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Mika Singh and Daler Mehndi are two outstanding brothers who share a great At that time Mika was in a serious relationship with a girl. NAWAZUDDIN SIDDIQUI'S THIS UPCOMING PROJECT FACES LEGAL TROUBLE. Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh's elder brother Amarjeet Singh dies. Rakhi Sawant challenges wrestler to bout, lands in hospital · Gerard Butler shared a picture on . Pics: Anushka and Virat celebrate first Diwali after marriage. 02/17Mika Singh accused of sexual harassment: Daler Mehndi father has to say about Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota's relationship.

Changed it to "'I would have been better off born in Pakistan I'd have work come my way. He also added on how Indian singers have to pay music companies to do the show whereas Pakistani singers are not forced to do that. The singer was in headlines earlier for his Azaan controversy. Daler Mehndi reveals the girl worked with him in his group Singer Mika Singh was reportedly arrested yesterday in Dubai on the charges of alleged sexual misconduct. He was apparently accused by a year-old Brazilian girl for sending her obscene pictures.


His brother Daler Mehndi recently opened up about the same. Talking about the news, Daler reportedly told Pinkvilla that he got to know about it recently and has not been able to talk to him as yet.

He revealed that he had gone for a big show in Dubai and the girl who has accused the singer worked in his group with him from past years.

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The senior singer also added that the mother of the accuser always accompanied her. He also hoped that things will work in favour of his brother. According to reports, Mika even promised the girl a role in a Bollywood movie. He will be produced before a court today. The news of a 65 year-old singer known for his popular bhajans is dating a model who is half of his age doesn't went well with the audience and the couple was trolled on social media.

Now, Jasleen's father has come out and reacted on his daughter and Jalota's love affair.

Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh’s elder brother Amarjeet Singh dies

Matharu said that he is not at all disturbed by the social media bashing. He is a proud father to a daughter who is a trained singer and had done various stage shows with popular celebrities. He also admitted that the news shocked him as well but he will not comment on her daughter's personal life until and unless he meets her in person. As of now, he wanted her to stay in positive energy and be a part of the game.

According to her father, people usually comment on the person who are flourishing in their life and wouldn't want to comment anything wrong. Jasleen's father want his daughter be away from all the negative bashing and stay positive and emerge as a winner.

What's stored in next for the couple, only time will tell! He was sentenced to two years in jail. But was later granted bail by the court. The police had registered a case against Daler and others after it was alleged that the accused took money from people to the tune of Rs 1 crore on the pretext of taking them abroad.

Reports further claim that Mehndi, his brother Shamsher and others had taken two troupes in and to the US and illegally "dropped off" about 10 people there. The case was registered in in Patiala. Daler was subsequently arrested and released on bail after a few days. According to reports, Aditya banged his car into an autorickshaw which was carrying a female passenger. Both, the driver and passenger were reportedly injured in the event.

The case is allegedly related to rash driving and no further details are out yet. The song and video was a success in India, cementing Mehndi's status as India's biggest popstar at the time, [12] before later becoming an international success.

The album had a mix of genres ranging from FolkRock and Pop. In Daler forayed into playback singing for films.

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He started with the song "Ru-Ba-Ru" for the film Maqbool. The same year Daler and A. And the outcome of bonding over social media and on the Coffee Run was a remix of Mehndi's hit " Tunak Tunak Tun " performed by the duo. Welcomed by a packed audience at the Al Daiya Indoor Stadium, he broke his own record for the longest live performance without a break by performing for four and a half hours non-stop.

Daler Mehndi

This was the second time the musician has performed in the country. The video game company Blizzard Entertainment incorporated the Tunak Tunak Tun dance as a character animation in their multiplayer role playing game World of Warcraft. Mehndi was one of the first celebrities to go and visit the soldiers at Kargil. He took upon himself the reconstruction of a block devastated in the Gujarat quake in Doodhiya village.

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Mehndi has constructed a Gurudwara Dukh Bhanjani Sahib where every morning people from all castes and religions join together and offer service in the name of god. Mehndi is the only known Indian artist to be invited by the President of Pakistan as a state guest.