Naija love and relationship stories

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naija love and relationship stories

African S€x Story LOVE IN [email protected] Episodde 1 by Naijacard: am On Sep 02, eyed, desperate, somewhat cunning Nigerians or Naija, as they called. I replied with a big courage as a man I fell in love with you on that very day. She busted into a big laugh and said awww now im married, but. Define the goal of the relationship. This is indeed a beautiful love story, and on .

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I told him off and turned to Ekene to ask if I looked as if I owned any of those currencies. She laughed and said riches were not written on the face, which was actually true. And in that particular moment I spotted his car parked in front of us. It was a Wine Lexus LX Few minutes later I saw the car ahead of us. I replied too tired to deliberate on what was.

naija love and relationship stories

An Unexpected Phone call. We had almost gotten to the traffic light when we saw him again at the opposite lane talking to some guys. I turned back to face the parked Lexus just as the phone rang. I'm sorry for interrupting you but I couldn't help myself, my name is Manny" For a second, I wondered if Manny was short for…Emmanuel? Do you guys need a lift? I wanted desperately for him to kiss me, to devour my lips but he hesitated and started pulling away.

naija love and relationship stories

Quickly I pulled his mouth down on mine; I saw the shock in his eyes. He was probably okay being in charge and playing by his own rules. As I kissed him, I could feel his control slipping away. He groaned deeply and held me by the back of my head and took charge, backing me against the wall he kissed me until my eyes crossed.

Then just as suddenly he broke the kiss and moved away inhaling deeply in frustration. It took seconds for me to find my bearings. What did he do that for? I pulled his mouth down to mine and kissed him again passionately. He held me gently by the neck and devoured my mouth hungrily and then he whispered.

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He retrieved his car keys from the sofa and left. I could hear his footsteps down the stair and shivered from cold and desire. At first my friends in the US thought I had lost my mind, coming to look for my mother after all these years. Both my parents had gone to the United States in ; they both schooled in New York, my Mum dropped out to have me and according to my Dad took off before my 8 birthday. Well I never really belonged there anyway; it was just recently that I learnt to be proud of my luscious hips.

Plus I am ready to meet my mother and find things out for myself. When I first told Daddy about my plans to come to Nigeria, I swear he had a psychotic breakdown.

African S€x Story LOVE IN [email protected] Episodde 1 - Romance - Nigeria

He ranted and swore darkly. But all that was water under the bridge, my mind was made up. We are here to tell you the sweetest love story ever told. This has existed for so long that it is older than most of the readers of this article. Are you ready to find out who play the leading roles in the sweetest love story of all time?

naija love and relationship stories

If you have been following Nigerian media for a while, you might have already guessed. If not, we present you the sweetest love story ever — the story of Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs. Bear with us for a bit, if you already know about them. Joke Silva biography Joke Silva is a famous Nigerian director, actress and businesswoman.

She was born on September 29, in Lagos, Nigeria.

naija love and relationship stories

She is known for starring in many films, both in Yoruba and English. Her acting career spans for almost 30 years, beginning with her first ever movie Mind Bending in Since then, she has appeared on our screens in various roles. Before that, she used to perform in small productions. Apart from being an actress, she is also a director at Malete Film Village, a businesswoman and a philanthropist.

In her 55 years of life, she has received numerous awards for her achievements, including several wins and nominations for Best Actress both in leading and supporting roles.


He was born on July 11, in Abeokuta. His career saw its beginning in the 70s, when he starred in a number of different English TV shows Angels, Barlow at Large. The Tomorrow People and many others. His acting portfolio consists of over Nollywood movies and several dozen British and Nigerian TV series. In addition to his television and film career, Olu Jacobs also appeared on stage in the early years of his career, both in Great Britain and in Nigeria. His acting career did not go past the critics unnoticed, which got him several awards and nominations for his lead and supporting roles in Nollywood.

Davido and Sophie Momodu This story began inthe time when a large portion of our readers weren't even born yet. Both recollected that it was love at first sight. Joke Silva recalled that she has heard of Olu Jacobs before their meeting, as he was a very successful and popular UK-based actor at the time.