Ricky and amy relationship summary

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ricky and amy relationship summary

The third season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series .. Amy questions whether Ricky is ready for an exclusive relationship. Madison and Lauren .. Production. Characters · Brenda Hampton · Seasons. Amy Anne Juergens (Shailene Woodley) is a teenage mother and protagonist of the story. She is the mother of John Juergens, fiancee of Ricky Underwood (who is the father of her son), daughter of George and Anne Second relationship. The first season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, an American television series The season focuses on the relationships between families and friends Despite the new rumor about Ricky and Amy and despite Adrian's kiss with Jack, .. New York Post praised the series for having a set of characters that are.

She also deals with the fact that her mother, Anne, is having a baby. She has to attend summer school because she failed to complete some assignments due to her pregnancy.

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Amy and her boyfriend, Ben, eventually break up due to the fact that he wants sex, which she refuses to have again. Amy soon meets Jimmy, her mother's high school boyfriend's son, and really likes him. However, when he doesn't return her call, Amy turns to Ricky for "kissing lessons," which her sister sees the beginning of. The incident with Ricky has already spread and causes Ben and Adrian to have sex as revenge and get pregnent not cool. This crushes Amy, making her claim that she and Ben can never get back together now.

Ricky reacts by running away for a while, but Amy states that she is happy about getting to have John to herself for a while.

ricky and amy relationship summary

Ricky returns and decides that he wants to have John on weekends. Amy originally rejects that, but later at a mediation, Amy decides that John needs his father and if she's really going to be a good mother, she needs to allow Ricky to take responsibility.

Season 3 Edit Doctor to discuss birth control, and Ashley reveals to their parents that Amy is on the pill. Amy finds out at school she got accepted into a music school in New York for 4 weeks, Amy says she can't go because she has to take care of John. George tells Amy to invite Ben over for dinner one night.

At the family dinner, Ben leaves early because he can't get Adrian's pregnancy out of his head. Ashley knows Adrian is pregnant, but she doesn't tell Amy. Amy thinks that there something going on with Ben but tells her there's nothing is going on.

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Amy tells Ashley she got into a music school in new york for 4 weeks, Ashley tells Amy she should go. She tells him she never wants to see him again and jumps back into her cab.

Amy refuses to speak with anyone who knew that Adrian was pregnant with Ben's baby and only speaks with John. But, Amy calls Adrian and offers to be friends with her because she says one of the hardest things about being a teen mom is losing all your friends.

Amy even refers to the fact that some day their children might play together. Adrian accepts the offer. Ashley calls Amy and leaves her a message telling her she was sorry that she kissed Ricky. Amy calls Ricky and yells at him and later calls Ashley telling her that she understands about Ashley and Ricky kissing and believed that it would happen eventually, just not thinking it would happen this soon.

Amy also tells Ashley that she is giving up the French Horn for a new dream because she "is good, just not good enough to get into Julliard. Everyone forgets Amy's 16th birthday while she is in New York. Meanwhile, Ben thinks of marrying Adrian, like her father said, to get back at Amy. Amy has since broken up with Ben, and gone on a date with Ricky when she returned home. Shortly after, Amy and Ricky become boyfriend and girlfriend. Amy then decides her and John should move in with Ricky.

At first, he's not too keen on this idea, but he warms up to it and allows them to move in. After living with Ricky for a while, Amy tells him that she is ready to take the next step, but he has to get tested first.

ricky and amy relationship summary

Amy and Grace plan Adrian's baby shower, but they realize that they have no one to invite because they are Adrian's only friends. Adrian then calls out for all of Ricky's exes and one night stands and invites them so she can "show them how happy she is.

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Amy and Adrian then flesh out their feelings in the hallway at school. Amy and Ricky goes after a milestone after he ask her to go on a road trip to his new college and will stay together for the first time since band camp. Plan eventually get knock down when Ben and Adrian baby dies, in mourning Amy and Ricky make love for the second time. Season 4 Edit Fourth season begins as Amy moves in with Ricky.

Amy then tells Adrian of this and Ricky gets mad because he did not want her to tell Adrian, but they makeup in the end. Fights continue all season especially when Adrian sends Ricky a voice mail implying that he's thinking about her. She also tells Amy that she wants Ricky back.

ricky and amy relationship summary

Amy confronted Ricky about it and he said he deleted Adrian's messages and he didn't even listen to them. Amy later checks his phone and Ricky gets caught with saved messages from Adrian.

Episode called Ricky kicks Amy out the apartment knowing that he's guilty, but plays the victim. He later admits to checking her phone and says sorry. Next few episodes, Amy tries to get Ricky to propose to her, however he refuses to and finds amusement with her attempts to get him to propose.

Not only did we see so many couples switch around, all of us were finally happy with the pairings. The show had people pairing off like it was a do-si-do and finally things were settled.

I believed, in the last episode, questions would be answered. We did not see the graduation scene, which is the culmination of many characters throughout the series. I could point out how the show is a horrible representation of the realities of teenage pregnancy, misrepresents sexuality throughout high school, instills unrealistic relationship ideals, and many other problems, but that is not for this article.

Despite those reasons for not liking the show, I became invested in the characters and the awful plot lines, just like some of you are obsessed with seeing what shenanigans Honey Boo Boo is up to or what latest find Ancient Aliens reveals. After five years of watching this show, investing myself in the characters of this story, that was a major let down.

The writing was very dry, not that the writing of this show was on par with Seinfeld, very rushed and felt as if there were many loose ends. I went on the Facebook page on Tuesday and many fans expressed my sentiments. Obviously, not everything will happen to my specifications, but I seriously thought they would have focus on the independence of Adrian and Grace and how marriage after high school is a big step.