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How Did Sean Penn Get Access to 'El Chapo'? trade, and the connection the actor describes between himself and Mr. Guzmán is circuitous and shadowy. himself as “a person who's not looking for problems in any way.”. Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán is escorted to a helicopter at Mexico City's up with problems, an apparent reference to rivals known for atrocities. Kate del Castillo, the actress who arranged Sean Penn's interview with Joaquin " El Chapo" Guzman, says he misled her.

Guzman's lawyers contact del Castillo. In late summerdel Castillo said Guzman's lawyers contacted her to ask if she was interested in producing a film about his life. Del Castillo meets Guzman's lawyer. Guzman escapes from prison a second time.

Did Sean Penn’s Meeting With El Chapo Help Authorities Track Down the Kingpin?

Guzman escaped from Altipano Prison after less than 17 months later through a hole in his shower. He escaped through a mile-long tunnel dug underneath his cell 30 feet underground. The tunnel had oxygen pipes, lighting and a motorbike mounted on rails, and seven prison officials are charged in connection with the escape. Del Castillo and Chapo have direct contact through text messages for the first time. Guzman's lawyer gave del Castillo a mobile phone to contact Guzman directly.

She began exchanging BlackBerry messages with Guzman. In a text conversation with Guzman on Sept. Guzman agreed and told him to allow her to bring whatever and whoever she likes. The next day, del Castillo messaged Guzman about their future meeting.

Kate del Castillo, 'ticket to El Chapo's trust,' says Sean Penn misled her

A photo posted by Kate del Castillo katedelcastillo on Oct 3, at 7: Del Castillo and Sean Penn meet Guzman. They first took a small plane, then a truck into the mountains, and they were then escorted by one of Guzman's sons. During the meeting, Guzman gave Penn permission to write a story about him for Rolling Stone magazine. So, why say that? And why just hurt Mexico in that way? We are already too hurt. Mexico is bleeding, right now. Sawyer suggested that text messages between them leaked to the Mexican press show del Castillo using a "seductive" tone.

Del Castillo insisted she was playing nice with him so he would agree to see her while on the lam in after breaking out of prison and guarantee her safety.

Amid ramblings about the Mexican government, relationships and disease, she brought up Guzman, imploring him to "traffic with love" and and be " the hero of heroes.

According to del Castillo's version of events, Guzman's associates reached out to her in and asked whether she would be interested in making a movie about his life.

According to del Castillo, the lawyers replied, "Because you're very brave. Because you always tell the truth, even when it's about the government. He is suspected of belonging to the corrupt drug trafficking networks within the Venezuelan military known as the Cartel of the Suns.

Penn has well-established ties with the Venezuelan government. According to ABC, DEA sources claimed that El Chapo himself had traveled to Venezuela previously and may have been in the country in August or Septembershortly before the encounter between Penn and one of his children.

However, El Chapo was reportedly seen in many different countries following his prison break earlier that year, some as far away as Europe, raising questions about the veracity of the supposed Venezuela sighting. Venezuela News and Profiles Nevertheless, while direct links between El Chapo and Venezuelan officials have not been established, Mexican drug trafficking organizations are known to have ties to Venezuelan crime networks.

For example, Walid Makled, a convicted drug trafficker who worked with the Cartel of the Suns, alleged that several drug flights left the state of Apure in Venezuela each day, and that their cargo was ultimately destined for Mexican trafficking groups to transport to the United States. He is currently facing trial for numerous drug and organized crime-related charges in a federal court in New York.

If convicted, he could serve a life sentence. Award-winning director Ridley Scott is reportedly attached to the film. And del Castillo said recently that she too wants to follow through on her plans to make a movie about the infamous drug lord. And for me, personally, as a Mexican. Talking about organized crime in Mexico is important to me. Click here to send InSight Crime your comments. We encourage readers to copy and distribute our work for non-commercial purposes, provided that it is attributed to InSight Crime in the byline, with a link to the original at both the top and bottom of the article.