Jacob and renesmee relationship quizzes

Twilight: 25 Crazy Revelations About Bella and Jacob's Relationship

jacob and renesmee relationship quizzes

Ultimate Twilight Quiz If Renesmee was a boy, what would her name be? . Who does Jacob threaten to put in the hospital at the cinema? . and relationship quizzes - Twilight lover; Movies quizzes - Twilight The Movie. Jacob knows that Bella is recovering from the love of her life/future guy on Snapped . Before he can, however, Jacob imprints on Renesmee. This quiz is to test how much you know about the heart throb Jacob Black. Renesmee & breaking dawn. Bella & twilight. 6 Books quizzes - Twilight; Personality tests - Twilight; Love and relationship quizzes - Twilight lover.

She continues to insert herself into his life anyway. Not only that, but he also was ready to stand by the Cullens when the Volturi came, despite them being a major threat to his own life, in order to protect both Bella and her daughter.

jacob and renesmee relationship quizzes

Despite this, part of his reasoning why Bella should choose him is because she could stay human and live a normal life. She likely would have ended up with Jacob. Their two families are very close, so they would have been spending a lot of time together. Instead, he would stay in love with her. Jacob has always been a bit frustrated with Bella, but he took things too far when he grabbed her and forcibly kissed her on the beach.

Afterwards, she calls him an idiot and punches him. Even Charlie laughs at the concept when Bella is obviously upset. Despite their very large age difference, she constantly jokes like Jacob is way too young for her. She acts like he is ridiculously younger than her when they really have way more in common than she and Edward do, and a lot of that has to do with their ages.

Fans have been upset by the concept since they read the final book. There are so many potential endings that could have been written for Jacob, but this is the one that makes the least amount of sense to fans. Let us know in the comments! For example, Jacob's close friend, Quil, imprints on two-year old Claire Young. She initially is judgmental, but later comes around to the idea. After all, as Jacob explains, Quil will have no romantic feelings for Claire until she is of age.

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Until then, he'll act as an older brother or best friend. Cullen quickly changes her mind again the second Jacob imprints on her own daughter, though.

jacob and renesmee relationship quizzes

While at times a creepy concept, it's hypocritical that she was okay with it when it was someone else's child. Jacob and her have a truce of sorts about this, knowing he'll end up with her daughter.

jacob and renesmee relationship quizzes

However, there is no guarantee that Renesmee will love him back in that way. Though it's said to be highly unlikely, an imprintee does have the choice to return the shapeshifter's feelings, though they aren't forced to.

Renesmee came into the world an outlier, so why wouldn't it be possible that she'd live her life that way, too? Also, of course, it's weird for a mother and possible soulmate to be assuming who a kid will marry before they're even old enough to speak. Though he was convinced her "illness" was because she turned into a vampire, he's even more devastated to find her withering away. If Bella listened to her husband and friend, Renesmee would never have existed.

Jacob technically advocated for eliminating his own soulmate, though he didn't know it yet. Bella risked her life, but it was her decision to do what she wanted with her body. Her body just happened to birth a hybrid miracle that nearly caused several wars and stole the heart of her best friend.

Team Edward debate, it was very unlikely Jacob ever had a chance.

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While a fascinating character, Bella was prone to using him as early as the first Twilight novel. She flirted with him just to get information, caring little about his crush.

Then, in New Moon, she acknowledges his growing feelings for her, but decides corking the Edward-sized hole in her heart is more important than protecting him. Bella does eventually care a great deal for Jacob, but she never puts his needs before hers.

It may have been love, but it never was healthy, and she rarely did anything a good friend would ever do. This includes the complications of imprinting. At face-value, it's the cuteness of love at first sight. However, there is a lot of possible pain rooted in the tradition. One example is Jacob's friend, Quil, imprinting on a toddler. This foreshadows Jacob's eventual, awkward imprinting on Bella's daughter, Renesmee. Jacob will have to shapeshift forever to be with her.

Eventually, though protective and well-meaning, Jacob becomes very forceful towards Bella while his powers manifest. One of the best examples of this is their fight near the end of New Moon. Jacob knows that going to find Edward will be extremely dangerous for a human.


He's even pretty aggressive when the phone rings, worsening the situation by making Edward think Bella isn't alive anymore. Then Edward tries to end his own life and a cascade of danger ensues, all because of his curt phone call. No matter his intentions, his anger tends to make some situations far worse, hurting Bella instead of helping her. He abandons her despite her dependent love for him.

However, Jacob doesn't do much better, forcibly kissing her to prove she loves him and running away from home because she didn't choose him. Both men profess their love for Bella Swan, but neither respects her decisions.

If they did, Edward wouldn't have left, bought her a frightening bullet-proof truck, or tried to terminate their baby. Also, similarly, Jacob wouldn't have forced his feelings on her, threateningly warned about the Cullens, or try to start a war over her possible vampirism.

Edward enjoys classical music, novels, chess, and generally more intellectual, quiet activities.

Jacob Black

Jacob likes cars, action movies, jumping off cliffs, and all the more rugged, exciting things a person could think of. Though their activities are different, and their personalities seem polar opposites, when it comes to Bella, the men are eerily similar.

Both love her in an overprotective, domineering manner that leads them to act like they know what's best for her. Despite his normally cool demeanor, Edward can turn aggressively guarded for her. And Jacob, normally easy-going and friendly, becomes far more rigid and stand-offish. Perhaps Bella just has that effect on men. This led to her daughter, Renesmee, whose mere existence nearly started a bloody war between vampires and wolves.

But her pregnancy wasn't the only factor. Her love for both Edward and Jacob almost caused a war. Her begging to be turned almost started a war. Their reckless hunting with Renesmee nearly caused a war. Funnily enough, Renesmee was the one who stopped the wars. Jacob imprinting on her stopped the threat of wolves and sharing the carnage of a war stopped the Volturi.

Bella was lucky that this dangerous pregnancy ultimately saved the people she loved. In retaliation, he gives Charlie her motorcycle to get her grounded. Grounding means she'll see less of Edward. Lucky for him, she was already getting grounded for running off to Italy. However, he was still willing to be tray her trust to get what he wanted.