Tristana and teemo relationship quotes

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tristana and teemo relationship quotes

Tristana. Undeterred by even the most dangerous and threatening of obstacles, Teemo scouts the world with boundless enthusiasm and a cheerful spirit. A page for describing Characters: League Of Legends T To U. This is part of the character sheet for the game League of Legends. Check back often, as new . I just reread Tristana's lore and noticed Teemo's quote at the bottom. Considering that Teemo shamelessly added "all day long" to his quote.

Only fools pledge life to honor! I Fight for the Strongest Side: He agreed to fight for Noxus only because a man stronger than he was General Du Couteau was the one giving the orders.

He used to have an ability that teleported him behind an enemy, but not since his rework. Various assassin guilds made this 'offer' to Talon, but General Du Couteau was the only one to do it successfully.


And the implication is that Talon still would have chosen death over serving anyone but the General. His animations and abilities can be accurately described as "blades everywhere". He also has a huge collection of blades from all the people he's killed.

I wonder who it's in this time? Pushed during his pre-season 7 rework with his Assassin's Path ability, allowing him to traverse over nearly every wall in the game.

tristana and teemo relationship quotes

Developers even specifically used the term "parkour" when describing his new playstyle. A Lighter Shade of Black: He's certainly not good, but he just wants to make a quick, clean kill and get out.

Compared to champions who torture their victims' souls or prolong their agony for the sake of "art," Talon doesn't seem so bad. Talon is usually played against mage-type champions in the mid lane: His purely physical damage also exploits mage champions' low armor, particularly in the early game, and if things go south, he can escape by parkouring over the nearest piece of terrain.

He believes in this; he's not sadistic and doesn't draw out this killings. Not Me This Time: In Quinn's backstory, Talon was accused of assassinating four Demacians and attempting to strike at the king himself. Quinn correctly dismissed this as "not his style" and went on to prove herself right.

Power Creep, Power Seep: As the game's premiere all-in, burst assassin, Talon is one of the most problematic champions Riot have ever released. He exists in only two possible forms: He is never "balanced".

InRiot has finally brought forth a rework that will hopefully curb his constant misbalance, and make him more unique and standoutish among the assassins. His Rake ability describes it as a volley of daggers that return to him, but the animation for the "daggers" much more resembles bladed boomerangs.

So much so that, after General Du Couteau disappeared, Talon felt like he had no purpose in life without him. The life of an assassin isn't pretty, but it's just his job. That said, it's the only job he knows how to do. Recruited from the Gutter: He grew up on the streets but managed to get good enough at killing that Du Couteau would want him for an assassin. His whole kit is meant to invoke the paranoia especially if you're squishy that he's about to pop up next to you and burst you down.

If he disappears in a teamfight, pray he's not coming for you, because you won't see him until it's too late.

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Went from a defenseless street urchin to one of the deadliest assassins in Noxus, solely by internalizing the Noxian creed that only the strong should survive. Comes with being Noxian, though Talon in particular shows nothing but disgust for the weak and only accepts orders from General Du Couteau because he bested him.

General Du Couteau, a Worthy Opponentis worth serving — anyone weaker is not, and deserves killing. A young Talon stabbed his accomplice after he screwed their plan up, beginning his career of killing very early in his life.

When Du Couteau disappeared, he felt the only thing he could do was to search for him. You Have Failed Me: His change in occupation from thief to killer was when his partner in crime, fellow street urchin Kayvn, screwed up in providing a distraction to let Talon get away with some food. When he showed Talon some daggers that he'd stolen in the hopes of selling them off, Talon decided that Kayvn was a liability and made him his first victim.

Taric, the Shield of Valoran Voiced by: Shamed by a dereliction of duty and exiled from his homeland Demacia, Taric ascended Mount Targon to find redemption, only to discover a higher calling among the stars. Imbued with the might of ancient Targon, the Shield of Valoran now stands ever vigilant against the insidious corruption of the Void.

His passive, Bravado, empowers Taric's next two basic attacks whenever he uses an ability, causing them to swing faster, deal increased damage based on his armor and reduce the cooldown of his basic abilities. His first ability, Starlight's Touch, passively stores charges over time up to a cap, gaining a full charge for each Bravado-enhanced attack.

When activated, Taric radiates restorative energy, consuming all charges to heal himself and all nearby allies by an amount that increases with the amount of charges spent. His second ability, Bastion, passively grants Taric bonus armor.

When activated, Taric grants both himself and the targeted allied champion a damage-absorbing shield. Additionally, when he uses this ability on an ally, Taric establishes a link with them that lasts until he uses the ability on a different allied champion or they stray too far away from each other. While linked, the ally gains Bastion's bonus armor and all of Taric's other abilities are replicated from the linked ally's location.

With his third ability, Dazzle, Taric fires a beam of starlight in a target direction after a small delay, damaging and stunning all enemies it hits. With his ultimate ability, Cosmic Radiance, Taric calls on the stars themselves for protection after a small delay, rendering himself and all nearby allies invulnerable to damage for a few seconds. Above Good and Evil: Taric is the protector of Valoran.

That means all of Valoran, and he doesn't care what side you're on if you're in his way.

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That puts him at odds with certain world-ending threats, like the Void, but he's very much above silly things like wars and right or wrong. His outfit has a wide v-neck opening over his chest. It was apparently a major aspect of his redesign that Riot decided on, and they kept making it deeper. Armor of the Fifth Age takes the trope to the logical conclusion, where his shirt is completely open to his waist like a skin-tight vest.

His "Armor of the Fith Age" is Taric is the assigned protector of the entire planet and all that resides on it.

tristana and teemo relationship quotes

He is willing to wade right through two armies to defend a flower, simply because it is the last of its kind. Justified since these are not rocks but solidified starlight. Word of God insisted that " Taric likes everyone. Targon seeking redemption for failing his men, and even his new role as the Aspect of Protection has hints of Must Make Amends. His voice is quiet and somewhat lilting, yet deep. As deep as one might expect Yuri Lowenthal to go, anyway. Blue and Orange Morality: As noted above, his call to protect whatever needs protecting means his actions might seem inexplicable to those who can't see what he sees.

Taric didn't see himself as this trope, but Garen and most of his military superiors did. He had no difficulty learning how to fight, but he was prone to Cloud Cuckoolander -ish wanderings trying to understand why. Zig Zagged Tropeif one assumes he's actually gay. On one hand he's a durable mage knight with a heavy weapon and has a deep manly voice.

tristana and teemo relationship quotes

On the other, he has flowing hair, speaks gently, and cultivates his beauty just as much as his strength. He's the chosen protector of all of Valoran.

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Taric can take lot of punishment, especially for a healer, and due to his passive, attacking in melee reduces the cooldown on his heal substantially, meaning he's actually a better medic when he's hitting something. Taric is soft-spoken, gentle, and has an appreciation for beauty in all its forms. He's also fully capable of bludgeoning you to death. The Myths Well, before answering that question, there's some other things we need to go over.

tristana and teemo relationship quotes

Maybe, Tristana friend zoned him. After all, they are listed as friends in their champion profile pages. Another interesting detail, is that Teemo and Rumble are listed as rivals in their champion profile pages, which is very interesting. This whole love triangle thing seems to make sense after all. It appears as though Teemo and Rumble both, have a thing for Tristana.

The Theories Now, Tristana's lore entry does mention that Tristana avoids talking about any romantic relationship she may have with the Swift Scout. What can we learn from this? Well, maybe she doesn't feel anything for Teemo and avoids the question, because she thinks it's ridiculous. Or maybe, she does feel something about him and that is why she avoids talking about it.


Rumble and Teemo however, seem attracted to Tristana, in very obvious ways. Rumble is obviously attracted to Trist, while Teemo hides this, but probably bickers about it with Rumble in the sidelines. Tristana do have a 'close friendship', so maybe this is indication she'll go towards Teemo. However, Rumble's a pretty standup guy, so maybe she'll lean towards Rumble. Or maybe, she doesn't feel anything for neither!