Pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

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pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

This relationship brewed up right from the start of PLL but I got to say that Anyway Emily met Maya when Emily mother Pam Fields sent Emily. Emily Catherine Fields is a fictional character created in by author Sara Shepard. She is a character of both Pretty Little Liars' books and television series, and .. Meanwhile, Emily is forced to deal with her new relationship with Maya, who is desperate to avoid getting sent back to True North. Emily later finds out that. Pretty Little Liars. Emily and Maya: Relationship Timeline We can't wait to see what happens with Emily and Maya with Maya's big return to.

We later found out that Alison was there with her and that she had tried to force Aria to tell her mom.


Emily met Maya St. Germain as she was moving into the DiLaurentis house. There was immediate chemistry between them and even though they both had boyfriends, they ended up kissing.

pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

Not long after, 'A' messaged Emily and told her that it looked like she'd found another girl to kiss. Spencer then got a message from 'A', which said that it wouldn't be the first time she liked one of her sister's boyfriends.

We later found out that a few years ago Spencer had kissed Melissa's boyfriend, Ian. We also learned that Alison saw it happen and that she had tried to force Spencer to tell her sister. Hanna had turned into one of the most popular girls in Rosewood and Mona was her new best friend. But Hanna also got a message from 'A,' who wouldn't let her forget her unpopular days.

She was dating Sean at the time. And Hanna wanted to take things further in their relationship, but Sean was adamant that they should wait. Since 'A' seemed to know all of their secrets, the Liars wondered if 'A' was Alison But then her body was uncovered.

Well, they thought her body was uncovered! Darren Wilden introduced himself to the Liars. He told them that Alison's case was no longer a missing person's case, but a murder investigation and that he would be checking over their statements!

Emily Fields

Spencer told the Liars that Alison was dating an older man the summer she disappeared. But she didn't know who it was. We learned that Alison caught Toby spying on the Liars and as revenge, Alison threw a stink bomb into Toby's garage, causing an explosion.

pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

Unbeknown to Alison, Jenna was inside the garage and was blinded as a result. However, Alison blackmailed Toby to take the blame for the fire. Spencer and Wren ended up kissing! Melissa saw them and broke off her engagement with Wren.

pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

Emily's feelings for Maya began to deepen, which caused her relationship with Ben to suffer. At one point, he assaulted her and Toby fought him off!

At a party, Emily and Maya kissed in a photobooth. Someone ended up stealing their photos, which upset Emily. It didn't bother Maya though -- she told Emily that she didn't mind who saw them kissing! At the same party, Hanna tried to have sex with Sean but he rejected her. She was so upset that she crashed his car and ended up working in his mom's office to pay off the damage.

A few days later, Hanna went out for dinner with her dad and learned that he was going to be remarried. Aria's mom got a letter from 'A,' which told her about Byron's infidelity and that Aria had known about it! This resulted in Aria's parents splitting up. But you never know because they said that Alison is dead but look at her now! Anyway Emily met Maya when Emily mother Pam Fields sent Emily over to give a hurry basket to the people who just moved into the Dilaurentis house aka Maya and her family so Maya wasn't Emily first love but she was Emily's first real relationship with a girl.

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Paily Emily and Paige I personally have never liked Paily but wait all you Paily fans don't shoot don't shoot! I'm sorry but Paige tried to drown Emily!!! That doesn't seem like the start of a healthy relationship.

And also Paige was so jealous of Alison that she told Emily not to get into contact with Alison when Alison was alive and in danger! Like Paige who the f do you think you are?! S Paige Emily only agreed so that you wouldn't tell the police about Alison being alive! Paige we all know that you just said that because you are jealous of our dear Alison!!

But anyway Emily was with Paige for a long time but eventually broke it off and Emily loved Paige but I'm sorry I don't.

Pretty Little Liars - Emily & Maya - 1x13

By the end of the series, Emily and Alison had children together and were planning to get married, hoping to spend the rest of their lives together. Fans wouldn't have it any other way.

pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

Hanna Travis If you're going to write a TV romance, go all the way, with no half measures. Hanna and Travis had a relationship between seasons four and five, and there was never a moment between them that felt particularly compelling.

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Hanna was essentially using Travis to keep her mother out of prison, and Travis wanted things to be more serious. As it was, the relationship was always stuck in neutral, never boasting the highs and lows of the other stormy affairs on the show. That's definitely what the on screen pairing of Spencer and Caleb did, as these two characters didn't actually get together until the final season.

There was an attraction between them and obvious chemistry between the actors, but there was one problem: Caleb was Hanna's biggest romantic interest in the series, making it all feel like a betrayal.

Hanna and Caleb had been one of the most central couples of the whole show, and fans were shocked when they broke up during the timeskip. Compounding the drama was Caleb's new relationship with Spencer-- the only time in the series two of the Liars went for the same person.

Emily and Maya: Relationship Timeline

This couple may not have lasted, but it gave the last season just the kick it needed. Ella Montgomery fell into this trap when she went out with Zack, and later became engaged.

pretty little liars emily and maya relationship

Zack is soon written out of the show after that, which makes it seem like the whole point of his character was to complicate Aria's mom's dating life by being a creep.

Aside from just being gross, this also felt useless to the show overall.