James lafferty and bethany joy lenz relationship

Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty's TV Son Is All Grown Up at One Tree Hill Reunion | E! News

james lafferty and bethany joy lenz relationship

James Lafferty didn't have to fake too much to play Nathan. To separate her from co-star Hilarie Burton (Peyton), Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley). “One Tree Hill” fans can't say James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz on after the show ended: “It's like getting out of a long-term relationship. Beautiful Bethany Joy was once married to her ex-husband and musician The one to portray the character of Jamie in One Tree Hill is Bethany Joy Lenz. But like every relationship is put to the test, theirs did too, and the two she was then linked with her co-star James Lafferty and numerous rumors hit.

Fanpop Nathan and Haley's first wedding was simple and shown in flashbacks.

james lafferty and bethany joy lenz relationship

They got married on the beach with Haley's parents as witnesses. Their second wedding, however, was a much bigger affair. There were tents set up and everything. During their vows, Haley said to Nathan that she finds a stillness and a bravery within herself with him and that he makes her brave.

Lafferty, Lenz reunite ‘Naley’ for ‘Tree Hill’ convention |

Nathan then reassures her that their love will never waver and his love for her grows stronger each day. Even though the two shared hard times over the years, they never stopped loving each other. A rare thing to see on television is a couple that lasts as long as they did.

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Their love was tested many times and they always found their way back to each other. Twitter When the gang was away for a cheerleading competition, Nathan finds himself in a hotel room with Lucas with only one bed. He comes in one night to find candles lit all over the room and says "very funny, Lucas.

You're still sleeping on the floor.

james lafferty and bethany joy lenz relationship

Haley tells him that Bevin was a mastermind and switched the rooms so Haley could stay with Nathan. Nathan then gets into the tub with her, fully clothed and kisses Haley. And the most adorable couple award goes to Nathan and Haley win all the awards for best couple. Wordpress Nathan and Haley pretty much win at everything when it comes to relationships.

Their first kiss was amazing. It started with Nathan throwing rocks at a window at Haley's house. Turns out he was throwing them at her parents' bedroom window. She walks up behind him and tells him so. The two were having an argument and Haley told Nathan that she kept putting herself out there and he kept screwing up. She says there is nothing he could say or do that would surprise her anymore and then he kisses her, proving her wrong.

The kiss definitely took her by surprise. The best part of this moment was when she kissed him back as "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot played over the scene. YouTube If Nathan and Haley were known for anything, it was their kisses in the rain. They basically owned rain kisses, ever since their first kiss in the rain in front of Haley's house when they made up after fighting over pictures of Peyton that Nathan had on his computer.

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Another memorable rain kiss of theirs is the one in the storm after Haley discovered that Nathan had kept news clippings of her while she was on tour. They also kissed in the rain in the series finale just for the heck of it as a treat for the longtime fans of the show. She also appeared in March in two episodes of season 3 of Agents of S. In Summershe was cast in the new drama American Gothic as a character named April.

Producer Corinne Brinkerhoff said about Lenz "We love her! She plays a witty, insightful nurse at a rehab facility. Trained by the director of the Brooklyn College of OperaLenz plays the guitar and piano, and writes her own music.

Her first album, entitled Preincarnatewas released in October She worked under the direction of director Garry Marshall and alongside musician Carole King on a new musical adapted from the series Happy Days. She also took the opportunity to work in a public reading of a musical version of the novel The Outsiders directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman.

james lafferty and bethany joy lenz relationship

Inafter changes within the company, Lenz left the label. Despite this setback, Lenz traveled to Los Angeles to write and record several songs for the soundtrack for Ten Inch Hero in InLenz formed the band Everly with her lifelong friend, Amber Sweeney. Rock The Schools concert. The caption read, "Recording new music in Nashville with old pal Jeff Cohen! She shared her intention to release her first full-length studio album, entitled Your Woman in the near future as an independent release on her blog.

The song was a teaser for her soon-to-be-released album. This song will sound totally different on the new record, but I thought you'd enjoy hearing this version.

As well as supporting the new EP, fans were able to give back to the charity Stop the Traffik. Lenz decided to change her team and is now performs as Joy Lenz and the Firepit Band.

They toured from May to July and said an album is in preparation for The Notebook Musical[ edit ] This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message Inafter seeing Nick Cassavetes ' film The Notebook and subsequently reading Nicholas Sparks ' best selling novel of the same name, Lenz found herself singing songs around her house based on the story's characters.

After six weeks, she decided to put them down on paper. On December 7,Lenz revealed on her website bethanyjoylenz. After finishing the librettoLenz passed it on to a friend close to the Sparks family who gave it to the book's author.

'One Tree Hill': James Lafferty says it's marital bliss for Nathan and Haley

He loved it and she procured the rights to the musical. The auditions took place in early August at Thalian Hall. The Notebook musical was workshopped in a small black box theater in October in front of Broadway producers and investors, and Nicholas Sparks who came for the occasion.