Heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2003 ending relationship

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heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2003 ending relationship

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre takes place during 14th Century China The Taiwanese show had an ending song sung by Alec Su. around two legendary wuxia weapons - the Dragon Slaying Sabre and the Heavenly Sword - whose wielder, legend claims, is destined to rule the world. The following is a list of characters from the wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber . They are expecting a child near the end of the novel. .. jealous when he sees Zhang Wuji and Zhou developing a romantic relationship. .. Sword and Dragon Saber (); The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (); The.

She is killed in Wan'an Monastery by Fan Yao by accident. Later, after seeing how powerful Zhou Zhiruo has become from practising the skills in the Nine Yin Manual, they attempt to seize the book from her, but are unwilling to share it with each other so they start fighting over the manual. In the earlier editions of the novel, the Elders lose their powers after their last fight with Zhang Wuji. The two Elders are: He lusts for Lady Han and Zhou Zhiruo.

They are defeated by Zhang Wuji in a fight. He was originally a high-ranking member of the Beggars' Sect, but later faked his death and served Chaghan as one of the mercenaries. He is highly respected in the wulin martial artists' community not only for his prowess in martial arts, but also for his morally upright character.

They are listed in order of seniority: Originally a reputable swordsman and the most likely candidate to succeed his master, he is disgraced by his son's misconduct and loses the opportunity to be Wudang's new leader. Zhang Sanfeng orders him to spend the rest of his life in solitude. He is named by Zhang Sanfeng as his successor.

He receives medical treatment from Zhang Wuji 20 years after his injury but only manages to recover partially and can no longer utilise the full potential of his martial arts. He occasionally provides advice to his fellows. Apart from being an accomplished swordsman, he is also well versed in scholarly arts and calligraphy. He is Zhang Wuji's father and Xie Xun's sworn brother. He meets Yin Susu by chance and they are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled there for ten years.

He commits suicide after being cornered by martial artists when he refuses to reveal Xie Xun's whereabouts. Their engagement ended when she realised that she loved Yang Xiao and was already pregnant with Yang's child. Many years later, after Yin Liting is injured in the same way as Yu Daiyan, Yang Buhui nurses him back to health and falls in love with him when he is recovering. Yin marries Yang Buhui eventually despite the large age gap between them. They are expecting a child towards the end of the novel.

His strong crush on Zhou Zhiruo makes him become extremely jealous when he sees Zhang Wuji and Zhou developing a romantic relationship. That ultimately becomes his weakness because it allows him to be manipulated easily by Chen Youliang and Cheng Kun into doing anything to win Zhou Zhiruo's heart and prove that he is better than Zhang Wuji.

Later, after Zhang Wuji reneges on his promise to marry her, Zhou Zhiruo pretends to agree to marry Song Qingshu and teaches him the 'Nine Yin White Bone Claw' while actually plotting to use him to take her revenge on Zhang. Song is seriously crippled at the Lion Slaying Ceremony during a fight against Yu Lianzhou and is later mercy-killed by Zhang Sanfeng as punishment for his crimes.

In the certain editions of the novel, he dies from his wounds on Mount Wudang. Guo Xiang's prowess in martial arts improved after she integrated the manual's skills into her existing ones. She inherited the Heaven Sword and knowledge of the secrets in the weapons from her family during the Battle of Xiangyang. After her family members sacrificed their lives to defend Xiangyang from Mongol invaders, she continued to roam the jianghu for years before settling down on Mount Emeiwhere she founded the Emei Sect.

Guo Jing and Huang Rong's family tree for her family tree. She aims to purge the world of evil and make Emei the leading sect in the wulin martial artists' community. Her dogmatic and extreme views lead her to commit various ethically and morally vicious deeds, including the indiscriminate slaughter of everyone associated with the Ming Cult and unorthodox martial arts sects.

heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2003 ending relationship

She hates the Ming Cult not only because of its "evil" name, but also because of Yang Xiao's indirect involvement in the events leading to Guhongzi's death. At Wan'an Monastery, she names Zhou Zhiruo her successor and plunges to her death from the tower after refusing Zhang Wuji's help.

He challenged Yang Xiao to a martial arts contest and borrowed Miejue's Heaven-Reliant Sword in the hope that it would give him an advantage.

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre

However, he lost to Yang Xiao and the sword was seized from him by Yang before he could even unsheathe it. Yang Xiao made some unkind remarks, threw the sword to the ground and walked away. Guhongzi felt disgraced and insulted and eventually died in frustration. She secretly leaves Emei to raise her child, whom she names "Buhui" literally "no regrets" to reflect her love for Yang Xiao. Miejue eventually tracks her down and forces her to kill Yang Xiao, but she refuses and is killed by her master in anger.

She is jealous of their master's favouritism towards Ji Xiaofu and later towards Zhou Zhiruo.

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When her master orders her and Ding to pursue and kill Yang Buhui, she decides to spare the child on account of her past relations with Ji Xiaofu Yang Buhui's motherso she lies to Miejue that Yang has already escaped. She collects the remains of the broken Heaven Sword at the end of the story. He is credited as Zhang Sanfeng 's martial arts master. Before his death, he recited the Nine Yang Manual to his apprentice and Guo Xiang, who respectively founded the Wudang and Emei sects later.

He seeks to destroy the Ming Cult after his junior, whom he had a crush on, married Yang Dingtian and committed suicide to join her husband. He pretended to accept Xie Xun as his apprentice and then killed Xie's family in cold blood before disappearing. As the story progresses, he becomes corrupted by his lust for power and plots with Chen Youliang to dominate the wulin martial artists' communitybut their plan is foiled by Zhang Wuji and others.

He is eventually defeated and blinded by Xie Xun. He attempted to appease Xie Xun's rage by allowing Xie to kill him. Xie Xun later often regretted killing Kongjian. More than 30 years ago, they fought with Yang Dingtian after being instigated by Cheng Kun and were injured by him. They become more aware of Cheng Kun's wicked intentions after listening to Zhang Wuji's explanations. The Three Elders are: He trusts Zhang Wuji despite standing on an opposing side. He disappeared mysteriously after being defeated by Jueyuan.

Yinkexi, one of the two men who stole the Nine Yang Manual from Shaolin, told him the whereabouts of the manual before dying. He Zudao misheard the message and passed on the wrong information in the jianghu. Later in the novel, he attempts to kill Xie Xun, who is held captive in Shaolin, so that he can take the Dragon Saber, but is slain by the three Shaolin elders.

She is killed along with her husband by the three Elders. Mount Hua Sect[ edit ] See also: Hu Qingniu once saved his life when he was infected with Golden Worm Poison by Lady Miao, whom he previously had a relationship with. Hu Qingniu's sister, Hu Qingyang, fell in love with him while he was recovering and married him.

heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2003 ending relationship

However, he forced Hu Qingyang to die so that he can marry the daughter of his predecessor, even though she was already pregnant with his child. Xianyu Tong's wicked deed was discovered by his senior, Bai Yuan, whom he killed before the secret was revealed.

He then framed the Ming Cult for the murder. Zhang Wuji defeats him and exposes his past atrocities.

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Xianyu Tong dies at the hands of He Taichong incidentally during the fight. They are healed by Zhang Wuji, but betray him later and make cannibalistic attempts on him and Yang Buhui. Zhang tricks them into consuming a poisonous broth, which kills them. They are defeated by Zhang Wuji at Bright Peak. The fifth elder's name is not mentioned in the novel.

The other four are: He renounces his past feud with the Ming Cult. Zhang Wuji heals his injuries and saves him from permanent paralysis. He is healed by Zhang Wuji but repays his kindness with evil by making cannibalistic attempts on Zhang and Yang Buhui. He is tricked by Zhang into consuming a poisonous broth that took his life.

He becomes a key figure in leading the rebel forces to overthrow the Mongol -led Yuan dynasty. Throughout his adventures, Zhang Wuji finds himself entangled in a complex web of love relationships with four maidens. The first, Yin Li, is a horribly disfigured girl who is actually his maternal cousin. The second, Xiaozhao, is a Chinese-Persian servant girl who understands him very well.

The third, Zhou Zhiruois a childhood friend whom he develops a strong bond with. The fourth, Zhao Minis a Mongol princess and his former arch-rival. Yin Li is apparently killed in the middle of the novel while Xiaozhao returns to Persia after it is revealed that she is destined to lead the Persian Ming Cult. Zhou Zhiruo soon falls in love with Zhang Wuji, but has to turn against him as she is bound by an oath she made in front of her teacher Miejue, who hates and distrusts Zhang Wuji and anyone related to the Ming Cult.

Miejue devises a vicious scheme for Zhou Zhiruo to seize the two weapons by exploiting Zhang Wuji's love for Zhou. Zhou Zhiruo also turns vicious after Zhang Wuji reneges his promise to marry her and swears vengeance on him.

Zhao Min was initially Zhang Wuji's rival as they were on opposing sides. However, Zhao Min gradually falls in love with Zhang Wuji after their various encounters, and she even turns against her clan to help him. At the end of the novel, Zhang Wuji decides to retire from the jianghu after he mistakenly believes that the Ming Cult's members are plotting to betray him. He decides that Zhao Min is his true love and they leave to lead a reclusive life far away from society. The second edition of the novel has an ambiguous ending about Zhang Wuji's relationship with Zhou Zhiruo.

Zhang Wuji gave up an opportunity to become a ruler when the Ming Cult on the verge to overthrew the Yuan dynasty. Ideally, Zhang would have become the new emperor, but instead, Zhu Yuanzhang seizes command of Ming Cult's military and unites most of China's rebel forces, eventually takes the throne and establishes the Ming dynasty.

InJin Yong published a third edition of the novel, which has a slightly different ending from the earlier versions. In this edition, Zhang Wuji feels disillusioned after failing to save a general's life and addressing Han Lin'er's death. The Heavy Iron Sword belonged to Dugu Qiubaia great swordsman whose skills were unmatched in his time.

heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2003 ending relationship

Yang Guo chanced upon the Heavy Iron Sword while he was recovering from the Love Flower's poison and the loss of his right arm. The sword was melted and special steel material was added and it was then forged into the two weapons. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The content of the hidden book and scrolls, in addition to the fact that the weapons can only be damaged and broken when used against each other, was the source of the claim that whoever possesses the Dragon Saber will rule the world and yet only the one who possesses the Heaven Sword can stand against the wielder of the Saber.