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italy and united nations relationship help

Foreign Relations of the United States, The Conferences at . allied Powers to support Italy's application to join the United Nations Organization. (25). Timeline of Italian History. International Relations. UN Voting Blocs & Caucuses: Western European and Others Group (WEOG). European Community. On 14 December , Italy signed the United Nations Charter, thus support and impulse given to the UN's activities consistently with the.

italy and united nations relationship help

In their times of need it has always expressed solidarity with the peoples of Africa and the Middle East. Italy has also joined in efforts to bring peace to distant areas, most recently by participating in the INTERFET international force in East Timor, the only country from outside the region to do so.

italy and united nations relationship help

The new law authorizes the cancellation of official bilateral credits for a total value of 12, billion liras approximately 6 billion dollars over a three-year period, thereby exceeding the commitments that Italy already made within the G One of the primary beneficiaries of this policy is Africa, the main focus of Italy's development cooperation strategy. In Italy contributed 1.

italy and united nations relationship help

To fight underdevelopment and its effects, Italy has abandoned strategies patterned on welfare or targeting only single sectors in favor of the model for its own economic growth, where local communities play an active role.

In war-torn areas such as the Balkans, Central America and Africa, the constructive approach of de-centered cooperation helps to mend the social fabric and appease old tensions.

UN: Italy’s role in peacekeeping

Such a strategy would of course be inconceivable without multilateral mechanisms, to which Italy allocates 60 percent of its cooperation resources. Other Italian initiatives in the UN framework pursue this same goal, seeking to achieve sustainable human development, fight all forms of discrimination, and protect the environment through a single, coherent strategy.

In this perspective, Italy has allocated funding To allow the least advanced countries to participate in the preparations for the Third United Nations Conference on the Poorest Countries in ; To support the International Conference against Racism; To promote two workshops this year with the participation of the small island states of the Caribbean and the Pacific, one in Trinidad and Tobago on "The State in the Third Millennium," and the other in Samoa on "Climate Change: This means coming up with ideas and defending principles, as well as drafting projects and promoting awareness of the new technologies.

The Italian Government was one of the first to ratify the Statute.

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It is deeply committed to the preparatory process, which is destined to make this fundamental instrument of international justice become a reality in the near future. On a different front, Italy has actively promoted a greater awareness at the United Nations of the role played by the new information and communication technologies. Globalization of the economy and society have heightened the risk of dividing countries and peoples along the digital gap rather than bringing them together.

General Assembly of the United Nations

Italy is actively engaged in international campaigns for the eradication of female genital mutilation FGM and early and forced marriages, not only via its diplomatic and negotiation channels but also through development cooperation.

Italy supports international initiatives for the prevention of sexual violence in conflicts and emergencies, specifically the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflicts Initiative and the Call to Action on Protection from Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies.

italy and united nations relationship help

Within the framework of the zero tolerance policy towards acts of sexual exploitation and abuse, in September Italy joined the "Circle of Leadership" launched by the UN Secretary General Guterres to combat sexual abuse by UN civilian and military personnel and has signed the Voluntary Compact, through which it politically commits to roll out measures to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and abuse.

Children's Rights Children are one of the vulnerable groups most exposed to human rights violations, especially in areas with armed conflict, post-conflict settings and in situations of underdevelopment, extreme poverty and social tensions. Among the numerous initiatives to protect childhood and to promote the rights of minors taken at multilateral level, special mention should be made of the annual Resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly and of the Human Rights Council on the rights of the child, that were presented by the European Union jointly with the Group of Latin American Countries.

Italy supports initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of children in armed conflicts, implementing the principles laid out by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict of Freedom of Belief and Religion Given the several challenges affecting the peaceful coexistence of different religious groups in many parts of the world, Italy has been working with determination for a more effective international action for the protection of freedom of religion or belief and the rights of religious minorities.

Every year Italy, together with other EU Member States, promotes a Resolution at the UN General Assembly and at the Human Rights Council on the freedom of religion or belief, condemning all forms of religious intolerance and discrimination. At the initiative of Italy, the Guidelines also refer to the right to collectively exercise freedom of religion aimed at protecting minority religious groups.

Italy has called for renewed action by the international community to defend cultural and religious heritage, a key element to secure respect for the freedom of religion and to protect the historical and cultural identity of a society.

Italy fully supports the action undertaken by UNESCO to safeguard the cultural heritage of areas of conflict and crises through the establishment of a rapid intervention mechanism proposed by Italy. InItaly supported and promoted initiatives on freedom of religion and belief within its G7 Presidency and its mandate as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

italy and united nations relationship help

In particular, in Marchtogether with France, Italy promoted a Security Council Resolution on the protection of cultural heritage and the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural heritage goods.

Resolution was adopted unanimously on March 4, The resolution lays out important provisions which, if implemented by all the actors in the international community, will help combat ethnic and religious violence and streamline processes of pacification and national reconciliation in the long term.

Human Rights Education Italy supports multilateral initiatives aimed at strengthening the promotion of human rights education. Human rights education is a fundamental instrument through which individuals are made effectively aware of their rights and the means they can use to protect them.

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