Shinji and kaworu relationship test

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shinji and kaworu relationship test

Knowledge (学力): The higher this is, the less likely Shinji will fail tests Shinji and Asuka, who share a rather unbalanced relationship in the original NGE, are. Though fans have speculated on what kind of relationship Shinji had with Kaworu it is at least clear that Kaworu represented a sort of idealized. Regardless, what matters Kaworu was very real and tender to Shinji, something . to 'see what he could do' in the synch tests - so he showed them. . clear with how their relationship works (even if the kitten-strangling is a bit.

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I blog Anime-verse, Rebuild-verse and manga-verse. Here are 20 valid reasons why the relationship between Kaworu and Shinji can be viewed as a romantic one. In the movie poster for Evangelion 3. Heartbreaking, but I think it applies. A heart shaped tree! Notice how the tree forms two branches from one root? Whether it was subconsciously or not, Shinji waits for Kaworu to finish his synch tests. And then blushes like crazy when Kaworu addresses it! The bath scene is one that always sticks in people minds.

If he were uncomfortable, then surely he would have rejected these advancements like he did with Misato in episode 23 - just one episode before! Not to mention that Shinji says he loves him too. Whether he meant it in a romantic way or not is debatable, but the bottom line is Kaworu provides nothing but unconditional love and acceptance for Shinji, so I think it is foolish to claim that there is no way possible for Shinji to harbour feelings for him.

I think that the original drafts for episode 24 sum it up pretty well. And just recently which was briefly covered in an earlier articleI uncovered a rather curious revelation by our troll-in-chief Hideaki Anno. Okay, that got me awakened. I tried to do some research about the subject. Turns out it happened in the interview for the JUNE magazine. Yet the fact that Shinji met the perfect version of himself got my mental gears going.

But we will get to some supporting phrases anyway. Again, it happened in August As the interview goes on about the character Kaworu Nagisa, Anno mentioned something like this: As Anno mentions, Kaworu would be Shinji as how he wanted to be; good looking, gentle, and friendly. In fact, if Shinji could remake himself, he would be Kaworu.

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This might explain why Kaworu never became a girl despite his feminine name. We are talking about a Shinji recreation here and we will see someone like Nadia if we insist on a girl. He was only there for an episode yet the dirty minds of shippers got the best of them. I mean what were they doing together in the shower? Anyway, in general he was intended as the 17th Angel Tabris.

The duality of their relationship is, as such, introduced from the very first time they meet. Asuka Shows off Eva Starting off with Asuka moving to Shinji's school and eventually his housethe episode focuses on the previously introduced theme of synchronization.

Kaworu Nagisa

We are given some insight on Asuka's school life, thanks to a series of pictures taken by Kensuke. Her familiarity with Shinji is at once apparent as she greets him with a cheery "Guten Morgen! The first fight of the episode, against the angel Israfel, turns out to be a quick loss. Asuka and Shinji are employed together, but she proceeds to charge the opponent on her own, forcing Shinji to cover her, with the sole purpose of proving to him and everyone else her superiority.

Her rash decision leads them both to a defeat when the angel proves capable of duplicating itself. It is at this point, after the two of them receive an earful from Fuyutsuki, that Misato decides to make them train to reach better synchronization with each other. During a dance session, in front of Hikari, Toji, Kensuke and Rei, meant to make them move in synch, Asuka accuses Shinji of being too slow to keep up with her though the observant viewer will notice that Shinji actually follows the instructions while Asuka makes some misstepsleading her to get angry at him.

Misato comes in Shinji's defense asking Asuka to adapt to him, which she refuses to do, and then replacing her with Rei, in an attempt to poke Asuka's pride and make her compromise.

The result is opposite, though, and Asuka leaves the house angered. Encouraged by his friends, Shinji follows Asuka outside and manages to get her to go back to training.

shinji and kaworu relationship test

In the scene in question, Asuka expresses to Shinji her determination to succeed as a pilot, while Shinji is shown to look up to her, expressing admiration for her confidence and strong personality. The rest of the training, which had them perform everything together, proceeds smoothly, with the two having seemingly succeded in finding coordination.

The evening before the fight, Asuka and Shinji are left alone at home by Misato. After hinting at them being alone for the night, Asuka, without giving Shinji the opportunity to respond, proceeds to take her futon away from the living room bringing it to Misato's room and shutting the door. She then compares said door to the "unbreakable Walls of Jericho", ordering Shinji not to enter.

The scene in question is referenced by the mind-violation sequence in ep. Her inability to accept the idea of relying on others, which is at the foundation of Asuka's personality, was what pushed her to shut herself inside Misato's room instead of seeking Shinji's company. The reference to the "Walls of Jericho" famously destroyed in the battle of Jerichocould be seen as a reference to Asuka needing someone to push though her barriers and truly understand her.

During the night Asuka visits the bathroom while half-asleep and then subconsciously lies next to Shinji. Seeing her asleep, Shinji stares stunned at her for moment before trying to kiss her, only to then be interrupted by Asuka crying and calling for her mother. The obvious purpose of the scene is to express Shinji's attraction for her and to hint at Asuka's loneliness.

The battle of the next day proves to be a victory, they succeed in reaching harmony temporarily. It's worth noting that, during a discussion between the two pilots, Asuka gets Shinji to admit he tried to kiss her, giving her a confirmation of his interest. Temptation Asuka pretends to be fine, leaving Shinji alone in the living room.

In truth she had been feeling lonely and in need of company. If at first you don't succeed Asuka presses her two advantages. The first relevant scene of the episode is Asuka's reaction when Misato lets her know that she won't be able to attend the school trip, as pilots have to be ready for emergencies. Asuka expresses her disappointment and tries to get Shinji to support her point of view but fails to do so, as Shinji seemed to have already accepted that scenario.

This is an additional hint of Asuka's need for other people's support. Instead of going to the school trip Asuka, Shinji and Rei spend their time at the swimming pool.

Asuka tries to make up for the inconvenience by looking for Shinji's attention, making fun of him for having issues at school she has already completed university studies and provoking him with her swimsuit, as she explains to him the basic concept of thermal expansion.

Shinji's reaction isn't particularly amusing for Asuka, as he doesn't quite know what to say and blushes, prompting Asuka to call him a "boring little boy". Worth pointing out is that Asuka was met with indifference by Kaji, when she had tried to impress him, earlier in the episode, with her choice of swimsuit.

She then proceeds to call for Shinji's attention again as she dives in the swimming pool. In a way she seems to be having fun. It should be pointed out that Shinji is scared of water and Asuka is likely showing off to him her diving knowledge, to further prove her superiority to him playfully. In the last part of the episode Asuka volunteers to fight the angel Sandalphon in a volcano, winning the confrontation but losing the safety cables that kept her from falling deeper in the lava.

It is at that point that Shinji, without hesitation, comes to her rescue in Eva, despite it not being fitted with protective equipment, and grabs Eva before it can drift away. At first completely surprised at Shinji's rescue, Asuka quickly gathers herself enough to make a token attempt at keeping up appearances, quietly calling Shinji a "fool" and a "show-off", but her expression plainly shows her true feelings; in spite of herself, she cannot help but tenderly smile at his action, both impressed and grateful.

The moment also proves to Asuka her importance to Shinji, making his future failures to help her even more frustrating. Another episode that deals with the theme of cooperation.

Asuka, Rei and Shinji find themselves having to deal with a blackout at the base, while having to reach their Eva in order to confront the angel attacking Matarael. The situation is used to offer us additional insight on Asuka's bossy behavior and reckless attitude, which leads the three the wrong way, and on Asuka's dislike of Rei.

Eventually, they reach the headquarters and manage, with a group effort, led this time successfully by Asuka, to defeat the angel.

Volume 10 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

In the fight Asuka puts herself in danger, to protect Shinji, returning him the favor from the previous fight. The last scene in the episode sees the three lying on a hill, looking at the city with no lights on and expressing the way they feel. Shinji enjoys it, as it allows him to see the stars, Asuka finds it unpleasant. Rivals and friends In this episode the rivalry between Asuka and Shinji once again finds its way into the story.

Shinji is shown to have further made improvements in his sync score and, while still lacking behind than Asuka, he is given all the praise. Asuka sarcastically expresses her envy and resentment for the praise Shinji receives, only to then head home on her own. As Misato is accompanying Shinji home, he expresses to her how he didn't enjoy being praised due to Asuka's angry reaction, showing concern for her. When they are all back, they throw a party for Misato's promotion.

Kaji shows up with Ritsuko, which leads Asuka, who had been anticipating his arrival, to have a jealous reaction. This, along with Shinji's improvement as a pilot, act as elements of foreshadowing for painful and negative experiences Asuka will go through in later stages of the story.

The fight of the episode offers the three pilots another opportunity, once again successful, to cooperate. Shortly before being employed Shinji asks Asuka the reason why she pilots.

shinji and kaworu relationship test

When she learns he had asked Rei the same question, she seems to show a hint of possessiveness, making a pointed comment about how close him and Rei seem to be. She then proceeds to inquire about his reasons to fight. But when Shinji just replies that he doesn't know, she expresses surprise and incredulity at his answer. The last scene of episode has Misato and the three pilot eating together, in a Ramen stand Asuka had picked for the occasion.

It's worth noting that Asuka made that choice so that Rei, who doesn't eat meat, could join them and to let Misato save some money. When Shinji muses to the group about the praise he received from Gendo upon completion of the operation and how it might be his reason for being a pilot, Asuka, again a bit incredulous, makes fun of him for it, believing it to be a stupid reason.

In hindsight though, Asuka's reaction can easily be interpreted as her being defensive. Asuka once again expresses envy when Shinji is given more attention than her, as he is testing Rei's Evangelion. In the last scene she is shown to say in relation to Rei's identity: Implication being she had developed a certain curiosity about the First.

Is it just a kiss? A very important episode for Asuka, completely devoid of any angel fights. The very first scene concerning the girl sets the theme for the episode. She is calling Kaji on the phone but fails to get through to him, forcing her to leave a message.

It is interesting to note that, in the message, where she pretends to be stalked by a pervert just to get Kaji to pick up, she shouts for his "help". It is the only time Asuka ever utters the word excluding the mind-violations. After putting down the phone, she is shown to feel quite depressed and rejected. Hikari then asks her to go on a blind date, which she agrees to. The date proves to be a failure and Asuka dumps the guy because she deems him "boring".

When Asuka gets back home in the evening she walks in on Shinji playing the cello, and she applauds him after he plays the piece to finish, admitting that she is impressed with his performance and the fact he plays an instrument. In his usual self-deprecating manner, Shinji attempts to downplay her praise, telling her that he does not think he has any musical talents and only can do it so well because he has played since he was five years old.

Asuka, still impressed, points out that perseverance is still a form of power. As the two are waiting for Misato's return, Asuka asks Shinji to kiss. Thanks to the mind-violation sequence ep. In truth she was seeking some love and help from Shinji.

It should be remembered that Asuka, at this point in time, is feeling especially rejected and ignored by Kaji and sees in Shinji someone who cares about her; a potential replacement for her ex-guardian.

As expected, Shinji agrees to kiss her but, despite Asuka prolonging the exchange for as long as Shinji could breath, he fails to understand its real meaning and to provide her with the support she needs. Noisily rinsing her mouth and letting him know how bad of an idea it was to kiss him.

shinji and kaworu relationship test

This is certainly one of the scenes in which the duality of their relationship is most obvious. Asuka tries to deceive Shinji as to the reason why she kisses him and yet at the same time she hopes, deep down, that he is able to realize her deception and break through her barriers.

Kaworu and Shinji

His acceptance isn't enough; she needs more.