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I want something to happen with Miharu and Yoite already! . The problem is that the relationship (and I'm not speaking in a romantic way). create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships . and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Choices Yoite forces Miharu to make a life and death decision - and no matter his choice, the pain surrounding the battle for the Shinrabansho will multiply. Their reward would be great, but the cost of declining her demand could be greater. But in the world of the ninja, sometimes it isn't obvious who is really pulling the strings.

Prelude Miharu considers using the Shinrabansho to help ailing Yoite, even as he struggles to understand the extent of its power. Meanwhile, Raimei might get her chance to exact vengeance.

Polka - Raiko and Raimei Raimei is in serious jeopardy from the wounds inflicted by her brother. Yoite finds his condition worsening as well, and only Miharu can help ease his suffering. Curtain Call Raimei is back in fighting form, and as she rushes to confront her brother once more, she learns the truth behind her family's downfall. Will After Miharu offers his services to a faction he once called foe, the ninjas of Banten and Kairoshu receive an invitation to visit the Koga village.

The Schoolhouse That Never Sleeps When a battle breaks out for control of the village academy, the ninjas of Banten and Kairoshu find their plans to steal the Koga hijutsu derailed.

The Depths of Night The horrible truth behind the Koga hijutsu places the ninjas of Banten and Kairoshu in grave danger. As his friends fall, Miharu calls for the power inside him to awaken! When Yoite is introduced, he has only a few more months to live. The two slowly form a bond after Miharu promises to use the Shinra Banshou to fulfill Yoite's wish: In turn, Yoite will make Miharu the ruler of Nabari.

As their bond deepens, he becomes more protective of Miharu and begins to show rebellious signs toward Grey Wolf leader, Hattori, when Miharu in harm's way by his orders. Yoite becomes openly rebellious when Hattori attempts to persuade Miharu to not grant Yoite's wish, causing Hattori to send Kasa assassins after Yoite and Miharu.

When Miharu is captured by the assassins, Yoite, Koichi, and Shijima rescue him. However, the lethal side effects of Kira take their toll on Yoite. In the manga, he thanks Miharu for staying with him and asks Miharu to be happy. He asks Miharu to erase him, but perishes before the Shinra Banshou can be used. The Shinra Banshou notes that, though Miharu's wish came too late, his desire still came true.

Though it is unknown exactly what Miharu's wish was, no one can remember Yoite. Therefore, it seems clear he was erased, to some extent especially since the scar he gave Miharu is gone. However, since the characters themselves or the events they are faced with do not seem altered, it is unclear how well he was erased.

Yukimi and Miharu also recall that someone close to them is gone, and express extreme loneliness over it - though they cannot remember who it was that was erased. Yoite had a hard life, which is the reason he so desperately wanted to be erased from the world. In the anime, he decides that he does want to die instead of disappearing. He spends the rest of his days with Miharu and the others. Miharu is out of the room getting him lemon cider when Yoite actually dies but returns to the room at the last moment to see him who has turned into dust blow away in the wind.

His mother died in childbirth. His father considered him a death god for that reason. When Yoite turned fourteen, his family decided to kill him, slashing his throat and unsuccessfully attempting to force Tsukasa to do the same. After this attempt on his life, being erased from existence became his goal.

He ran from the house and was saved by Hattori, who accepted him into the Grey Wolves.

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Yoite spends a year studying the Kira technique and all required ninja skills. Hattori promises this would bring him closer to his goal of being erased. He expresses his happiness that he was not alone in this world, and tells Miharu that he is fully satisfied simply being the "Yoite" that Miharu and Yukimi know. He then again asks Miharu to erase him - not for his sake, but so that Miharu won't succumb to sadness over Yoite's death, and can continue smiling.

After mentioning his desire to return to Yukimi's home remniscient of the time he left Yukimi's home, stating only "bye", causing Yukimi to ask, "isn't it 'see you later'? Miharu erases memories of Yoite, but he later reveals that he thinks Yoite may not be entirely dead, but "scattered" instead. In the anime, Yoite lives out the remainder of his life with Thobari, Hanabusa, and Gau. When he dies, his body evaporates into sparkling lights.

He acts as a squad leader on field missions and is a freelance writer in the front world. He justifies this unusual weapon choice by claiming that this is the modern age, or "age of the individual.

Although he claims he hates kids and calls them "brats", he shows overwhelming concern for Yoite and Miharu. He wishes to learn as much as possible about Yoite so he can tell Yoite that he was truly alive when Yoite is on his deathbed.

Yukimi joins Yoite, Koichi, and Shijima in rescuing Miharu. While fending off two Kasa assassins, he loses his right arm. When he was fifteen, his clan dissolved into anarchy and slaughtered each other, with the exception of his sister Raimei, who was led to believe Raikou had killed their entire family.

After this, he joins the Grey Wolves. He chooses not to tell Raimei his motives behind the massacre to protect her innocence. This leads to a battle between the two. During this battle, his partner Gau is injured trying to stop them and goes comatose.

Yoite finally wakes Gau up. He helps rescue Miharu from the Grey Wolves. He is shown to be extremely composed and is rarely ruffled or outwardly angered, although he will fiercely protect Gau from harm and his past history with his family remains a sore-point. It is implied that he is a sadist. His Surface World job is a maker of calligraphy paper, a job that his co-workers say he is exceptionally skilled in. At the end of the anime he is killed by Hattori. Michael Tatum in English. He believes Wakachi exists to protect the front world from the evils of Nabari.

He is an idealist, who believes that the Shinra Banshou can be used to save the world. When the pair fight against one another, Gau attempts to stop them and becomes comatose. Gau feels deeply indebted to Yoite and chooses to support him and even goes against the Grey Wolves to aid Yoite. At the end of the anime he is shown to be living Thobari, Hanabusa, and Yoite. His a fan of classical music and hates mess, dirt and clutter. All Things in Nature, Shinrabansho in the anime is personified as an enigmatic white-haired girl with long nails.

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Fox Spirit's Mind's Eyewhich gives the user the ability to see into the hearts of others, but lose the ability to use ninjutsu. Oda and her daughter were in a car accident and Alisa needed a blood transfusion. One of Flosetti's business partners was at the scene and matched Alisa's blood typebut refused to donate because he would lose his chance to make a name for himself.

In the anime adaption, the same business partner was conducting human experiments with particular drugs and tricked Oda, who was blinded by the desire to save her daughter, into giving the drug to her daughter. Oda blames this man for Alisa's death and attempts to kill Flosetti to ruin the man's future.

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Miharu convinces Oda to never use the Izuna Shingan after witnessing the profound effect her words have on the mentally unstable Yoite. In the anime adaption, her role is extended. After Miharu and Yoite learn that Yoite has only one month to live, the pair visit Oda in her home and ask her to ask the Shinra Banshou if they can use its power without Banten's Engetsurin scroll.

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At the same time the secret intelligence branch of the Grey Wolves the Tattegami destroy the Fog Blue office building. The Grey Wolves use ninjutsu and medication to gain her cooperation, but she continually asks about Togakushi's annihilation and refuses to answer the Grey Wolves' questions to the point Hattori needs to personally confront her.