Joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

History Quiz. Dionisio de Herrera George Washington Francisco Morazan Christopher Columbus San bernardo Labrador Golden Retriever Husky. Next was with Joshua Dionisio in the movie, Nasaan Ka Man. and I and was paired with Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos and Daniel Padilla. Kathryn Bernardo Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo (born March 26, ) is a All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics . As of , she is currently in a more than five-year-relationship with Daniel Padilla. . "Endless Love stars Kristoffer Martin and Kathryn Bernardo: The next Joshua Dionisio and Barbie Forteza?".

Tinake ko na yung opportunity. Tapos, first audition ko po sa GMA, natanggap. Kailangan din po magpaalam sa lahat," sabi ng dalagita. Nang tanungin sila ng PEP kung sino ang mga iniidolo nilang artista, isinagot nila ang mga bida ng Endless Love na sina Marian at Dingdong.

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Pero hindi raw dahil magkasama lang sila sa show. Sabi ni Kathryn, "Hindi naman po sa ano, pero gusto ko po talaga si Ms. Since yung dati po, yung mga movie niya, yung My Best Friend's Girlfriend, pinapanood ko po talaga siya. Tapos, hindi ko po ine-expect na ako po yung magiging young Marian.

So, parang siya yun, parang hindi niya inaarte. Parang ano siya, true to life yung pag arte niya. Hindi ang Endless Love ang unang pagsasama sa telebisyon nina Kristoffer at Kathryn. Si Kristoffer ay unang nakilala sa screen name na Kristofer Dangculos. Ang ilan sa mga naging proyekto niya sa Kapamilya network ay ang mga sumusunod: Hindi raw alam ni Kathryn na magkakasabay pa ng airing ang pilot episode ng dalawang programa na tinatampukan niya, although magkaiba naman daw siguro ito ng timselot.

Hanggang sa pumasok na po yung Endless Love. Ngayon po pala yung nagkataong sumabay, hindi ko po talaga alam na magkakasabay. Pag commercial, sa kabila! Pero ano ang mas gusto niyang role? Kasi po, simple 'tapos childish, parang gano'n din ako.

Catch Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla at SM Mall of Asia for Vivo V9 Mall tour.

Sa Magkaribal po kasi, parang mabibigat po yung scenes, puro mga sunog, mga gano'n po," saad ng dalagita. Masaya ba sila sa treatment na ibinibigay sa kanila ng Kapuso network ngayon?

Sabi ni Kathryn, "Kasi po, parang inaalagaan din po nila ako dito, parang bine-baby nila ako. As in, lahat po ng promotions, sinasama kami. Ano po talaga, parang welcome na rin kami dito. So, sobrang thankful kasi tinanggap pa rin nila kahit alam nilang sa kabila kami.

Kasi po kadalasan, mga young, konti lang. Tapos yung Magpakailanman [defunct GMA-7 drama anthology], nag-guest lang po ako doon.

joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

Pero ito lang po talaga yung parang one week sa TV, yung promotion, makikita po talaga kami. Hindi lang siya ordinary role, hindi lang basta young, young ka lang. Pero kakaiba po yung binibigay na treatment. Parang bida na rin po kasi yung trato nila sa amin.

Father and son Brothers Cousins Lovers Which country became the first Marxist government in the world? Kennedy What year did Cristopher Colombus find the Americas? Nothing in particular The 13 first presidents The foundations The original colonies Between which countries did the biggest air battle occur?

He was a god Commander of the Greeks at war Achilles' father He was a clown Which were the main countries that were involved in the first world war? Germany, Austria and Italy England, France and Germany Russia, France and Netherlands Switzerland, Belgium and Italy On which indigenous civilization's calendar did the year mark the end of an era that some interpreted as "the end of the world"?

Joshua Dionisio

Lungs Liver Heart Brain How many periods is the universal history divided? When did the Haitian earthquake ocurr? All are correct Design of military weaponry Anatomy Art Which Apollo mission arrived first on the moon?

Ronald Reagan John F. Napoleon Stalin Bismark Julius Caesar What was the name of the dictator who ruled Spain through most of the 20th century?

joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

Hermes Hades Ares Apolo What do they call the slits in the walls of strong castles, through which arrows were shot? Religious expedition to the Holy Land As they were called the old wars Crosses on churches Roads of old Which was the first automobile mass produced?

Ukraine Estonia Czechoslovakia Lithuania Who used the maieutics method? Diabetes Daltonismo Hemophilia None of the above Who stands on a current one dollar bill? Allies within Europe All for one and one for all America for the Americans America without Europeans On what day was the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima? January 1, August 9, November 10, August 6, What was the first atomic bomb that landed in Hiroshima made of?

Plutonium Uranium Carbon Actin Which is the language spoken by the gypsies? Miami New Orleans New York Which of the following places is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world? Hipocerfelo Two faces Esmorieno Janus In who's honor were the continents of the Americas named after? France and Germany Germany and England Israel vs.

Coalition of Arab countries Bolivia and Paraguay What does "tae" mean in the word tae kwon-do? Apollo Dionysus Winyard Pan The greek goddess of agriculture is called? September 1 May 3 August 1 September 14 Who were the feudal lords? Half human and half fish Half human and half eagle Half human and half horse Half human and half lion To which country did Alaska belong before being bought by the USA? Commercial pact between EUA and Germany. Military pact between Japan and Italy.

The Banshees were female spirits originating from what country? Phalanx Testudo Cantabrian Circle Prosaikorime Nagasaki was the second japanese city to be hit with a nuclear bomb. When did this attack happen? September 6 September 9 August 6 August 9 Which historic person said "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, will never disappear from the surface of the earth"?

Black White Red Blue Which city is known as the birthplace of democracy?

History Quiz

A into World War 2? Milan Lisbona Rome Instanbul Which cities were hit by the atomic bomb in world war 2? December 21st September 12th December 12th December 21st Which god is considered the most important in Norse mythology?

A Picasso Government house in France. Senator Consul Wizard Emperor Loki is the god of mischief according to? Athens Rome Sparta Pompeii What is a feudus? Cupid Zeus Athelon Mercury What was the name of the famous serial killer that used to send coded letters to mock the police? Brilliant govenor Economics teacher at harvard Visionary investor Bus driver Which countries were the main participants of the Missile Crisis? Cairo Athens Where did typhoon Haiyan hit on November ? Liberty and fidelity Positivity and democracy Equality, fraternity, and liberty Fraternity and love Where was the Hamurabi Code created?

Macedonia Mesopotamia Rome Athens In the Egyptian mummification, where was the human brain removed by? Seals Cossacks Immortal Imperial guard Why did copyist monks have great importance during the Medieval period?

joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

They provoked the people They divided territories in diverse areas They provided antiques for the future They recovered classic works of literature According to greek mythology, who are the sons of Zeus and Poseidon, in this order?

French revolution Russian revolution American revolution Industrial revolution When did the monarchy of France end? Budhists Christians Muslims Hindus What is the most expensive thing ever built?

joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

Renaissance Patriotism Illuminism Cartesian Who came to power earliest? Zeus Ares Ades Hercules Which of these pirates has actually existed? Other way up Burned with fire Hung in a cliff Upside down The arch of triumph honours which event?

President's deposition Imposition of comunismo Racial segregation All the alternatives above The Cold War ended when this man dissolved the Soviet Union.

joshua dionisio and kathryn bernardo relationship quiz

Who is this man? Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Greece Austria This wall was a symbol of the iron curtain. What is the name of the wall? Great wall of China Slavic wall Hadrian's wall Berlin wall The Bubonic Plague that killed a quarter of the world's population during the middle ages was caused by what agent?

Where was he from? They are gods of thunder. They are from Greece. In which form of mythology does the god 'Ra' pertain to? Norwegian Greek Egyptian None of the above According with greek mythology, what were the cyclops?

Mars Krato Ares Kronos Which is the energetic matrix of the first industrial revolution? Yugoslavia Poland Russia China Who was considered a demigod?

Offspring of a god and a mortal Mortal with almost same strength as a god The one chosen by a god to fulfill orders The son of gods who lives on the Earth In the Bible, who saved humans and animals from the Flood?