Michael and nikita relationship season 2

michael and nikita relationship season 2

After last week's memorable Michael-Owen teamup on Nikita, the as exhibit A: " Basically, you can't make a relationship out of that. West was unsure how Michael and Nikita would fare in the second half of the season. Read on for HuffPost's exclusive discussion with West about potential plans for Season 3, Michael and Nikita's tumultuous relationship, and. Not only was the show renewed for a episode third season, its latest have not seen Season 2, Episode 22 of The CW's “Nikita,” entitled “Crossbow.” . that Michael and Nikita's relationship is once again solid as a rock.

The Michael and Nikita interactions post-"Wrath" have been particularly satisfying; after months of estrangement, thanks to Cassandra, it's fantastic to see the pair's romantic dynamic in sync with their professional dynamic again.

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Shane West and Maggie Q have such effortless chemistry, and it's the simple glances and brief touches that really sell the depth of the couple's love for each other. It was such a powerful yet understated moment when Nikita admitted to Michael, "I don't want to do the thing where I'm deciding for everybody," illustrating a level of growth and self-awareness that she's spent all season gradually cultivating. She really has discovered the transformative power of grace in recent weeks, and it's a beautiful realization.

Shane West, as usual, magnificently portrayed Michael's cool-headed, tactical acumen, as well as how devastatingly quickly he forgets all of his training and logic when Nikita is threatened. I especially appreciated the unexpected moment when Birkhoff kissed Nikita; it's clearly an urge that Nerd's harbored for many years, and the scene was perfectly played by all three actors -- humorous, but also unexpectedly poignant.

Writer Andrew Colville did an excellent job with the character beats in this episode, admirably resisting the urge to overwrite that scene or have Michael react with jealousy his bemusement was so much sweeter when it's obvious that Michael and Nikita's relationship is once again solid as a rock. The pop culture references were flying thick and fast again, which I always enjoy, especially Birkhoff's "Phantom Menace" jab. Another unexpected delight was the reintroduction of Robbie, the Division recruit last seen in Episode 7 of Season 1.

His disappearance was a dangling plot thread that had always bothered me, so I was thrilled to see him return, even for such an inauspicious and short-lived storyline. I feel like the show could've done more with him, but mostly, I was pleased that the writers hadn't forgotten about him altogether.

While the episode had many notable moments throughout, things really kicked into high gear when the team set out to break into Division. Nikita and Michael's final moments together were pitch-perfect especially "you scare the crap out of me, but I love you anyway"and the bloodthirsty part of me loved the moment when one of the sentries unflinchingly broke the other's neck to deactivate his tracker and raise the alarm down in Operations.

michael and nikita relationship season 2

Since the episode had so many fitting "Star Wars" touches, I couldn't help but notice the echoes of Obi-Wan's infiltration of the Death Star to disable the tractor beam reflected in Nikita's mission to plant the explosive in the server room -- even down to the way she crept around the columns to avoid the stormtroopers guards.

But the way it was written-- and then, when I talked to Maggie about it too, who loved it -- the scenes have gone very well and I think that this finale is going to be -- not even just hyping the show -- probably this is our best episode yet.

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Percy has been such a fabulous and truly effective adversary over the past two seasons. There's been a lot of focus on Nikita's vendetta against Percy, but in a lot of ways, Michael has just as much motivation to take him down, after what Percy had Kasim do to him and his family. Does Michael have any moments with Percy in the finale that satisfied you from a character perspective? I only mean that from just being disappointed because it was so much fun working with him in year one.

I thank god for the flashbacks because I got to do a few with him and a few with Melinda [Clarke] and actually wear the suit and be in Division again. I love that the show utilizes flashbacks so effectively.

michael and nikita relationship season 2

The fans seem to love them and it really deepens the relationships and subtext for present-day scenes. It really helped out. You can just do countless sub-stories and subplots with that and backstories. Michael was in a fairly unique position in Division, having trained so many of the recruits. Will those relationships come into play in the finale in any way? Oh yes, for sure. Without giving too much away, Michael and Nikita are going to be starting the finale off somewhere in the bowels of Division; separated, but both in Division.

Consequently, there is going to be a lot of action and fire and a lot of run-ins with Division security, agents, recruits, like everyone. I think that these speeches were very well written.

Nikita and Michael have had a fairly tumultuous year. Where do you think they're headed in Season 3? Well, one of the things I can say is, the fans will be happy to know that they will be together. They are together ending Season 2 and going into Season 3. But sort of like the ending of Season 1, it is open for interpretation.

It's ripe with possibilities.

'Nikita' Finale: Shane West Teases Two Deaths, The 'Mikita' Relationship And His Hopes For Season 3

Otherwise, we should have waited to bring them together in Season 6 or 7. Michael and Ryan seem to have developed a fairly comfortable working relationship, judging by "Dead Drop," so I'm assuming that Michael doesn't see him as a rival for Nikita's affections? A rep for Warner Bros. He is now confident about that, and vice versa.

I mean, he dropped his life in Division, he left Percy and everything to be with her. Some truly tragic things have to happen to I think really break them up. Michael was fine with his wife and his kid, like, he would have been fine forever that way [without cheating]. What I appreciate about Nikita and Michael's relationship is that it really does seem solid.

Nikita's issues are tied to her backstory and her own insecurities, but both of them, as a couple, seem to accept each other for who they are, regardless of the terrible, traumatic things they've been through.

I think it's one of the biggest strengths of the series, that unconditional love.

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I think they're two peas from the same pod, really -- different original backgrounds, but with so much darkness in their life that they are the light of each other's life and lives. He breaks the news to Alex in the first episode, telling her that the public now will believe her to have committed suicide in prison. As a field agent, he played a similar role to that of Amanda, who were both high-ranking yet with some psychological leanings in their positions.

It is also heavily implied that everyone, even Amanda and Percy, in Division know of Michael's implied affair with Nikita. Both Amanda and Percy have mentioned this to him, Percy rather more bluntly and Amanda stating that "Percy doesn't need to know everything that goes on here.

This reflects six years prior, when he instructed Nikita of the same duties. Alex's similarity to Nikita leads Michael to be more protective of her. He later finds out that she is Nikita's mole by matching the sounds of her phone calls to him to the echoes produced by Nikita's apartment. Alex, Nikita and Michael work together to track down Percy's black boxes for a very brief length of time towards the end of the first season, Nikita often in this time asking Michael to help Alex out of sticky situations at Divisions that may compromise his cover by doing so.

Reception[ edit ] As was the character of Nikita as portrayed by Maggie Qthe character of Michael was highly anticipated by fans who had previously watched La Femme Nikita.

Part of this anticipation balanced on the idea of Michael and Nikita's romantic relationship as had been portrayed in most former incarnations of the tale and if West and Q possessed a good enough chemistry to play the two. The character was well received by critics in his own right, yet not as well received by fans of Roy Dupuis' Michael in La Femme Nikita. West stated that, concerning Dupuis, he "always actually liked his work" as well as having also been a fan of the original USA Network La Femme Nikita television series.