Huey and jazmine relationship trust

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huey and jazmine relationship trust

Read the mistake of a lifetime from the story Past and Future [Jazmine and Huey, The Boondocks love story] by Huey and Jazmine always had a connection. I think he like Jazmine I think 🤔 Just like in the series Huey and Riley have a to get to know her because she was dating Riley and he didn't fully trust her. Read It's complicated from the story Past and Future [Jazmine and Huey, The This whole relationship thing was messing with Huey's head, that's all. Jazmine.

Huey often took pleasure in ripping her apart mentally- He enjoyed seeing her cry, but it amused him when she smiled. How could someone smile so easily? After years of living in woodcrest, Riley finally convinced Robert to turn the garage in a bedroom, much to Huey's relief-He had more personal space, which was needed at his time of age.

Huey sat down on his bed next to Jazmine, his hand played with Jazmine's much smaller one. Huey was aware of Jazmine and her reaction-She was blushing and she refused to make eye contact with, once again.

What have you been up to? Huey wasn't doing this because for his pleasure, not that it wasn't enjoyable, he simply did it because her reactions were amusing to say the least.

The way her face turned scarlet in a matter of seconds, the way she couldn't look him in his eyes, and the way she clasped her luscious thighs shut to stop the burning sensation in her lower abdomen. Her caramel thighs started to sweat, due to the way she held them shut-It was rather uncomfortable.

He was interested in her. Huey walked towards the biracial and cupped her face in his hands, he gently and slowly brushed his plump lips over her much smaller ones. A jolt of electricity rushed through Jazmine's entire being. She was thinking so many things, yet she her brain was mush. There it was, that god damn smile. Huey frowned at her, when he was through with her, she would be doing the same thing.

He wanted to ruin that pure and innocent body. Huey had Jazmine up against the wall, trapped between his two muscular arms. Huey kissed Jazmine with more force than he had the first time and he grinded his hips into hers. Her back arched as his tongue forced entrance and ran its tip over the row of her teeth and touched the roof of her mouth. Skillfully, he tangled his tongue with hers, and despite of her hesitancy, he managed to tango with her tongue.

The heat drowning his nerves spread and in his hunger, he took Jazmine's whole mouth, but the heat continued to drown him. He forced Jazmine's head closer to his, mashing their lips together. Huey and Jazmine broke apart when air became an issue, they were breathing hard as there lips parted. Huey placed light kisses on Jazmine's neck, causing her to shudder as she stared at the floor. Huey started to gently suck on Jazmine's mulatto neck, while he did this, he slipped of her unzipped sweater in an instant.

I don't want to go that far Please stop", Jazmine timidly spoke as she tried to push Huey away, her tiny hands were pressed up against Huey's muscular chest. He ran his dark hands on both sides of Jazmine's stomach, her face was shocked and scared.

Huey unzipped the front of her dress and slipped it off before Jazmine could blink, she was now clad in some pink panties and a matching bra. Huey drooled as he took in the sight of Jazmine's fairly large breasts. Jazmine finally registered what was happening, her small hands tried to cover her large breasts as she screamed, "Stop!

huey and jazmine relationship trust

He pushed her on the bed as he pinned her with brute strength. He was now facing Jazmine's magnificent breasts. His mouth descended, and against the sensitive bud of her breast she felt his lips and tongue, wet and warm—and then just the barest scrape of his teeth.

She cried out loudly, her voice was filled with protest and pleasure. He laved her with his tongue, then seeing her reaction increased his pressure, he used it to flick the nipple in short, sharp strokes. He moved his head leisurely from one to the other, and at the same time sliding his fingers around the wet flesh between her legs.

Huey started kissing all over Jazmine's stomach, making his way down south. When he reached her navel, he dipped his tongue in it over and over- Huey couldn't comprehend how the littlest things could make her shudder. Huey finally came in contact with Jazmine's heat; her smell was driving him crazy as he breathed in her sweet aroma.

huey and jazmine relationship trust

Jazmine was over whelmed with pleasure and sadness. Pleasure because of everything Huey was doing to her, and sadness because she trusted Huey. After all those heavy moans? Huey gripped her thighs and licked at her clit, he sucked gently on her outer lips and penetrated her with his tongue.

Huey lapped at it with long strokes, and put his mouth everywhere. He captured her clit with his mouth and flicked at it with his tongue.

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His eyes stared deeply into Jazmine's while he ate her out. Rated M for language and for future sexual scenes. All I want is You "Whatcha' reading, Huey? Jazmine liked hanging out with Huey, even if they were doing something boring, like watching Huey read. Huey was sixteen and basically the same built that he was when he was ten, adding a few abs on his chest. He was as revolutionary as he was a long time ago, but he was less 'domestic terrorist-y.

When she hit puberty, she started to look less cute, and more beautiful. Every boy she ever passed seemed to be in awe, even Huey, though he wouldn't admit it to himself.

Jazmine sighed and rolled on her back, her long, strawberry blonde hair, straight today, hanging over the edge of the bed. Huey looked up for a split second and saw the top of her pink bra in her baby blue V-neck long sleeved shirt. He quickly looked back down at his book and condemned himself for looking at his friend like that.

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It was the Thanksgiving break, and that meant Jazmine's sixteenth birthday was coming up next Friday. Huey planned on giving her the "Happy Birthday, don't die anytime soon" line, but her sixteenth birthday was special, and so was Jazmine. For his own birthday, she had given him a black scarf and hug, although he cared more about the hug.

Besides why don't you read happier books, like normal people? Huey didn't like when Jazmine questioned what he read or watched. She did it so often that sometimes he didn't even notice it. She giggled so hard she fell off the bed.

huey and jazmine relationship trust

Huey swiftly jumped to the edge of the bed. You could get seriously hurt one day. Jazmine shook her head "I know. Riley was sitting in the living room, playing Call of Duty on PlayStation 3, while his girlfriend, Cindy, was on her Facebook. This was a daily thing for them, do nothing during the day, and at night wreak havoc on Woodcrest. Between that, they would do normal dates, like the movies or the mall, but mostly they like to wreak havoc.

This fuckin' game cheats like a bitch! Cindy shook her head. She had a higher score than Riley ever had on this game. Riley obviously thought she was cheating.

There was no way a girl beat him in video games. Cindy just laughed again and got back on her computer. Huey and Jazmine came downstairs and went to the kitchen. Huey opened the refrigerator door and started to scour the fridge for food for both of them.

Huey started to list the healthy foods, because he knew that's what Jazmine would like. What's wrong with you today?

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Her jade eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lighting. Jazmine looked at Huey's back and saw something was wrong with him. She didn't want to say it, but when he was hurting, she did too.

huey and jazmine relationship trust

She also didn't want to admit that she was in love with Huey, but that's just another problem. She landed on the big pile of leaves that were raked up earlier that day. She giggled, which was more or less a trademark of hers. Huey finally made it up the tree. And sat down next to where Jazmine was laying. He rested his head on the bark while he chewed on a carrot. She was always known for her manners, even when she was around friends.

She grabbed one out the bag and nibbled on it like a rabbit. Huey thought it was the cutest thing. What do you want?

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She brushed it off and started playing in the leaves again. I can't give you all of that. Jazmine was too busy in the leaves to notice anything Huey was saying.

huey and jazmine relationship trust

Huey was still eating his carrots, and Jazmine… was being Jazmine. The silence was broken by Jazmine's screaming. Huey reacted by putting his arms out and pulling her close to him. She was so surprised that Huey got her that she totally forgot how to speak. Huey rolled his eyes. She stopped staring at him and floated black to earth. Sorry, I freaked out. He looked at her this time, his brown eyes with her jade ones. He let go of her and he got up. Jazmine nodded, and started walking toward her house.

As they reached the front of her house. Huey turned around to head to his own house. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Huey laughed, too and turned around. He was on a high, that even Riley couldn't take him off of it. Riley was walking Cindy home before it got too dark. Riley, even though he wasn't for that "gay nigga shit," he held her hand the entire time. He liked that he spent his break with her because she was as hood as he was.

But he was tired of their meaningless dates and "just hanging out. And by that, he means he wanted to get it in. Cindy turned her around and looked at Riley with her hand on her hip.