Jyj and dbsk meet

Official documents reveal SM's 'slave contract' with JYJ did not exist to begin with | allkpop

jyj and dbsk meet

On Oct. 2, TVXQ's Jung Yunho and JYJ's Kim Jaejoong attended the same Since the split, no members of JYJ or TVXQ have been together publicly until the Oct. MXM to Embark On Their First Meet & Live US Tour in December 26, a day never to forget for fans of DBSK. I remember watching the BoA and Britney Spears Showcase knowing nothing of. DBSK and Cassiopeia brought me so much joy and I met wonderful (JYJ won the lawsuit but are still blocked from music shows that SM.

His stage name is Choikang Changmin. As of 2O11, though, he started attending KonKuk University for his second degree. He can be honest and blunt about things he strongly believes should not be done.

jyj and dbsk meet

He had followed his friend to an SM contest and luckily won the Best Singer award. Changmin has acted in one drama so far, although he has also had a few cameo roles. I discovered them while looking for videos of H. I came across a video of them doing a cover of I-Yah and thought it was very impressive. So I looked them up and came across the music video for Mirotic. I fell in love. All of their songs were amazing.

Until we meet again, TVXQ.

My favorite member is Micky Yoochun. And they both are doing wonderful jobs! When I heard Ayy Girl, I thought it was good. I looked up the lyrics and listened to the song and breathed a sigh of relief.

Pay about 5 billion KRW approximately 4.

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Conciliation protocol from the court 1. Out of JYJ's claims, only the pay not given in is recognized.

jyj and dbsk meet

SM and JYJ must not get in each other's way. The lawsuit fees must be paid by themselves, and all demand for damages is dismissed. In other words, the 'slave contract' that JYJ had insisted upon was not true, as if it were, the court would have ordered SM Entertainment to pay the full amount JYJ had demanded, not to mention dismiss that the contract had ever been valid.

jyj and dbsk meet

Instead, the court only ordered SM Entertainment pay them the amount for that JYJ members had not received because of the lawsuit. As for unfair contract terms, the court had agreed that SM Entertainment's contract terms were not unfair.

That's why they are slave.

jyj and dbsk meet

Unlike YG who stamp a musician tag to bigbang therefore keeping their relevancy high. Does new generation of kpop fans stan for tvxq? But they do stan bigbang despite bigbang being a veteran act. Does that happens to SM group? Unfortunately no JYJ left because of money. It was the main reason why they left.

So yes, it is about money. Except the cosmetics business failed so many choose to ignore it nowadays. How can you say stupid things while awake? TVXQ had the biggest fandom at the time. Their music was changing and evolving, as it always does in the music business. They were very relevant and popular at the time even more than Big bang and had JYJ not left, very few would be able to compete with them. You don't know what you're talking about. They had invested a lot of money in it. They had big plans for it.

Stop using the term slave so easily my darling.