Rangiku and gin relationship poems

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rangiku and gin relationship poems

bleach. byakuya. fanfiction. gin. ginran. hitsugaya. ichigo. ichimaru. kuchiki. kurosaki. matsumoto Gin and Rangiku would have made such a cute couple! That preview GinRan (Ichimaru Gin x Matusmoto Rangiku) Poem:D. Meet you again. After a small talk with Gin, Rangiku noticed something strange. Here's a little story from their relationship. bleach. malereader. rangiku. +2 more A poem about the pairing GinRan (Ichimaru Gin and Matsumoto Rangiku) from Bleach gin. About the relationship of Rangiku and Gin, who likes this pair, just read xD won' t disappointing, maybe? UPDATE: RENEWED POEM AND.

I don't understand this feeling It's just like thousand of feelings getting mixed up to one, That makes me shy, happy and became different person than usual.

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What's the reason of that feeling? Do I love him? On the other hand, is it just some of my personality? I cannot understand these He's not a prince charming that every princess dreamed of So why I had this feeling to him?

Why can't I stop thinking of him? I just recall that things repeatedly in my head. Maybe that's why, I still have this feeling even though he disappoints me I'd be thankful if he's back like he used to be too.

Rangiku stopped her tears. She wiped her tears and wrote last part of her poem in her Today's Diary on her final paper. Yeah, like the past he used to be.

rangiku and gin relationship poems

Gentle, nice, and warm But, whatever he does and whatever he is I will love him After finished that poem, she overslept with her diary which is left open. She slept with her diary under her head and her wavy long hair.

With the keep-opened windows in front of her desk, she feels her pain has decreased and had a nice dream as she slept with gentle wind blew her hair slowly. Suddenly, an anonymous guy entered the place within the windows that was left open. He stepped on Rangiku's desk carefully, so Rangiku wouldn't wake up from her sleep.

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The wind started to blow his silver-haired slowly, as he stepped down Rangiku's table. Oh, wait a minute Nope, Hitsugaya would not do such a thing because he has the key to open the door of 10th Squad's office, right? Nope also, I think. Juushirou has no reason to enter the Rangiku's room. Even tough he has the reason of enter Rangiku's room; he would never enter someone's room with impolite like that.

That silver-haired mysterious guy brought a chair beside Rangiku, and sit on it. Rangiku didn't feel anything at this moment. She just felt something nostalgic but she didn't know what makes her thing like that. That mysterious guy started to talk to Rangiku, even though Rangiku can only hear blurred-voice, or no voice since this silver-haired guy assumed Rangiku was completely sleep.

That guy began to talk. So, who is he now? Who else except Gin that talk with Osaka Dialect? I guess she just get talk-after-sleeping, eh? Gin shocked a while, but was already more patient now. He touched Rangiku's hair and moved it as Rangiku's hair blown by the wind. He started to talk again. Rangiku," he said it with smile on his face, but not his usual smile. His smile today is more That gentle smile that we had never seen it before.

When Gin touched Rangiku's hair repeatedly, he felt like he touched something. Something under her hair. Gin grabbed it and looked into it. I wonder what she fills it Gin started read it. Well you shouldn't peek girls' diary, you know.

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TAT Gin read it. Gin read the poem. He was so touched with Rangiku's poem. Please wait for me a little longer, ok? As soon as possible, I'll come back to this place I will wait for that time. Just for you, I will wait patiently. So hurry up, eh? Gin shocked a bit. But, he kissed Rangiku one time again. But this time, he kissed it on her cheek. Don't forget about me until the time, yeah?

I'll miss your voice soon," replied Gin after the second kiss.

rangiku and gin relationship poems

And, suddenly, he felt Hitsugaya's Reiatsu power-spirit. Gin had to go, and left Rangiku again. He put down Rangiku's Diary on the corner of the Rangiku's desk left open. Gin then used his ability to go there, to Hueco Mundo, hollows' home. When Rangiku woke up, Hitsugaya was already there and has been working for his job, with much paper on his desk.

Do I have to know about that? Rangiku then sticking her tounge and laughed flatly.

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Suddenly, Rangiku felt something was missing. She looked for it and found it opened on her desk, and still being kept open. Rangiku thought that the only one who can read it was her Captain, Hitsugaya-Taichou. Why did you read my diary? The one who read that diary is not me! I won't touch the thing that not my own! Gin the one who did that, right?

At last, they had a mouth-fought in an hour. But, after morning, two of them were behaving like usual. Rangiku still didn't expect that the one who read her diary was Gin Sorry if this fanfiction is too long. TT But, hope you will like it. Before we move on, I would like to stress once again all of this is theory based on evidence presented in the story, not anything officially endorsed by Tite Kubo or the rest of Bleach Wiki.

Note the similarities of both the location and position of Rangiku in both chapters. This implied event ties into her connection to a real-world figure: In addition to having similar features to Rangiku curvaceous, well-endowed figure, beauty mark near the mouthMarilyn was sexually abused as a child, something which tragically affected her life and was not recognized by those around her and many people today, i.

Rangiku displays some of the traits associated with being sexually abused as a child: Gin could be simplified into one word…creepy, but its much more complicated than that. Yes, Gin did care deeply for Rangiku, but we don't know if it was a neediness and his love of Rangiku was more of an ideal than actually affection, or if it was actual love. Regardless, Gin had severe mental issues perhaps doing with his street rat childhoodand to be honest we don't think Gin had the mental capacity to differentiate between good and evil.

He wasn't good but he wasn't really evil either, he was just Gin. The only time Gin ever showed remorse or any real emotions at all was when he was interacting with Rangiku. According to the Mayo Clinic, ASPD can be defined as individuals that, "… tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others either harshly or with callous indifference.

They may often violate the law, landing in frequent trouble, yet they show no guilt or remorse. They may lie, behave violently or impulsively, and have problems with drug and alcohol use.

rangiku and gin relationship poems

These characteristics typically make people with antisocial personality disorder unable to fulfill responsibilities related to family, work or school. You may be wondering how such a relationship even started and how it was maintained. Also, Gin gave Rangiku a birthday and sheltered her from the cold. Thus, a mutual fascination was born.

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Rangiku eventually grew to have feelings for Gin, but Gin never reciprocated these because of his personality and likely sociopathic mindset. Conclusion In conclusion, Gin and Rangiku are much more than just simple characters, and much like Ichigo and Rukia, they are more than friends, but less than lovers.

They have one of the most tragic and deep relationships in all of Shonen, and it's truly a testament to Kubo's skill at character design for him to be able to create something so unique.