She go and drakken relationship quiz

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she go and drakken relationship quiz

Dr. Drakken and Shego have always had hidden feelings for each other. Will going Mainly her relationship with her employer. She couldn't. I wonder if Drakken knew who Kim actually was when she started foiling his plans? . Kim has a tenuous relationship with Drakken and Shego. The relationship between Drakken and Shego is one that had changed rapidly where Drakken commented about a personality quiz asking how they'd show.

You're meeting a friend at the movie theater and just as you arrive, ten minutes before the movie is supposed to start, your friend calls and cancels. A, see the movie anyway, B, see a different movie, C, reschedule to see the movie with your friend another time, or D, none of the above.

Come on, what's your answer? As long as it didn't tell her she was a blue fox or that her soulmate was a yellow trout, then she could deal with it. Anything similar to animalogy, though, and she'd be forced to reimburse Monique the cost of the magazine after she shredded it. According to your test results, Kim, it says your type is as follows: Hiding a grin, Monique squinted at the magazine and continued, "It also suggests that you might have a 'type' of someone with dark hair and green or possibly blue eyes.

That's a little specific, Mon. Felix, he's got brown hair and blue eyes. Uh, Junior, I guess," though Kim made a face at the mention, thinking back to his "yellow trout" result, hoping against hope that a second stupid quiz wouldn't come up with the same suggestion that she date the young man.

And dedicated, very intelligent, that sounds more like her than what you've told me of Junior. In the last six months, every week or so she'd have a subconscious thought make it's way to her conscious mind, usually something about how good Shego looked in the tight-fitting catsuit or wondering something wildly inappropriate about closing the distance during a fight and finding out how it felt to trade kisses with the woman with as much ferocity as they normally used to trade punches.

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In the beginning, the thoughts startled her and made her blush furiously. She would vehemently deny the thoughts were her own, blaming them on fatigue or distraction or anything else except the truth. But now, when the thoughts popped up, Kim was able to keep the flush from her cheeks and just accepted them as her own. She had spent many a night wondering what it meant for her sexuality, ultimately coming to the conclusion that while she appreciated looks in both men and women, her romantic attention was strongest when she thought of the female form.

Well, one in particular - Shego. But since the villainess would never return her feelings, Kim was content to keep the knowledge to herself and figured no one would ever have to know. Now, Monique was getting dangerously close to those hidden ideas.

Just saying you shouldn't be close-minded. Kind of my arch-foe. Monique reached out and patted Kim's hand. Taking pity on her friend, Monique sighed. We decided we need to get you to figure it out, too. We know you like Shego, okay? You just need to accept it and decide what you're going to do about it. You need to tell her, Kim. Don't let that worry you.

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You keep asking Wade if there are any hits on the site about Drakken and Shego. What am I supposed to do? It's not like she's just going to be up for a date. Try it and see. Three days later, Kim had her first chance to see Shego since her chat with Monique. Though Ron had moved into his own apartment after graduating in order to be closer to his culinary college, he still made sure to meet up with Kim whenever there was a mission.

Since we have, ah, history.

she go and drakken relationship quiz

I'll run interference with Drakken. Operation Matchmaker is a go! Drakken was standing next to a control panel, pressing buttons, pushing a lever upward and clapping happily when something started humming. The blue-skinned man spun around, facing the teens. D," she reminded him, snapping her fingers, turning her attention to Kim as her hands started to glow.

Drakken while trying to investigate the machine and find an off switch. Kim brought her hands up, ready to fight, her stomach in knots. Not because of the physical encounter, though Shego was the one villain that tested her skills, but with the thought of trying to actually talk to Shego. About… her feelings… for Shego.

How was she going to do this?

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Trading blows was fun, and sniping at each other had become a tradition, but this wasn't going to help her newly established goal.

Shego stared at her. You really have to ask? Well that made sense. You know, find out more about you. The humming in the lair grew louder but Shego was tuning out the shouts of Drakken and Ron. Maybe … hang out? She searched but couldn't see any signs of a moodulator or other mind-control chip.

However, in the Season 3 episode Emotion Sickness, the ship was explored via the affects of a device called the 'moodulator' which had Kim aggressively pursuing Ron romantically.

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With the end of the episode having Kim state the moodulator was the only cause, it seemed like the ship would not happen in-canon. However, at the end of the original series finale, So the Drama, the ship became canon,and remained so into Season 4 when the series was renewed.

When the series was renewed, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle the creators of the show admitted there was risk in exploring their blossoming relationship, but felt that it was a chance to try something new with the characters. Regardless, however, they felt that the relationship had to be handled delicately due to the younger audience members of the show. At first it remained a typical employer-employee relationship but steadily blossomed into something further, though overt shippiness has for the most part been minimal on the show.

The first clue, albeit likely unintentional, that gave this ship credence was in the Season 2 episode Blush, where Drakken commented about a personality quiz asking how they'd show their love to someone being put some form of mind control on them. Sure he'd make threats but he'd never follow through on them.

It wasn't that Shego thought he couldn't do it. After all, he was a thinker and not a fighter, as he'd told her several times. Of the two Shego was the one to be feared in hand-to-hand combat. She was a skilled fighter and her razor sharp claws and super powers only enhanced her fearsome repertoire. Drakken, however, didn't like fighting. He had no problems watching Shego deal out damage but he didn't want to end up in a fistfight himself, which was one of the reasons he hired the henchwoman in the first place.

In fact Shego had herself seen that he was in quite good shape. He often lifted heavy objects around by himself. Her biggest proof, however, came when he had to be topless when they shot the commercial for Drakken's brainwashing shampoo 'Lather, Rinse and Obey'. He didn't have abs one could grate cheese on but still, he was surprisingly toned.

she go and drakken relationship quiz

The doctor actually had biceps.