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Coyote Starrk x Lilynette Gingerbuck Espada Aspect of Death - Solitude. Orihime Inoue You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. It's never stated that this is why hollows do it, but that's the end goal. There was also his relationship with Lilynette, and she, being a former. They all stood there silently for a couple of minutes, Menoly eventually resting her head on Ichigo . Baraggan, too, left with a sonido, leaving Starrk and Lilynette alone in the palace. .. "Ichigo achieved his goal for the day.

This got a snicker from Apacci and Menoly. Apacci looked back at Loly. Loly stumbled slightly, then turned back to Apacci, looking defensive. Like you don't already know! I guess I do. Her face was slightly reddened and she seemed to be grinding her teeth.

I swear, the amount of time you spent drooling at Ichigo you could probably paint a perfect picture of him. Seeing Apacci's victorious smirk, Sun-Sun inhaled and exhaled in an effort to calm herself down.

Ok, maybe that was a lie, but it would still be funny to see Sun-Sun's reaction. This display caused everyone's face to darken. Loly, Menoly, and Lilynette's face darkened due to the image it brought up.

Sun-Sun's darkened for another reason. Sun-Sun's sai slowly made itself visible from underneath her sleeve. What would have most likely turned into a mass murder was stopped when a voice rang out.

I see you have returned from the World of the Living. Sun-Sun already had her sai hidden again. We trained with Ichigo-kun and, like you had told us, our reiatsu reserves grew. I must tell you that it may be a while before you see Kurosaki-san again. Loly and Menoly both nodded.

With a sonido, they both disappeared from the palace. Harribel turned towards the other three, more specifically, to Lilynette.

You two will be returning to the World of the Living in four days time.

Lilynette Gingerbuck

Harribel nodded once more and turned away from them. Without anoything else to say, she simply left the room, intending to return to her own. When she was gone, Lilynette spoke up. Wouldn't want Starrk getting too comfortable, eh? The room was awkwardly silent, with only Apacci and Sun-Sun left. Apacci scratched the back of her head and laughed nervously.

At that, Sun-Sun walked out of the room, leaving Apacci alone. You call that a Cero? Ichigo then brought his hand forward again and focused his reiatsu in his palm. A bright orange Cero charged up and fired from Ichigo's palm, going towards Hiyori. Though, it was deflected by her bare hand and sent off to the side harmlessly. What am I doing wrong? What'd I do the very first time that I'm not doing now? He could tell Hiyori was having a field day with this. Now, they weren't going at it in a head-on fight.

It was only Cero training with your mask donned, which gave Hiyori the advantage, something she appreciated. Ichigo cursed when his mask crumbled. Moreso when Hiyori suddenly planted her foot in the side of his head and sent him tumbling off into the distance. It's Cero training, not endurance training anymore.

He froze and looked away fearfully when Hiyori looked back at him and gave him an icy glare. She then turned back and scanned around for Ichigo. A bright orange cero shot out at her from the cover of the rocks, though this one, too, was easily deflected. Come on out, you coward! Ichigo hit the boulder next to him in anger. Why couldn't this blasted thing fire properly? How had he done it?

He couldn't remember exactly, he had done it rushed and wasn't paying attention to what he was doing all that much. He did it more subconciously, Ichigo figured. He brought his hand up once more and concentrated his reiatsu in the palm of his hand once again. A Cero began crackling to life, before it was dispelled by him He would concentrate his reiatsu into the Cero.

Maybe if he used his Hollow's reiatsu? How did I not think of it before? Ichigo looked up at Hiyori, who already had a bright red Cero charged up in front of her mouth.

Shinji only shrugged in reply, further aggravating Kensei. Why the hell would I stand still? Ichigo facepalmed at the answer, before being forced to dodge as Hiyori came down on him, cracking the ground where he once stood with her zanpakuto. Instead of charging his own reiatsu, he charged the reiatsu that his mask gave him, in the palm of his hand. A bright orange Cero charged itself quickly and was let loose at Hiyori, who could only brace herself in surprise.

Shinji's eyes widened in surprise as where Hiyori was lit up in a bright orange light, before exploding. Everyone stared at the explosion, and the dust and rocks it kicked up.

Nothing happened for a few seconds, before they all saw Ichigo burst out of the smoke and bolt for the exit. Before anyone could get his attention, they heard, "Get your ass back here!

Everyone sweatdropped at the scene, before Shinji turned to Hachi. When he finally reached the bottom, he was at Hiyori's feet, who was looking down on him with a furious smirk. He learned how to properly fire a Cero. Next time, we'll work on it's charge rate and power. Shinji turned back to Ichigo. Didn't think you'd get it down so soon. Thanks for saving my ass there. Shinji waved him off. Want me to replace Hiyori with someone else? Ichigo shook his head. Hiyori manages to push me to improve really well.

Besides, I suppose I probably deserve it. Shinji agreed silently, but made no comment. See you guys later. He made to leave, but stopped abruptly, looking to be contemplating something. He turned around again and spoke up. Can I talk to you for a second? There's something I gotta tell you. You accidentally met and hooked up with a couple of arrancar in disguise?

And you want us to side with you? Causing Ichigo to stand up in reaction. What the hell kind of story is that! I'll ask that one of the Espada meet with you. Shinji raised an eyebrow briefly, before shaking his head. Ichigo sighed, shook his head, then turned to leave. You'll get strong sparring with him, you'll see.

Mila-Rose's head whipped around to look at the seated Apacci with a glare. I don't need reiatsu to kick your ass! What do you do with all that anyway? Spending time with Grimmjow-sama's fraccion? They can't help but act childish and pathetic. Ggio, for his part, was cursing his existence. Not only was he ordered to get involved with a Shinigami, but he had to in the company of these fools.

When he reached the World of the Living, he vowed that he would go into Resureccion and kill this Shinigami first chance he got. That would be the end of it.

She received affirmatives from the three and opened a garganta for the three of them. I expect the three of you back this evening. Though, we'll have to accept it in order to secure Baraggan's full support. She saw Sun-Sun's worried expression, which surprised her, and said, reassuringly, "Do not worry.

Kurosaki-san fought and defeated Grimmjow, the Sexta. If Ggio trys anything, it won't have much effect. Sun-Sun blushed at her superior's question, even Apacci chuckled at the surprise teasing from Harribel. Harribel nodded at Sun-Sun, her eyes gleaming in amusement. Though, no longer wanting to tease her fracciom, Harribel turned and left the room. Sun-Sun opened her mouth too protest but Apacci continued. If you want his attention, at this point, you better be incredibly forward and get your point across.

To herself, she'd admit it. She was annoyed that Apacci was right. What could she do to get Ichigo's attention? She inwardly doubted it. He's the kind of guy who won't turn you down simply because you're not as bold as other girls. Oh my god, when you kiss him and use tongue, it's like you're in heaven. I'm sure it is. Someone feeling a little deprived? Despite Sun-Sun's 'look', she continued.

I'll give you a couple of tips. The first thing you do is Karakura Town Ichigo sat in front of the Urahara Shoten, having decided to get here earlier today. This should allow him and whoever it was today to get started a good thirty minutes earlier. As that was usually how long it took to walk here from where he usually met up with them.

A familiar reiatsu fileld his sense and he recognized it as Lilynette's. There were two others he could sense, but didn't recognize them. Inwardly, he had been hoping to see Loly and Menoly again, but there were other arrancar that needed the sparring, so he wouldn't complain. At least he was helping. Ichigo stood when he felt Lilynette's reiatsu begin approaching him rapidly. Just as he predicted, Lilynette rocketed over the closest house and landed just a few feet away from him.

She looked up at him and grinned. Ichigo couldn't help but allow a half-grin to appear on his face and reply, "Hey, Lily-chan. One, a female who had an amazonian look going on, the other, a male with a feral look about him. He spoke up first. He scoffed and turned away, clearly disgusted and disappointed. Ichigo frowned, but turned to Mila-Rose when she spoke up to introduce herself. Urahara was already down in the Training Room, waiting, so Ichigo made his way over to the entrance opened it for the four of them.

He leapt down, followed by the other three. When he noticed Mila-Rose raise an eyebrow at him, he waved his fan in a dismissing manner. I'm just a lowly, but handsome, storeowner here to enjoy the show. He took out his deputy badged and ejected himself from his human body.

Already, Ggio was there in front of him, bringing a roundhouse kick with him. Reacting instantly, Ichigo blocked the attack with his forearm and grabbed the leg with the same arm's hand. Ichigo twisted his own body as momentum to use to throw Ggio away from him. Ggio landed and slid across the ground before regaining his footing to charge Ichigo once more. His charge was effectively halted when, suddenly, a hand clamped down on his face and brought him to the side, directly into a boulder.

When Ggio struggled to get free, Ichigo's grip became tighter. Ggio sonido'd away and appeared next to Mila-Rose and Lilynette. Mila-Rose, who had just broken out of her stupor, looked at Ggio and smirked. Ggio growled at the two of them. Before a retort could be made, Urahara continued. Lilynette reached up and materialized her zanpakuto from her broken horn.

Mila-Rose unsheathed her own broadsword-like zanpakuto. Ggio crouched, ready to pounce. Right away, Ichigo was attacked on all sides. Later Lilynette had definitely made progress, Ichigo took note of. At least, now, she wasn't simply charging in and swinging wildly. Instead, she would actively seek ways to catch him off-guard or pair with Mila-Rose to gain the upper hand.

So, that was good. Mila-Rose was rather forward with her attacks. Attacking head-on with Lilynette backing her up half the time. It was obvious that she was used to fighting as a team with Sun-Sun and Apacci. Her brute strength had caught him off-guard at first, but had adjusted quickly and was now able to block or counter her at will.

Ggio was going all out, Ichigo put it to himself rather frankly. While it did seem to annoy Lilynette and Mila-Rose, Ichigo had to give credit to the arrancar. At least he wasn't half-assing it. Granted, it was to kill him, but still. Ichigo could certainly respect the effort, but wasn't sure what he was trying to prove. Anything Ggio attempted was blocked, deflected, or countered easily.

Over the course of the day, when Mila-Rose and Lilynette would take quick breathers every couple hours, Ggio kept going at him.

So, all day long, Ggio had been fighting him. He had stamina and guts, Ichigo gave him that. Currently, Ichigo was fending off another attack of Ggio's, as Mila-Rose and Lilynette were off on the side resting. An otherwise powerful punch was made useless as Ichigo grabbed Ggio's wrist, gave him a quick punch in the stomach with the hilt of Zangetsu, and threw him over his shoulder.

Ggio hit the ground hard and bounced for a few meters before coming to a stop. He suddenly thrusted his hand forward and began to charge his reiatsu in his palm. Ichigo knew exactly what Ggio was doing. So did Lilynette, apparently. Ichigo held his stance, even as the Cero impacted the ground in front of him. Lilynette looked up and over at Urahara. Urahara waved her off with his usual care-free demeanor.

I think Kurosaki-san has things under control. When Lilynette didn't seem all that convinced, he said, "Oh, come now. Have a little faith in 'Ichigo-sensei'. It wouldn't have been that big a deal, if not for the fact it was Hollow reiatsu.

Everyone, minus Urahara, looked in shock as a bright orange cero was fired from within the smoke cloud Ggio's cero had caused. Ggio could only brace himself as the Cero hit him, causing another explosion to shake the area. When the first smoke cloud cleared, there stood Ichigo. Unharmed, and shouldering Zangetsu, he had an almost bored look on his face as he scanned through the smokecloud twenty meters away from him.

Despite his intention to prove he wasn't going to be taking that sort of attitude from Ggio, Ichigo was still worried that he may have killed or critically injured him. When the smoke began to clear, Ichigo shunpo'd to where Ggio had been standing and glanced through the rubble.

When he saw movement, he jumped to get closer. Sure enough, there was Ggio, though he had seen better days from the look of him. Lying on the ground on all fours, he was out of breath and was bleeding from the palm on his left hand, a shallow burn making it's way up the same arm.

Ichigo guessed that Ggio had used a Cero at the last second to try and counter his own. The most noticeable wound, however, was the lack of Ggio's left saber-tooth. Ichigo hoped that wouldn't have too much of an effect on the arrancar.

Ggio looked up at him, then seemed to bow his head in an almost submissive and respectful manner. Whether he willed it or not, his Resureccion state released itself, reforming as his zanpakuto.

Just as Ichigo predicted, the left tooth on Ggio's mask fragmant was gone, chipped at the stub. When Ggio struggled to lift himself up, Ichigo leaned down and offered his hand to the arrancar. It meant that Ichigo considered him his equal, and he respected that. He grasped the offered hand strongly and grunted as he was helped on his feet. Giving a small pat on Ggio's shoulder, Ichigo jumped out of the hole.

Ggio shook his head and breathed out, "Son of a bitch. Once Ichigo was in plain sight, he was immediately jumped by Lilynette and was bombarded with questions. Was that a cero? How did you do that? Yes, that was a cero. Ichigo scratched the back of his head, thinking of the answer. By now, the three were rejoined by Urahara and Ggio. What an impressive display!

I wasn't aware you had learned how to use a Cero, Kurosaki-san. I'd say that's enough for today. Lilynette-san, Mila-Rose-san, you two's reiatsu reserves increased, as expected. Ggio-san, while you didn't get much reiatsu from Kurosaki-san, I'm sure you got something else of value from this experience? When it was clear that Ggio had nothing else to say to the group, for now, Urahara spoke up again. Ichigo took a couple steps forward to follow them, but stopped when he heard, "Kurosaki-san.

Instead of a verbal response, Ichigo was shocked to see Ggio take a deep bow, resting on one knee, supporting himself up with a fist on the ground, his other arm resting on the bent knee. Take me as your student. What did you think? I hope you liked it, really I do. It's not like it took me forever to write this so I put a lot of effort into it or anything I just hope you like: D Again, sorry for the long update.

I just couldn't get motivated to type it out. No, not because I'm getting bored with this story, cause of where I'm going. I'm going to Vegas on the Twentieth to visit my old friends, so I couldn't stay still enough to sit down and type this out. I'll be gone for a week, then I'll begin work on Chapter Thirteen. You have my word. No musical inspiration for the chapter in general, though I like to think of this song as Ggio's Theme.

Headstrong Back off, I'll take you on! Headstrong to take on anyone! I know that you are wrong! Back off, I'll take you on. Headstrong, to take on anyone. I know that you are wrong and this is not where you belong. In-use for sights gags only Oh, before I forget Slipknot, good song XDthere's a poll up on my Profile page regarding the lemons. Nothing major, but if you're interested, check it out. It will stay up until the first lemon comes around. I already play with my beta, and Desuse Who has a IchigoxHarem story with the arrancar girls as well a good amount and would love to play with other people too.

Well, there ya go. Please read and review. Also Starrk is a much more straightforward fighter, while Kyoraku defies his samurai motif as a Combat Pragmatist.

His release covers his left eye with an eyepatch that looks like it's made of bone with a Hollow hole in it. Starrk is so fast that he's able to grab Orihime when she's within feet of both Ichigo and Kenpachi and whisk her away before either of them have even finished drawing their swords. He can split his soul into at least a hundred exploding wolf-like creatures.

Starrk is defined by his loneliness and it is in fact his Aspect of Death. He was so powerful that his mere presence would kill any beings he came across until Aizen helped him put his power under control.

Lilynette is not his Fraccion, she's his zanpakuto. Once they enter their Resurreccion state, they rejoin into one being with Lilynette becoming his twin guns. He rapidly fires away from a stationary position, elegantly sheathing and then firing with his more powerful gun. He wields two guns during his release. One fires rapidly but has minimal power and the other fires slow but powerful projectiles.

He uses a pair of cero firing guns in his released state, which turns him into an unholy combination of the vaporizerthe wooand the quick draw. I Am Not Left-Handed: A gambit he pulls in the anime where he fires a powerful cero from his right pistol and then holsters it, creating the illusion that while the right gun is more powerful, it requires recharge between firing. When Kyoraku tries to take advantage of this apparent weakness, Starrk just flips the gun forward and shoots him in the face.

I Just Want to Be Normal: Does not care about his power at all, since it caused his loneliness in the first place. He even admits he envies those who are weak. I Just Want to Have Friends: He's lonely to the point where he'd even consider Baraggan a friend.

The entire reason he joined Aizen's army in the first place was because he desperately wanted to have people in his life that he could be close to. He can summon a pair of glowing swords made of his reiatsu.

Starrk and Lilynette were originally a single Vasto Lorde who split into two out of desperate loneliness upon becoming an Arrancar. As a result, they don't know which of them was the original or whether identifying an original even matters; though for all intents and purposes Starrk acts as the main body and retains the power to split his soul into other beings, including creating an entire pack of wolves to function as his army. Lonely at the Top: More or less the basis of his character. From the beginning he wanted to have friends, which was impossible for him as he was so unbelievably strong as a Vasto Lorde that the spirit energy leaking from him was enough to kill any weaker hollow who happened to be near him.

The weak are allowed to congregate. Which one of Starrk and Lilynette came first is unknown by either. To escape their desperate loneliness, the original split the other from their soul to create companionship.

Doesn't seem to care much for combat, being extremely reluctant to fight Kyoraku seriously. He dislikes the idea of taking revenge altogether unless it's for a friend. Not to Ulquiorra or Grimmjow's extent, but he is pretty damn handsome, especially with his Badass Longcoat and cowboy theme. Despite his name being Coyote Starrk, his Animal Motif is the wolf.

His background is that of a lone wolf who desperately wants to be part of the pack and his power, Los Lobos "The Wolves"allows him to split his souls into both companions and an entire pack of soul wolf weapons. He's a Hollow, but he's not evil, just extremely lonely and viewing the other Espada as his True Companions. Much of his behavior and tactics are comparable to Kyoraku's, but this is ultimately subverted and lampshaded when it turns out his assumptions on this basis - Kyoraku's 'desperate' attacks - turn out to be misguided.

Kyoraku is intentionally unpredictableand tells Starrk he shouldn't be so quick to think they're the same kind of people. When he finally realises how serious Aizen is, he stops playing around in battle. He takes out Kyouraku with a shot to the back. Starrk's expression rarely changes from a small melancholy frown. Person of Mass Destruction: He can fire 1, cero at once, and those dozens of soul-wolves each have the fire-power of a small nuke.

It's good thing that he doesn't care for fighting. As a Vasto Lorde, he was so powerful that his uncontrollable reiatsu killed everything around him until he met Aizen. Starrk opposes Soul Society purely out of gratitude to Aizen for providing him with comrades who won't die from his presence.

He even suggests to Shinsui that they just pretend to fight, and when his fighting is half-hearted when he doesn't feel pressured by his allegiance, attempting to give Rose and Love the opportunity to run.

He can summon an army of vicious wolves made of his reiatsu which explode in a spectacular fashion when they sink their teeth into an enemy. The most villainous thing about Starrk is his choice to fight for Aizen. Everything else about him, ranging from his actions and even his personality don't match up to his teammates aside from Harribel. Despite this, Shunsui makes it clear that since it is a war, he wouldn't hold back in punches despite how nice of a guy Starrk may be.

Torso with a View: His hollow hole is located in his sternum. As he dies, Starrk notes he didn't get to exactly thank Aizen fully, making him one of the few Espada loyal to him outright. It's justified because Aizen gave him exactly what he wanted; companions as strong as himself.

Villainous BSoD A minor one. Despite saying he's not the kind of guy to get revenge for his fallen comrades, Love notes that his performance in their fight gets considerably worse after Baraggan's death.

It takes being scolded by Lilynette for him to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge instead. In the anime, he appears to completely lose the will to fight after Lilynette's death. Before splitting into Starrk and Lilynette, as a Vasto Lorde he was so overwhelmingly powerful that the reiatsu leaking from him alone was enough to kill any Hollow that came near him.

When Aizen first met him, he was surrounded by mountains of dead Hollows. He had always desired to be weaker so his reiatsu would stop killing any Hollows who approached him and if that wasn't an option, to at least have comrades strong enough to handle it. In battle, Stark isn't weak by any means, but his heart's generally not into fighting. Lilynette Gingerbuck "Why do you think that Aizen made you number one?! Because he believes in your power, right!?

If you don't want to lose any of your comrades, then the only thing to do is fight! Nevertheless, she shares a very close relationship with Starrk despite her irritability. In truth she and Starrk are two parts of the same Hollow split into two.

Breaking Routine Chapter Bonds, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction

Not that she has any cleavage, but her uniform still exposes a lot of her chest. Her outfit shows off her stomach. She's a Hollow, which does technically make her a monster That being said, she's just too cute and non-threatening to actually pose a danger to anyone.

By herself, at least. She's Starrk's zanpakuto, not his Fraccion; meaning when they merge she becomes Espada 1 as well. Like Starrk, she was never able to make friends or anyone due to the immense power the pair possessed. Watching her try and fail to keep her dignity as a fighter while Ukitake toys with her, to the point she breaks down crying, makes her an odd case of an allegedly villainous character chalking up Woobie points.

It's hard to take her cries of "I'll kill you! She's a child who's friends with a much older Starrk, though Lilynette makes a point that Arrancar don't age. She's not truly Starrk's fraccion, they're two fragments of the same Hollow, so she is also the Espada 1. She was actually part of Starrk originally, and they're largely the same person, including their lack of a capacity to survive without companionship. Doesn't give up even when Ukitake is clearly just messing with her to avoid killing her.

Like Starrk, she doesn't really have much in the way of actual villainous traits. She's short tempered at worst, but for the most part just hangs out with these guys because she's lonely and there's no one else the pair can really interact with.

Can pull one out of her mask's broken left horn to fight. Not fight well, but fight. Ukitake quickly takes it away from her as if she's a child playing with scissors, and it disintegrates as she enters Ressureccion with Starrk.

She wears a tiny vest, long boots and gloves, and a pair of really short undergarments, all of which are white-colored with black outlines. In the anime, she dies intercepting a wind attack from Kyoraku that was meant for Starrk.

Her hollow hole is located on her solar plexus. There is but one absolute in this world, and that is my power! Baraggan was the original ruler of Hueco Mundo and by all rights lived up to his namesake until Aizen came and screwed him over, forcing him into begrudging servitude.

Throughout his life, he has one wish: As his Zanpakuto's name implies, he's extremely arrogant. The location of his number tattoo is unknown and his Hollow hole is in his sternum. His zanpakutou is an enormous battle-axe named Arrogante which allows him to slow time and age his opponent through physical contact, leaving their bones brittle. He can release its true form to become a skeleton clad in purple furs and garbs that is able to launch Respira, a black wave of rapid ageing that decays everything it touches in a matter of seconds.

A God Am I: He genuinely thinks of himself as a god who sits far above everyone else and refers to himself as the "God of Hueco Mundo" multiple times during his fights against Sui-Feng and Hachigen, even though he's just an arrancar like the other Espada. An Axe to Grind: Barragan's Respira makes him an almost untouchable opponent.

In his unreleased state, he can slow down any attack coming at him so he can easily avoid it. Any tactics and techniques are impossible against him because simply getting near him will age either the technique or the opponent to death.

This even extends to the ground he's walking on and also allowed him to survive a Fantastic Nuke to the face. If his Respira does touch an opponent, they have to sever the part of the body that's rotting to avoid dying. Just before Aizen showed up to kick him off his throne, he was considering dividing his army in half and having the two sides fight to the death just to pass the time. I will never die. His Resurreccion cloaks him in a dark purple, furry cloak, a noticeable departure from all the white seen in Las Noches' army.

In his released state he can exhale a black miasma called "Respira", the "Breath of Death", which rots whatever it comes into contact with. He has a large, impressive spiked crown in release. When in his unreleased state, the remains of his Hollow mask merely look like a crown. For the most part, it's completely justified, but it's also just about all that stops him from managing to do a lot more horrific damage before he went down.

As the Espada of Age, also directly connected to his Battle AuraBaraggan brags that death by aging is something that the mind cannot fathom, except that it's inevitable even for Soul Reapers, lecturing that nothing can exist forever; even the word "forever" is meaningless, since it was born from the fear of death.

Hoist by His Own Petard: After all the trouble Sui-Feng and Hachi went through, after surviving two Bankai nukes and proving immune to kido, after taking arms off of both his opponents, he is finally taken down when Hachi teleports his own decaying arm into Baraggan's stomach, disintegrating Baraggan into nothingness. As King of Las Noches, Baraggan was minding his own business when Aizen and his Co-Dragons came out of nowhere, bluntly stated that he wasn't good enough for what he was best at, wiped out Baraggan's entire army, forced him to serve the ones that defeated him and got labeled with the rank of "2nd" to further spite him.

His palace turned into Aizen's own headquarters. Ignorant Of His Own Ignorance: Before Aizen, Gin, and Tosen arrived and usurped his throne, he believed that he had already conquered everything, and was incredulous when Aizen told him there are other worlds besides Hueco Mundo.

Sui-Feng is aghast at the level of punishment this guy shrugs off, even wondering during the third or fourth time he's taken the party's best shot and come back for more if he's immortal.

Baraggan's power over time enables him to instantly age whatever he or his Respira touches to dust, and unless the affected body part is amputated the rot will spread to the entire body. The Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort: When Sui-Feng first uses her Bankai, Baraggan stares in half-interest as the missile flies toward him, and emerges from the explosion unscathed.

After determining that he aged the missile to explode before it hit him and trapping him so he can't do that again, he panics as Sui-Feng readies another missile and ends up losing part of his face from this second attack. Barragan was able to rule Hueco Mundo for an untold length of time due to his aging power being absolute. Unlike other powers, everyone is affected by his power, because nothing lasts forever.

Hachigen defeats Barragan by concluding that if this is true, Barragan himself is no exception and must have some sort of trick that protects him. He was absolutely right. When Sui-Feng shoots him directly in the face with her Bankai, he's horrified to discover he can neither block nor avoid it.

Later, Hacchi evokes another such expression from him when he figures out Barragan's secret. Barragan is vulnerable to his own power and Hacchi figures out how to turn it against him. His power to manipulate time enables him to accelerate the aging of whoever he or his abilities touch.

The results of this enables him to rot his enemies down to the bone, and even defend himself from oncoming attacks. The way he takes charge, and the fact that he's the oldest looking Espada led some people to believe he was Espada 1. Even Kyoraku had the same thoughts. Hacchi realises that if Barragan is telling the truth about his power being absolute, then Barragan himself is vulnerable to his own power and therefore needs a second power to protect himself from his primary ability, and it only works on the surface of his body, not inside.

He was the king of Hueco Mundo by virtue of being the most powerful person around After being forcibly recruited, he was waiting for his chance to take his throne back. His basic power is unstoppable, unblockable, works as both offense and defense and unless treated with some drastic measures, is a surefire one hit kill. Used right, it could possibly be more effective than even Kyoka Suigetsu.

His abilities stem around manipulating the flow of time to slow down his enemies and make them age and crumble into dust. His Hollow Hole is in the center of his chest, although it's covered by his robes and not ususally visible. In his backstory, Baraggan was extremely bored with his complete rule over Hueco Mundo because he had nothing to conquer with his vast powers and army.

When Sui-Feng and Hachi manage to injure him, he completely loses his shit. Soul Reapers and humans and hollows and arrancars all have their own differences and quarrels! They have will and freedom and animals and plants and the moon and the stars and the sun and every little thing! But only my power is absolute! Everything else is tiny and insignificant! Your proper place is under my supreme rule! Equality is not born from rivalry!

Look into my eyesfor you are no different than insects to me! His special ability is to rot and age everything into dust.

Plants, buildings, people, attacks, everything. He sent his Fraccion into battle fully expecting them to win, and he was noticeably enraged when they were killed, but he also didn't lift a finger to help them when they started losing, and gave the impression that he was only angry because his servants being defeated made him look bad. Otherwise, he didn't care.

In his backstory, as he was planning to have his loyal army fight each other to the death before Aizen dropped in. Mainly because he was bored. He looks ancient and even his powers revolve around Old Age, as it works on the principle of senescence.

He's also just as muscular as Captain Commander Yamamoto. But if we produce casualties, we would also sustain casualties of our own. Harribel shows actually more compassion compared to the rest of the Arrancars towards her own Fraccion, but she still fulfills her Dark Action Girl credentials.

She defines the death aspect of 'Sacrifice'. Her number-tattoo is located on the left side of her right breast, and her Hollow hole is in her womb. Her Zanpakuto, Tiburon, gives her a shark motif and control of water-based abilities.

In her normal form, the blade is hollow and can be filled with spiritual power to increase its strength. A Mother to Her Men: Unlike the Espada not named Starrk, she actually cares a great deal for the safety of her Fraccion. The anime takes it a step further by hosting a Whole Episode Flashback detailing her past, where she actually recruited Apacci, Sung-Sun and Mila to help form a stable group to keep male Hollows from eating them.

Given how her Hollow hole is located in her womb, symbolizing how she's effectively a Parental Substitute for her girls. When her top is unzipped and in her Resurreccion form her breasts are only partially covered by her mask fragments. The anime extends the fragments to cover the undersides of her breasts as well. The anime dedicated a handful of filler episodes to showing her backstory as a pacifist Vasto Lorde opposed to Barrigan's reign, protecting a trio of female Adjuchas - who later became her Fraccion - from the predations of other Menos.

All There in the Manual: A novel-esque story titled "Nestle To Night" found in the Unmasked databook reveals that Harribel and her Fraccion survived the entire Fake Karakura ordeal. This happens again regarding her fate after the manga, as ''Can't Fear Your Own World" reveals that she was rescued from the Wahrwelt by Neliel at some point and returned to Hueco Mundo after the war ended.

Heads up one of these with her all-female fraccion. Anime filler shows that they deliberately gathered up to avoid predation from male Hollows, as female Hollows are generally considered easy targets. She has dark skin noticeably more so in the manga than the anime ; but as she has a Spanish-flavored name like the other arrancar, it's unclear what her ethnicity is supposed to be, if she even has one. Her resurreccion is related to sharks. In anime-only flashback, her Vasto Lorde form is a humanoid Hollow with shark-themed armor.

Conducts herself in a much more restrained and honorable manner than her compatriots, although messing with her friends brings down her wrath. Her anger usually takes the form of Tranquil Furywith the only time she drops her air of quiet dignity being when Aizen betrays everyone. Aizen is irritated to discover he has to use his sword on her twice before she can be properly defeated.

Sometime before the start of the Quincy's invasion of Soul Society, she was captured by the Vandenreich to destabilize Hueco Mundo. She's shown defeated and chained up in Yhwach's stronghold. Unusual for most females in Bleach, she wields a massive broad sword in resureccion that resembles a shark's tooth. In contrast to the other Espadas' Ressurrecions - which make them appear more monstrous - Tier's Ressurrecion makes her appear more human by doing away with the fanged mask-fragment covering her mouth Boobs of Steel: She's the strongest female arrancar who wields a BFS in her released state, and has a rather massive bust.

Her body is curvaceous, but when she unzips her jacket, the lower half of her face is a skeletal jaw, in keeping with her shark theme.