Shutter speed and aperture relationship poems

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shutter speed and aperture relationship poems

In order to do this, it's essential to understand the 3 components of what we call “ The Exposure Triangle”. These are: aperture, shutter speed. Exposure Triangle Explained: The relation between aperture, shutter speed and ISO Ideal ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture for different light Aperture Shutter. Click to explore the relationship between the aperture and shutter speed. If your camera lets you select them, you can pair a fast shutter speed (to let in light for.

ShortCourses-Using Shutter Speed and Aperture Together

The depth-of-field in this picture is well less than one meter. An aperture is simply an opening in the front of your lens controlled by blades. If you divide the focal lenght of the lens into its aperture f-number you get the diameter size of the effective aperure in the lens. This is because your auto single lens reflex SLR camera with an auto lens allows you to focus with the aperture blades wide open and out of the way.

The aperture closes down to its selected setting when you press the shutter release to take your picture. The bigger the actual size of the aperture can get the larger the opening the "faster" the lens is considered.

When you hear about a "fast" lens, someone is talking about a lens with a big maximum aperture opening. The picture below shows what that will do to the depth-of-field: You still focused your camera on the girl in front but now the girl to the right is sharp too even though you did not change your focus point.

The depth-of-field, or zone of sharp focus, now extends past the girl in front and covers the girl in back. But, also notice that the boy to the left is still not in focus. The background is not in focus either. Now everything in the picture is sharp.

Understanding F Stops, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Remember, you focused on the front girl's face in all these pictures. So, Depth-of-Field is simply the zone of sharp focus.

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If your camera lets you select them, you can pair a fast shutter speed to let in light for a short time with a large aperture to let in bright light or a slow shutter speed long time with a small aperture dim light. Speaking of exposure only, it doesn't make any difference which combination you use. But in other ways, it does make a difference, and it is just this difference that gives you some creative opportunities.

Understanding the Exposure Triangle - Relation Between Aperture, Shutter and ISO

Whether you know it or not, you're always balancing camera or subject movement against depth of field because a change in one causes a change in the other. As you've seen, shutter speeds and apertures each have a standard series of settings called "stops".

shutter speed and aperture relationship poems

With shutter speeds, each stop is a second or more, or a fraction of second indicating how long the shutter is open. The stops are arranged so that a change of 1 stop lets in half or twice the light of the next setting.

shutter speed and aperture relationship poems

If you make the shutter speed 1 stop slower letting in 1 stop more lightand an aperture 1 full stop smaller letting in 1 stop less lightthe exposure doesn't change. In all modes other than manual this happens automatically. However, you increase the depth of field slightly and also the possibility of blur from camera or subject movement.