No game life shiro and sora relationship advice

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no game life shiro and sora relationship advice

Shiro and Sora return as new No Game, No Life Zero movie visual revealed. Sebastien Shiro | No Game No Life I Sora and Shiro are the coolest NEETS that I. Sora and Shiro's relationship as brothers and sisters are cute and strong | No Game No Life. The characters of the light novel, manga and anime No Game No Life. WARNING : Unmarked spoilers for those who have yet to read far into the light novels!.

According to Volume 5, when Sora makes a promise, he treats it as an absolute oath.

Hatsuse Izuna

I Just Want to Be Special: Reveals to Jibril that along with his disillusionment with humanity and considering them misguided idiotshe also groups himself with the rest of them. The only exception he makes is Shiro who he believes embodies humanity's potential and his desire is to be as amazing as she is. I Know Mortal Kombat: Sora applies a lot of skills he learned from video games into ruling a race.

For example, he learned how to handle domestic affairs by playing a lot of Civilization. However, he knows that despite being a master at Dating Simshe's absolutely clueless about what love is like.

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Thanks to his great manipulation skills, he's capable of adapting his strategy in the slight possibility of a wrench being throw in his and Shiro's plans. Because he has been detached from society for too long, he has little idea as to how to consider others' feelings. This went to borderline Kick the Dog levels in Episode 7 when he goes into a Despair Event Horizon -fueled rant against Stephanie's grandfather upon discovering that Elchea lost much of its land under his reign, causing her to run off crying.

When Shiro calls him out on thisSora, visibly wry with remorse, mulls that perhaps he ran his mouth off out of shock, and to his credit, later makes up for it by changing his opinion towards Stephanie's grandfather upon discovering that he was far smarter than he let on see the Pet the Dog entry below. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sora is smug, condescending and perverted at his worst, and will not hesitate to manipulate people if it suits him, but when push comes to shove his heart is always in the right place.

Being both extremely intelligent and highly charismatic, Sora is able to be logical minded but keeping a healthy dose of expressions, drawing people who don't really know any better to him.

He can get extremely over the top and passionate in contrast with his quiet and reserved sister. It only gets worse with time. He's aware that being caught cheating is grounds for instant defeat, so he works around this rule by cheating as discreetly as possibleand even then as a countermeasure against cheating opponents.

Sora is extremely perverted and makes no attempt to keep this secret.

No Game No Life - "Shiro y Sora hablan de la alimentación." -- (Doblaje Español - No Oficial)

He jumps at every opportunity to see Stephanie in a state of undress, twisting and contorting the laws of Disboard to force these outcomes. His only limitation that he has set is he refuses to see or do anything perverted with Shiro, by virtue of her being his sister and only eleven years old, though Shiro herself doesn't seem to mind.

Shiro remarks that Sora could've just ordered Stephanie to belong to him or be his slave, instead of falling in love with him, out of fear of staying single for the rest of his life. He properly recognized that he Didn't Think This Through.

Believe it or not, he's an in-universe example because he can't allow anything rated R to happen around Shiro, because she's a little kid. Because he's from another world, he and Shiro lack spirits that all life in Disboard possess, granting him immunity from spirit-influencing spellssuch as the Sirens' seduction magic.

This is what ultimately allows him to fulfill the conditions and awaken Leila by completely rejecting her, because what she sought was unobtainable love. While he apparently did nothing but play, sleep and delegate bureaucratic work to Stephanie during his first few weeks as King together with Shirothe latter discovers much to her shock that all this time Sora has been researching everything about Disboard, particularly the state of Imanity, and is simply reluctant to act because he has too little information to make his move with as little risk as possible.

no game life shiro and sora relationship advice

Only a fool will fight battles he cannot reasonably win. After 18 years without a girlfriend or even talking to another girl his age, Sora really can't understand a maiden's heart, so Stephanie's moments of real love towards him pass under his radar and he is not conscious of Shiro's crush on him.

He has one after making the mistake of assuming Kurami only had one trick up her sleeve, not anticipating her using mind control magic to control his pieces. So far the only relevant male character around a whole cast of gamer chicks as Tet doesn't count.

Other Me Annoys Me: Somewhere in the light novels, in order to test the limitations of the Ten Pledges, Sora made Stephanie "become Sora" for 30 minutes. The girl then proceeded to act like a total Jerkass with a god-complex — exactly as she sees him at his worst.

no game life shiro and sora relationship advice

Shiro declares both interpretations of him quite close to home, and Sora, clearly embarrassed, then decides he'll need some time for self-review. While he does hate Earth's society, he nevertheless has great faith in human potential and gave one such speech to all the people of Elchea. Pay Evil unto Evil: He only cheats if he's aware his opponents are trying to cheat against him. If they fight fair, so will he. Occasionally acts nice towards Stephanie, and without ulterior motives, too.

One notable example is thanking her in Episode 5 for dealing with unruly citizens, thus contributing to Elchea's recovery in her own way. In the next episode, even after defeating Jibril and winning both the National Library of Elchea and her servitudehe nevertheless allows her to remain in the Library, and also grants her access to his tablet pad which he originally placed as his betwhich contains thousands of e-books detailing life on his and Shiro's home world.

And in Episode 7, he indirectly apologizes to Stephanie for insulting her grandfather, having realized that all this time he knew what he was doing. Sora was lucky enough to have been able to bring his phone and tablet along with a solar charger over from the real world and is as dependant on it in Disboard as he was there, constantly seen using it.

He verbally bashes her so hard she loses her cool facade and breaks down crying like a little kid. He delivers a much longer one in Volume 5. To sum it up, he tells the queen of the Sirens how stupid it is to wait years for someone to come win her love and make her wait up, particularly her assumption that someone would love her even though there's nothing about her that he could love.

Red Armband of Leadership: Or more specifically, royal armband of leadership. Sora wears his crown around his left arm as opposed to Shiro who wears hers on her head. And in his match against Miko, their game turns out to be a simple coin toss. Restored My Faith in Humanity: As early as childhood, Sora has shown sheer disillusionment with society frequently hidden behind his smilesuntil he met Shiro, who amazed him with her intelligence and perceptiveness, convincing him that perhaps humanity still has potential to transcend its limitations.

At the end of Episode 8, after giving to Shiro some encouraging words, Sora just vanished. Nobody but her can remember him and he even disappears from the ending, that looks and sounds like it's being poorly edited after his disappearance. Then it turns out it was an effect of his wild gambit to force Kurami and Feel to cooperate with and trust him in dealing with the Warbeasts by betting away their existence and their sidekicks' loyalties in a game of Reversi.

Sora's impressive ability to read people allows him to draw many conclusions through simple conversations, such as figuring out Kurami's Blatant Lies from what she had just said.

Sports these every now and then when feeling especially devious. So Proud of You: He's in tears over the fact that Shiro has full control over Jibril as her master, saying how proud he is of his little sister.

Stock Light Novel Hero: Sora fits most of the criteria; he's a NEET that is unparalleled in both his gaming skills. In addition, and the main reason he fits this trope more than his sister, is because he gains a veritable harem of hot women including said sister who either love or become his property by one means or another.

What distinguishes him from most light novel protagonists is he's not a stereotypical Nice Guybeing incredibly arrogant and often manipulates those around him for personal gainalong with the fact he's in all aspects still a normal human and defeats others using his own wits rather than any powers that he acquires along the way. It's a plot point that Immanity are the "weakest" species in Disboard, Sora instead sees this as the ultimate strength and he only becomes more formidable as he defeats and forms alliances with the various other species.

Sora has a brilliant mind for tactical thinking, and has a firm understanding of the psychology of the opposing player. Sympathy for the Hero: Sora can relate to Feel's disillusionment with her fellow Elves as well as her devotion to Kurami, much in the same way he devotes himself to Shiro, the only human who can truly understand him. In Episode 9, he reveals a rather elaborate plan to get Kurami and Feel to join them in their game against the Warbeasts — which involved sacrificing his own existence.

Fortunately, Death Is Cheap in this series and he eventually comes back, but even the former called him out for so crazy a gambit. One of Sora's strengths that allows him to come out on top is his ability to come up with outrageous ideas that defies the normal game rules without actually breaking themas well as the fact he can adapt on the spot to suit the circumstances.

This is best shown in the chess game against Kurami, where he quickly realizes it isn't a standard chess game and quickly adapts to Kurami's unorthodox rules by being even more outlandish: Despite being a master at Dating SimsSora is well aware that they don't translate to actual practice, and that his borderline misanthropy leaves him unable to comprehend what love is.

He became the strongest and most dangerous man thanks to being an unbeatable gamer in an RPG-Mechanics Verse world such as Disboard. He's aware that betting away Imanity's Exceed piece to the Warbeasts would certainly cause an uproar among the general populace. Which he doesn't mind, knowing very well that Kurami and Feel will use the opportunity to resurface and challenge him anew — allowing him to force them to play double-agent to the Elves, but also to convince the former that he's nobody's pawn.

He also deliberately planned all these to not only force Imanity to watch him intently and show them how he does things, but also make it far more difficult for the Warbeasts to cheat with such a large audience intently observing.

Shiro "Nii, you've said all you need is me When they arrived at Disboard, one of her first concerns was about nutrition, because she wanted to "get bigger". Sora reassures her that she's already beautiful as she is. This is lampshaded in Episode 2, when she tries one of Stephanie's childhood dresses and is shocked to discover that it's quite large on the chest area.

She turns into one during the game in Episode Sora notes that she's much more talented than he is in FPSs, the game they're currently playing.

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She's more than a match for Izuna even with the latter's cheating. All of the Other Reindeer: Everyone who has known Shiro has expressed dismay about her extreme intelligence and maturity, to the point that she became a shut-in.

One of the first things the audience learns of her is that she has a communication disorder. In Japanese parlance, that is a catch-all phrase that covers not only what is strictly the medical definition of this term, such as Speech Impedimentbut also such things as social anxiety or autism.

What's given so far, however, points to the increasing probability that she may be autistic. Her past shown in episodes such as 8 and 9 are very common autism signs. Not that she gets to show her gaming skills quite as blatantly as Sora, but once she gets her chance mostly if playing an FPSthis otherwise helplessly cute little girl readily shows why she is half of one of the gaming world's most feared guilds. Because You Were Nice to Me: Sora is the only person who understands and appreciates her intelligence and doesn't alienate her for it.

Shiro repays this by following him unconditionally. She has harboured feelings for her brother that go beyond fraternal love since she was 3 years old. Often spots this thanks to the design of her mouth. It help to emphasize that, whenever Shiro does smile, she's being specially mischievous. She's extremely brilliant for her age, especially in terms of her gaming skill. A flashback then takes it Up to Elevenwere she was seen passing all intelligence tests given to her back as a 1-year-old.

At that age, most toddlers are still starting to speak. Averted, but she sometimes uses this notion as an excuse for her actions.

Doesn't like it when Sora takes a shine to other girls such as Stephanie. This is showcased in Episode 5, when she refuses to let Sora lose to Stephanie to make him a "fulfilled human" i. Not even Sora's "daughter" is allowed to take prevalence over her in Sora's eyes. When Sora was ready to glomp his daughter, Shiro literally punched him in the face. She's prone to this from time to time, such as after being temporarily separated from Sora in Episode 2, and in Episode 11, when she realized the virtual-reality venue of her and Sora's game against Izuna looks too similar to modern-day Tokyo.

Her unparalleled analytical skills and taking into consideration of external factors allows her to anticipate her opponent's moves to a level that borderlines on precognition as Izuna finds out. Cry Cute In Episode 3, she breaks down in tears after losing a Knight during the chess match with Kurami.

Flugel is Angel in another language. Did you know that contrary to his attentive and smart nature, Shiro, Steph, and Jibril are all in love with him but he has yet to notice it? Similar to the stereotypical Harem anime protagonist? No Game No Life is shockingly similar to what an anime lover would consider a dream come true?

no game life shiro and sora relationship advice

Going from the real world into an anime world? Even though it isn't a parody anime, No Game No Life references several different games and anime such as Persona 4 even showing a badly made Chie from the game? Also did you know that the same Imanity was the mastermind behind Artosh's death? The Flugel's strongest and most notorious attack spell, known as either air strike, or Divine Strike, is so powerful that the loss of energy reverts their body to the form of a child?

And that the blast is big enough to destroy Cities, mountains, and even countries? Did you know that Tets absolute power, and title as the One True God of Disboard comes from a relic known as the Star Grail, which is what the entire Great War was fought over?

Well there you have it did you learn anything new? Now, after many years of roaming Disboard, she had seen her fair share of wonderful things, and she had learned a lot. Five years ago, Jibril had played a game with the king of the Imanity, and easily won. She had claimed the library as her reward, and just holed up in there. The library contained many interesting and unknown books, but living on her own had been boring.

After she had read almost all of the interesting books that the library had, she just started to reread them. Needless to say that she was extremely bored, and lonely as well. This had all changed two weeks ago, with the appearance of the new King and Queen of the Imanity. They had challenged her to a game, baiting her in with what they said were 'Over They had defeated her, resulting in her losing the library, and them claiming full rights over her.

Aside from that, however, she had sworn her loyalty to them. From then on, she had sticked with the two 'Human' rulers of the Imanity. It had already resulted in quite an adventure, taking them to the kingdom of the Warbeast, playing a Game of Nations and eventually claiming the entire Warbeast faction and forming the "Elkia Federation". Now, they were finally back in the Imanity castle, and they had went to their respective rooms some hours ago.

This evening she had stumbled upon something interesting, and it had hooked her in for the past four hours already. It was definitely something that she needed to speak about with Sora. It had caught her interest, and after she had started the first chapter, she hadn't stopped. The story itself was about a boy that attended something called "highschool" -whatever that was- where he met a girl that made his heart race. Now, while reading this book, Jibril finally had some kind of grasp on what the exact feelings that had weighted upon her chest were.

She was not sure yet, and it would take some more research before she would know for sure, but Jibril she knew that the final result of her research would be that she actually possessed the ability to love.

That she loved Sora. There was a soft knock on their door, as if the one that was knocking wasn't sure if she really wanted to knock on the door or not. Sora rose up from the bed, made sure he was not "underdressed" and walked up to the door.