up, or he's gonna fail you.

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It's a sad state of affairs when I'm the academic on the balcony. Like, I might have to use an oven mitt to feel her up. She's coming here tonight, and she's bringing her sister, who, I might add, she described as practically her twin. By the way, I did a little research on pathetic sad-sackery, and 'hot sister' is the recommended treatment.